Alternatives of Secure speak.

Secure speak: As far as secure messaging programs go, there are many viable and available solutions to choose from. ‘Record any call by 3-Waying in your private recording line. Secure Speak, an Audio Recorder in the Audio & Music category, is one of the few call recording systems that can record calls already in progress.

Alternatives of Secure speak:

There are over a dozen Secure Speak alternatives, including websites, applications, and even Skype. Pamela, a free Skype add-on, is the finest alternative. Call Recorder (Paid), MX Skype Recorder (Paid), Skype Recorder (Freemium), and Video Chat Recorder are excellent alternatives to Secure Speak.  Following are alternatives of secure speak.

 Signal’s Private Messaging service:

Millions of users rely on Signal since it is widely considered one of the most secure communications apps in existence. To ensure that no private moments or messages are disclosed or given to the incorrect person, Signal is the only app whose privacy-preserving technology is always on by default.


• The Protocol Is Open Source

  • messages that disappear after a specified period
  • Eliminates SMS and MSS fees by using the phone’s data connection.


It is another encrypted messaging software. Encrypted communications are the default setting in Wire, making it one of the rare apps that protects your messages, photos, and files in this way. A single compromised key has less impact on the security of each communication as a result of this change.


  • Conferencing
  • Temporary or transitory discussions
  • Completely free of charge.


As its name suggests, Threema is an app that focuses on privacy and data minimization, and it takes great delight in upholding this guiding philosophy. Senders’ messages are permanently deleted from Threema’s servers after the intended recipient has received them. Data is now saved locally on the user’s device instead of on a server, making it impossible for anyone to listen in on any conversations.


  • Chat anonymously
  • Create mailing lists for distribution.


Many people use Telegram as a means of communicating in an extremely secure manner. Encrypted communications of both voice calls and group chats are built into the software (if both parties have Telegram). Messages, files, photographs, and videos can be self-destructed when a predetermined amount of time has passed since they were sent and received. Messages on self-destruction are included for a more safe and secure texting platform.


  • Self-destructing texts in private accounts
  • Protocols and APIs that are accessible to the general public


Absolute safety is communicated to WhatsApp users if it is not applied to a chat. Absolute safety, one of the most secure messaging settings, was one of the first features offered to WhatsApp. WhatsApp chats cannot decrypt since the service encrypts them. Not keep messages on its servers.


In terms of privacy, few secure messaging apps may use anonymously. Wickr is one of those apps. It is possible to share text messages, audio talks safely, and memos with this software, whether they are sent one-on-one or in groups. A collaboration tool rather than a chat app, Wickr can share screens and locations, as well as statuses.


  • Messages that self-destruct
  • Free Software


In addition to voice and text messaging, Viber users may send photos and videos to groups of any size. You can have fully encrypted audio and video conversations on mobile devices and most desktop operating systems by selecting the appropriate sharing mechanism. As a result, group chats are now protected by end-to-end encryption (E2E) as well as one-on-one discussions.


  • High-definition video conferencing


The silence was previously known as “SMS Secure,” a spin-off of Signal. You can still use the end-to-end encrypted software as an SMS/MMS application even if you don’t have internet connectivity on your phone. Security specialists regularly audit Silence in public view to ensure that no third party or government agency may access users’ communication history.


HD video conferencing is also available.

Thanks to Chat Extensions, it is possible to search for GIFs, videos, and restaurants without ever leaving the chat room.


End-to-end encryption has always been a priority for iMessage. With this software, you can manage how long messages are shown to your receiver and how many times they are seen. Users are most concerned about the lack of an iCloud backup option for iMessages. When you send messages, you may decide how long the message is visible and how many times it can view.


  • Disable contacts and phone numbers


The line is a safe and free messaging app used on a wide range of mobile devices and personal computers. As a means of communication following the devastating earthquake that struck the Thoku region in 2011, Japanese engineers created this safe platform. The only way to stay in touch was via Internet-based methods because of the extensive damage to the country’s telecommunications infrastructure.


  • Sealing of letters

More than 10,000 stickers depict cartoon characters and celebrities.


Jabber and OTR stand apart from the rest of the pack because they aren’t strictly speaking chatting software. The two protocols layer on top of one another, creating a free, open-source, decentralized platform. In addition to Pidgin for Windows and Linux and Adium for Mac OS X, Jabber with OTR is supported by many other programs.

Facebook Messenger:

To stay in touch with friends and family while using Facebook’s private texting app, you’ll need an Android or an iPhone device. It is one of the most popular chat apps for both iOS and Android because of its large user base.


In reaction to the absence of complete privacy established firms, fresh, more secure speak focused apps have developed. Because of the ongoing stream of security breach headlines, we must become more attentive to identity and data theft hazards in our digitally linked world. Data privacy and security are more crucial than ever in today’s online world when you run the risk of being spied on or having your conversations recorded and published without your knowledge.

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