Are dogs allowed in Costco: find out why

Are dogs allowed in Costco? It’s the question upon many lips. Because of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laws concerning health and safety standards that food suppliers are obligated to meet, Costco does not allow dogs or other pets that do not service animals inside its shops. Dogs and other animals are considered health concerns inside grocery shops and other food outlets. This article answers Are dogs allowed in Costco.

Does This Policy Apply To All Costco Stores?

According to some consumers, not all Costco shops adhere completely to the company’s pet policy. Although it shouldn’t be considered the standard, there have been occasional instances of select Costco shops letting dogs inside as long as they are leashed, non-aggressive, and do not create a mess within the business.

Costco Allows the Following Varieties of Service Dogs

The definition of a service dog, as stated by Costco’s pet policy, is a canine that has been taught to perform a duty or function. Costco does not require consumers with service animals to produce identification, nor does it need dogs to wear designated service animal vests. However, if canines inside Costco are not wearing an authorized vest, there is a potential that a Costco staff may question if the dog is a service animal.

What If Costco Asked If Your Dog Was A Service Dog?

Costco is legally authorized to question its customers whether or not canines present in the shop are assistance animals. They are also entitled to question what job or function the dog is taught to do. Employees at Costco are not permitted to inquire about proof of a dog’s service animal status, even though such an inquiry would comply with applicable law.

Can you take your dog or cat with you to the store?

We advise against bringing your pet shopping with you (unless it’s a service dog) and particularly against putting them in the shopping cart. As well as the fact that certain consumers may be sensitive to dog hair, food standards prohibit allowing dogs to accompany customers while they purchase. The legal system is responsible for preventing contamination of the food supply.

Are dogs allowed in Costco?

To know if dogs are allowed in Costco, we first learn about Costco. Costco is a business that operates warehouses or wholesale clubs accessible solely to its members. They have earned a reputation as the go-to place to get low costs on high-quality goods. Currently, they have locations in eleven different nations. And as of 2019, they have 98.5 million subscribers. Costco’s roots may be traced back to San Diego in 1976. Sol Price and his son Robert founded the Price Club. They were functioning in a repurposed aircraft hangar. Conversely, in 1983, Seattle was home to the debut of the first Costco warehouse. In the beginning, there was Jim Sinegal and then Jeff Brotman.

Variation in Retailer Policies

Even if all animals are prohibited by regulation, certain establishments may make exceptions for assistance animals. It is up to each store’s manager to implement Costco’s regulations. The business management is under no obligation to allow customers to bring their dogs inside the establishment. However, if a service dog is distracted or endangered by a pet, the owner of the pet may face legal consequences.

Bringing your pet inside the business is rude and potentially harmful to the service dog teams that need to use the space for their work.

Are Pets That Help with Emotional Needs Allowed?

Unfortunately, service dogs are not permitted. They are not recognized as such under Titles II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act. They aren’t permitted in locations that normally ban the presence of animals or other pets. However, these laws are often updated and amended; the ADA website is a good way to keep track of these changes.


Unfortunately, shopping at Costco with your furry buddy isn’t going to be that simple, or even possible, if your dog is not a service animal. However, it does make logical that food distributors want something other than canine customers. I’m sure others love not purchasing fruit coated in dog hair or dealing with messes in the shopping aisles. If you want to avoid queries about whether or not your dog is a service animal on your next trip to Costco, leave it at home. Now we have got the answer Are dogs allowed in Costco.


Is Costco dog-friendly for toy breeds or Are dogs allowed in Costco?

Only assistance dogs are permitted inside Costco.

Can I carry my dog inside stores in a bag?

While some businesses accept dogs, food suppliers like Costco do not allow pets into their stores, even if they are tiny or inside a bag.