Everything that you need to know about Alva jay.

Alva Jay, better known by her full name, Alva Jay Velasco, is a renowned and well-known celebrity among both men and women. Only Fans has a significant following for Velasco, an adult picture sharing site. Her seductive physique and larger breasts can be seen in her body attributes, such as her curvy figure and cleavage. With her YouTube channel, she has gained a significant fan base, including young girls and women and a large number of male admirers. She provides her beauty and fashion tips and her workout regimens, fitness tips, and other fun and educational information on her blog.

Biography of alva jay:

Alva Jay is her full name. On Instagram, she goes by the username @Alva nady. Her faith falls under the category of “I Don’t Know, But I Will.” She’s become a worldwide sensation thanks to her Instagram videos. When Alva Jay was born on October 16th, 1985, she was born in the United States. In 2021, Alva Jay will be 36 years old.

Early Life and Formative Years:

Alva Jay was born in Southern California to her mother and father. As of 2022, we don’t know who they are or what they look like. Her actual birthdate is May 19, 1993; therefore, she will be 29 in 2022. Although Alva’s exact educational background is unknown, we know that she graduated from high school back in her native South California.

Alva Jay’s educational background:

Alva Jay’s educational background has been detailed in this article. People are interested to learn more about this celebrity’s educational background. Fans enjoy following their favourite celebrities to be inspired by them. The following table outlines the required academic background. However, obtaining solid information from an online source isn’t easy. We tried our best. We leave out a lot of information since we don’t have the resources to get it.


On May 19, 1993, Alva Jay was born in Green, Kentucky, and the United States. 5 in, and she weighs 56 kg (125 lbs.) in kilograms. Her measurements are 34-24-35 inches in length and width. Her hair and eye colour are both browns.

A career in Professionalism:

Her YouTube account serves as an advertisement for Alva Jay’s T-shirt business. Jay also works as a designer in her father’s jeweller company. After starting her YouTube career, she was worried about whether or not she would succeed. Since then, she’s become a well-known YouTuber who focuses on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and physical fitness.

YouTube Channel:

Her channel on YouTube is growing in popularity by the minute. Over 23 000,000 people have viewed all of her videos so far. When Jay launched her YouTube channel on September 6, 2011, it was the first day of the month. She charges $7 for a 30-day membership to her stuff on her Onlyfans account, with over one million likes and 500 videos.


In 2022, Alva Jay is married, contented, and contented with her husband. She has kept largely silent and has just revealed her husband’s name. Having Ruben Hernandez as her husband has made Alva Jay the happiest lady in the world. There’s no doubt that Alva and her husband enjoy spending time together, and it’s clear that both of them adore her. Even as a model and a social media star, Velasco’s marital life appears to be supporting her career goals.

Alva Jay’s husband:

Her parents had always been extremely proud of her accomplishments. Mr. “Not Know but Update Soon” is the name of Alva Jay’s husband. Alva Jay’s two favourite pastimes are making Instagram videos and travelling. She posts a lot of videos of her travels on Instagram. She asserted that one might forget about one’s concerns and relax when one travels.

Use of Online Social Networks:

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter appear to be frequent hangouts for Alva Jay. She tweets as @notalvajay and posts as @alvajayvelasco on Instagram. It’s @Alva Velasco’s YouTube account, and she has more than 309k Subscribers as of 2022. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some of Alva’s social media profiles where she posts pictures of herself with her husband.

Onlyfans accounts:

To put it another way, Alva is well-known in the United States as a model, Instagram star, and social media celebrity. However, Alva’s estimated wealth has yet to be determined for 2022, and her current net worth is estimated at roughly $400,000. To subscribe to her onlyfans account, she charges $7 for 30 days. Her only fans account has more than 1 million likes and more than 500+ videos.

The YouTube channel:

She also has a large YouTube channel where she posts fitness and beauty videos and tutorials on how to apply cosmetics. There are almost 300,000 subscribers to Alva Velasco’s YouTube account. Her channel’s popularity is steadily rising. She’s had more than 21 million views on all of her videos thus far. September 6, 2011, marked when she launched her YouTube page for her channel.

Facts about alva jay:

She will be 27 years old in 2021.

Ruben Hernan is her husband’s name, and she is a married woman.

Due to various factors, her previous Instagram accounts have been deleted.

 She already has more than 600,000 followers on her new Instagram feed.

She began her YouTuber career in 2011.

She primarily posts or creates videos about beauty and fashion advice and tutorials.

When she was just 18, she tied the knot.


On October 16th, 1985, she was born in Miami, Florida, USA. She is a YouTuber and a Mexican model. Besides being popular, Alva is also active on Instagram, and the number of people following her on the social media platform has been steadily increasing. We’ll go over some of the highlights of her life in this section. Information on Alva Jay’s personal life, such as her date of birth, height, boyfriend, husband, and net worth, is well-documented online.


Is she married?

Since 2011, she has been married.

Where did Alva Jay get his start?

Alva Jay was born in Southern California, in the United States.

What is Alva Jay’s favourite pastime?

Taking pictures and working out are two of my favourite pastimes.

What is Alva Jay’s age?

Alva Jay is a 28-year-old woman.

What Alva Jay’s occupation?

She’s a YouTuber and a fashion blogger, respectively.

How much weight do you have?

Despite her diminutive stature, Alva Jay is a hefty 56 kg. Alva has a stunning physical appearance, with a toned figure, brown hair, and brown eyes.

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