What’s the first thing we do when it comes to cooking?

Akai bohshi, We’ve been selling cookies in cans decorated with a girl in a red hat under the Tivolina brand since 1985, when we first began trading. To our delight, a rumor began to circulate among customers, primarily outside of Japan, that the cookies brought happiness to anyone who consumed them. The cookies of a girl with a red hat began to be referred to as “Akai Bohshi of happiness” and have since become famous as gifts for weddings and other significant events in 20 countries worldwide. In 2014, we rebranded as Akai Bohshi, a term our customers have given to our products, to reflect better what we do. Let us learn everything about Akai bohshi:

Akai bohshi wiki:

To begin, the company created cookie gift boxes for various Japanese department and grocery store brands, each with a unique design and assortment of cookies. Akai Bohshi, their specialty brand, has been sold domestically and abroad since 1980. We greatly value the loyalty of our clients. All the Akai bohshi price and Akai bohshi red box price is affordable.

Akai bohshi meaning:

The Japanese word for “red hat” is Akai Bohshi. An illustration of a young woman in a red bowler-type cap is used on Akai Bohshi cartons. Akai bohshi red box is available in seven various sizes and assortments, each containing five to sixteen different kinds of sweets, with a different color for each size box. Among the four largest varieties, the “rose cookie” has the Akai Bohshi red hat as part of its ornamentation. Following are features of Akai bohshi:

High-quality ingredients sourced from around the globe:

Customers rely on Akai Bohshi because of its excellent taste and high quality. According to some, baked cookie flavor is mainly determined by the ingredients and processes used to prepare them. We at Akai Bohshi, through our trading division, scour the globe for the finest chocolates, nuts, and butter to use in our baked cookies, and we only buy directly from reputable producers to ensure the highest quality.

Trusting relationships with the producers:

This direct procurement without intermediaries is only feasible because we have established long-term and trusting relationships with the producers. It was done to uphold our promise to customers to produce consistently high-quality cookies that can be relied upon.

What’s the first thing we do when it comes to cooking?

As previously mentioned, the ingredients and methods used to prepare them are thought to impact the final flavor of baked cookies. Akai Bohshi’s top priority is to make the best cookies possible. Therefore, we bake them gently and deeply to bring out the best flavors in each carefully chosen component. Temperature and humidity can have a significant impact on cookie dough’s consistency.

Measures to ensure safe and reliable production:

We place a high value on maintaining the confidence of our customers. When it comes to procurement and production, we have put in place a system that allows us to track our products from their expiration dates, production dates, and even the lot numbers of the materials. ISO 9001, an international quality assurance standard, was obtained by our production facility in 2013.

Expanding the market for exports:

On top of its regular shipment of cookies to Taiwan, Tivoli also wants to extend its business to other nations. More than 15 years ago, Taiwan was the primary overseas market for Tivoli, with some shipments also going to Hong Kong and the United States, where Tivoli’s products were primarily stocked in specialty Asian grocers. Currently, Tivoli exports its products to 21 countries and aims to get its products to “mainstream markets” in the United States.

Cookies at Akai bohshi

Please look at our varieties of cookies, all of which are created with care and pride.

Heart of Nuts and Berries:

A white chocolate-coated langue-de-chat cookie topped with raspberry, almond, and pistachio pieces melts in your mouth.

Choco crunch:

Toasted baked crepe and strawberry flakes adorn a delicate langue-de-chat biscuit with a milk chocolate coating that melts quickly on the tongue.

Rose-white hat:

Shortbread cookies with a buttery flavor and a hat-shaped chocolate filling baked twice are a delicious treat.

Choco-caramel sandwich:

Honey caramel and milk chocolate that melts on your lips are sandwiched between two crunchy cookies.

The Vanilla Almond:

Almond nougat slices on a boat-shaped wafer with a pleasing aroma and good texture baked deep into the wafer.

Akai bohshi kukkia:

Baked chocolate sandwich cookies and gaufe are Akai Bohshi Kukkia Cookies by Akai Bohshi Homecoming, mid-year, and year-end presents can all be given with this gift. The packing material and design have been meticulously planned out. A range of gift-giving occasions such as homecoming, mid-year, and year-end is well-suited to the confectionery’s colorful packaging and procedure. We provide a wide variety of delectable items.


1: Individual aluminum vapor-deposited packages house the product. In addition to blocking out light, it also keeps moisture out, which keeps the food crisp and dry.

2: Sandwiches constructed with smooth milk chocolate and a cocoa-milk base.

3: Chocolate with strawberry powder kneaded into it and sprinkled with strawberry granules is known as “strawberry chocolate.”

4: Sandwich of dark chocolate with a sour note from the cocoa and an excellent finish

5: Gyokuro powder and Uji green tea are used to make these chocolates, which are finished with the addition of freshly-rinsed gyokuro tea leaves.


High-fat chocolate:

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill cookies at all. Some of the Japanese cookies I’ve had have been excellent, while others have been awful. The best cookie in the package is the caramel honey, but I tried them all. High-fat chocolate is also evident in the softness and melting ability of the chocolate, which is unlike the mass-produced American chocolates.

Excellent – the recipient was delighted with the package and the delectable treats inside. The package was delivered on schedule and in good condition.


However, the whipped chocolate filling proved to be a deterrent to introducing Kukkia cookies to the United States. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, strawberry, and green tea were the four original flavors of Kukkia’s various packages. Market research in the United States found that many consumers were put off by the inclusion of green tea in a cookie selection. Tivoli’s solution was to make a mint chocolate variant specifically for the American market. However, this resulted in a “chocolate-heavy” selection. As a result, blueberry has been added to the milk chocolate variant.


Whatever becomes of Akai?

After being acquired by inMusic Brands, maker of the MPC drum machine and keyboards, Akai’s electronic musical instrument subsidiary, Akai Professional, was shut down.

Why is the quality level high?

To get the best flavor, aroma, and taste, Akai Bohshi bakes cookies for a long enough time and at the correct temperature. It ensures that the cookies are soft and chewy.