Avast iphlpsvc is used for what?

Avast iphlpsvc uses the IP Helper (IP Helper) API to retrieve and manipulate network configuration settings on the local machine. It’s easy to get to this screen by typing “services” into the Start menu.

Is It Possible to Disable It is a Safe and Legal Manner?

If IPv6 is not supported or used, you can disable the service, according to OptimizingPC. Tom’s Guide user, running a remote database, recommends retaining it.

How to use IP Helper?

OptimizingPC gave the clearest explanation of what IP Helper is and performs after wading through a lot of technical jargon. It appears to be able to connect. Using IPv6, a computer connected to the internet will have its IP address. An alternative to using a single IP address for all your online needs. Only a few Internet service providers (ISPs) now offer IPv6 service.

Iphlpsvc What’s Going On?

As long as it doesn’t take up too much space, we can recommend some fixes. According to a Microsoft user, the IP Helper service “iphlpsvcs.exe” consumes a lot of memory. If it’s consuming too many resources, you may want to try disabling it, as seen in the video below.

Boost Your Windows System’s Performance:

The expert in this video will demonstrate disabling any non-essential services from operating on your computer. It can enhance system performance by removing services that use processor, power, and memory, as well as software that you no longer need.

1: Services are listed in the Run, Menu and enter the “services” option.

2: Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the Control Panel > Administrative Tools and Services, you can also do so.

In Windows, perform a clean boot:

A minimal number of drivers and startup apps start Windows in a “clean” boot. Avoid software conflicts that may arise when you install or upgrade a program or application.

Clean boot:

You may troubleshoot or analyse exactly what program conflicts are causing the problem by performing a clean boot. To get step-by-step directions for a clean boot, click here.

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) should reset:

Windows support forums offer a decent write-up and several tools you may use to perform these tasks manually or automatically. Internet Protocol configurations on your computer can become damaged or corrupt from time to time. Resetting your TCP/avast iphlpsvc settings may assist if you’re experiencing memory or other issues. To reset the TCP/IP settings, you cannot just remove and reinstall Windows.

Is There a Way to Stop It?

Iphlpsvc and Trk Wks were highlighted by a user using Avast to optimise his operating system’s performance in Tom’s Guide. His personal computer, which serves as a remote database for other users, is connected to both of these services and cannot be deactivated. Many people can use a remote database, but not all of them.

Avast iphlpsvc is used for what?

Iphlpsvc, also known as the Internet Protocol Helper Service, retrieves and modifies network configuration settings for the local computer. It creates a tunnel between IPv4 and IPv6 networks. It is possible to connect to 6to4, ISATAP, Port Shield, and Teredo using the avast iphlpsvc Helper service, and IP-HTTPS is also supported.

How to turn off iphlpsvc?

There are ways to disable avast iphlpsvc Helper Service or other unnecessary services to enhance overall system efficiency. It is because each running program, no matter how critical it is to you, consumes resources that could have been employed elsewhere. The apps or services are using up the memory and processor. As a result, the performance of individuals who require these resources is hampered.

IP Helper and Other Services How to disable them?

Start by clicking on Control Panel. Check the list and double-click on “Services” in the appears menu. Everything that is installed on your computer can be found here. Locate IP Helper or any other service you wish to deactivate.

A message saying that it’s disabled:

Select “Start” after right-clicking. Compared to the first procedure, this one is a lot less time-consuming. These are the actions you need to take.

1: Open Run.

2: Enter the word “service” here.

3: Enter MSC after selecting it from the menu.

4: Right-click the service you wish to stop and select Stop from the menu that appears.

5: The service will be terminated as a result of this action.

Approach number:

This approach necessitates tinkering with the registry. Unless you are quite confident in your abilities, we do not recommend this strategy unless you are completely comfortable with the risks involved. The following are the steps you should take:

Step 1: To open the Run command, press and lock the Window.

Step 2: Type Regedit into the prompt and click Enter to continue.

Step 3: To grant permission, select yes in the next dialogue box that appears.

Step 4: Double-click Start on the second pane to bring up the Start menu.

Step 5: If you need to enter a value, enter it here: Automatic, 3 (Manual) and 4 (Automatic) (Disabled).

Step 7: Your data will be saved after you click OK.

IP Helper to start on its own:

IP Helper may fail to start automatically in some cases, even if you go to the Services. MSc to attempt, it may not function.

The method by which you can have it repaired services:

A properties window will appear when you double-click the IP Helper service. Set Startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start) if Manual, Disabled, or Disabled (Delayed Start) is selected. Click OK and then Apply. You are now free to shut the container. As soon as you click on “start,” the IP Helper service will run automatically.


An IPv6 connection across an IPv4 network requires avast iphlpsvc (IP Helper Service), a critical component. It’s also worth noting, though, that not everyone will profit from the connectivity it provides. The service consuming a lot of memory is one of its most glaring drawbacks. If you need the feature to be active at all times, you can disable it or set its startup to manual.

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