Bar tray-Pottery Barn’s Bleecker Glass Bar Tray.

Bar tray, It would help if you had everything you needed to make a great cocktail party except for an impressive serving tray. Although the first three categories are the most common for serving beverages at home, presenting your guests’ drinks on a finely designed tray has an air of refinement about it. On the other hand, serving Bar trays are not all made equal. When looking for the ideal home accessory, the type of material, the intended use, and the price point are all essential considerations. Let us learn more about bar tray.

Best bar tray:

All the information you need concerning serving tray storage, maintenance, and general serving tray specifications may be found here. Following are the best bar tray for 2022:

Pottery Barn’s Bleecker Glass Bar Tray:

Pottery Barn’s Bleecker Glass Bar Tray is one of our favourite serving platters in terms of quality, pricing, utility, and overall beauty. At-home bar carts will love this basic-yet-elegant design that can be used for appetisers, snack platters, and even simple breakfast. You can choose between an antiqued gold or blackened bronze finish for the tempered glass tray. In addition, the product is Fair Trade Certified, ensuring a safe and fair working environment for those who produce it. Hand wash only, 14.5″ diameter.


Quite a plenty of room

Certified by the Fair Trade Organization

Inspired by Art Deco


A little on the pricier side

Only wash by hand.

Decorative handle tray from West Elm:

West Elm’s brass-finished mango wood tray promises to fulfil all of your breakfast-in-bed-inspired fantasies with ease. Because of the tray’s metal handles and versatility as a workstation organizer, snack plate, and more, it’s an excellent choice for the office. The tray’s 2.25-inch height makes it ideal for tucking away in small settings, such as apartments or studios. Use a wet towel or sponge to do the cleaning by hand. Dishwashers and microwaves aren’t compatible with this product.



There are two sizes to choose from.



Coasters or napkins should be used with beverages.

White Marble Round Platter from Williams-Sonoma:

This marble plate from Williams Sonoma is both beautiful and functional. It is made of genuine white marble from India. It is made by hand and has a naturally cool surface, which helps preserve the freshness of the produce and cheese it holds. A range of foods, such as appetisers and sweets, can be served and displayed on the platter. Hand washing and drying on a towel are recommended for this 12-inch disc. This one is also considered a bar tray vintage.


Food can be kept fresh on a naturally cool surface.





2-Piece Oval Platter Set:

Serving plates aren’t always the most expensive option. Bed, Bath, and Beyond’s 2-pack set are one of the most adaptable and practical selections available. Dishwasher and microwave safe, this pair of rustic dishes with a lovely beaded accent. The trays work best when serving prepared meals or snacks, but platters can also be utilized as bar trays for liquor.


A two-for-one deal


Findable in a jiffy


No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Marin Oval Serving bar tray:

This Marin Oval Serving Platter from Crate & Barrel is our go-to choice for serving breakfast, baked goods, or a variety of handmade appetisers. This dishwasher, microwave, and safe oven choice is made of glazed ceramic and comes in five distinct colours. The platter can also be used as a cheese and charcuterie board, although we advise against placing any glassware on this tray during happy hour. Marin dinnerware in white is also available.



There are a total of five different colour selections available.


No alcoholic beverages allowed

Fishs Eddy Mirrored Cafe Tray:

Fishs Eddy in New York City, a fixture in the Flatiron neighbourhood for decades, is the source of this stunning gilded cocktail tray. Cocktails can be served in style on this brass and glass tray created in collaboration with the company. This mirrored-glass tray, 13″ in diameter, features an antique brass finish and two handles for convenient transportation.


Perfect for mixing up some drinks with


The price-to-quality ratio is outstanding.


Not safe to eat in large quantities

Use small plates or napkins for serving.

Antique Brass Tray by Williams-Sonoma:

Williams Sonoma’s antique brass tray is another of our favourites for serving cocktails. Elegant and versatile, this hand-hammered tray will look great on any vintage bar cart as an accompaniment to hors d’oeuvres or beverages. A hand-antiqued stainless steel tray is what gives the plate its distinctive sheen. Lacquered and gold plated, each piece is unique. Carrying without handles might be dangerous, so use caution. It can be used as a home bar tray.


Forged by hand



Excellent value for the money


There are no handles.

Slightly more pricey

Round Wood and Marble Cutting Bar tray:

It would help if you had a go-to cheeseboard in every kitchen, and Luxe Designs has one of the best. Featuring three little cheese knives, this marble board is ideal for a range of happy hour nibbles and small plates of meats and cheese. The platter can be used as a cutting board, a massive coaster for pitchers and pans, etc. For us, the product’s aesthetics, design, and all-in-one-knife feature make it a favourite housewarming and wedding present.


Knives are included with the package.

Widely applicable


Only wash by hand.

Guides to Buying:

The serving tray is probably one of the most flexible when it comes to home decor. You can use it to store food and drinks, or you can use it to arrange small objects like candlesticks and barware. Larger trays with raised sides can also help contain small stacks of periodicals. Using an attractive serving tray as a decorative element is a simple way to add colour and pattern to a space.


Using metal trays is a terrific way to serve food and beverages since they have a naturally elegant look, and they’re also quite sturdy and easy to maintain. On the other hand, melamine may fade with time if it is often washed. Wooden trays are ideal for storing little items like remote controllers and even stacks of magazines because of their natural ability to hold

Consider the lacquer finishes.

Lacquered wood trays have a more excellent range of uses due to the glossy finish’s resistance to liquids and food stains. Because it only requires wiping off the surface, cleaning is a breeze. In general, lacquer finishes are more expensive, but if you’re searching for a tray that you’ll use repeatedly, the modest price premium is well worth it.

Sides and handles are best:

At least 2″ high serving trays are ideal since they prevent drinks from tumbling over, and they can also keep other objects in their proper places. On the other hand, trays with handles are more convenient to move around than those without, making them better suited for stationary organising purposes.


Consider the principal purpose of the serving tray before making a final decision. You can use it for drinks, appetizers, or complete meals. It’s up to you. It is the most important thing to keep in mind. Aesthetics and cost are the following logical considerations. We’ve found that serving trays with handles is the most convenient, although not required.


What is serving trays can range in size from small to large?

On the other hand, most circular serving trays have a diameter of 12″-14″.

How many glasses/plates can it hold

on a typical serving tray?

Depending on its dimensions, it can be accommodated on a standard serving tray. We’ve observed that a round serving platter diameter of 12″-14″ fits comfortably four cocktail/spirits glasses or mugs.

How should a serving tray be cleaned and cared for?

Most serving trays should be cleaned with soft, wet cloths, except a few (mainly food-related) that can be put in the dishwasher.

How should a serving tray be stored?

Serving trays, especially those made of rattan or wood, should be stored in a dry area where moisture is not present. If you don’t use the serving tray very often, wipe it down with a moist cloth before serving.

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