The Bathroom Trends That You Must Count on for 2022.

Bathroom Trends, The pandemic has been a rough year for most! Most homeowners look critically towards the various home spaces that otherwise were an afterthought. Today, for most homeowners, their bathrooms are becoming essential. In fact, homeowners want their bathrooms to look classy and also be of good use. 

Bathroom Trends:

The thought of decorating the bathroom is not what all homeowners think! But the ones who think about it should incorporate some of the easy ideas that can bring in a world of difference to the existing setup. Some of the popular bathroom décor hacks that you can include are as follows:

  • Opt-in for round tubs

Even though glass and sleek lines will keep on being the aesthetic choice for the new-age and high-rise condos, the single-family houses have been getting fond of the art deco curves. The rounded corners and the arches are in high demand today. And this doesn’t just apply to the vintage clawfoot tubs that today are making an impressive re-appearance, but also to the entrance walls of the circular mirrors, shower rooms, and the rounded vanities. 

  • The advanced and technologically upgraded showerheads

The high-technology showers are successfully adding an aspect to the daily bathing ritual. The easiest fixes are the shower heads that get equipped with waterproof Bluetooth speakers, aromatherapy, and micro-fine droplets. And for a couple of thousand dollars, all these technologies-supported showerheads can provide a customized spa-like experience, which will make each evening and morning splash a highly rejuvenating experience for all. 

  • The faucet

If you want your bathroom to look impressive, you need to choose a practical faucet that looks good. The faucet that you choose also dictates the bathroom décor! You can opt-in for a bathroom sink with a black faucet to cater to this requirement. Today, there are multiple service providers available online who can provide you with the same within your budget and cater to your décor preferences as well.  

  • The lavish greens and terracotta

Many homeowners opted for wallpapered bathrooms. However, sometime back, the trend of peel and stick wallpapers in an exciting and new pattern made a comeback. Depending on the bathroom size, the color combination can take several varieties and shapes. And from the bathrooms, the removable wallpaper usually trends to the green leafy plants that get blended using a pink, brown terracotta contrast. Here you can expect to see an oversized leaf wallpaper and shower curtains using warm earthy toned hand towels with the blush countertop accents. Also, since we have spent the past two years at home, it feels refreshing when you bring a vibrant shade to your interior space. 

  • The exposed bulbs

The current bathroom décor trend is all about introducing lavishness to understated bathrooms. The more ornate and elaborate designs are what will make a way in the days to come. The brass metals and the oversized, exposed bulbs are best when it gets paired using the apt scones. It would help if you remembered that there is a wide range of bulbs to select from, and not everyone fits the fixture. However, once you know what works, it can get easy to develop the décor touches, complementing the wall lighting and the overhead. 

  • The tiled floors

The floors form an essential aspect of the new-age bathrooms. Irrespective of the space, the flooring can bring in an element of comfort. Also, the recent trends are all about textured earth tones and printed tiles. If you think about practicality, the tiles can get cleaned easily. Also, the stain and moisture-resistant tiles can provide a secure experience, and you wouldn’t have to change them often. It’s because if you get your floors done well, then they won’t need frequent upgrades. Hence, instead of basics, you can opt-in for the bamboo planked steps that can get restored when they are not in use. 

  • Added storage

It’s challenging to attain minimalism in your bathroom. It would help if you kept a few things in hand. And currently, people are moving towards creative ways to conceal the bathroom essentials and cleaning items. Hence, the corner storage, slim consoles, and floating shelves are all in fashion. The big space house bamboo tables come with an undercarriage for all the grooming supplies and magazines. Also, the mirrored medicine cabinets are still a popular choice, along with the under-sink storage. 

  • Inspiring views

Each room deserves to get a view! And you should choose your bathroom space for it. And currently, in your bathroom, you can expect your wall art and windows to be an essential part. It means that you can add vibrant trims along with the window treatment. If you want, you can also add in some more light so that it can elevate the mood. Also, making way for improved ventilation is also good. And in older spaces, the vibrant wall can cater to the same purpose. Rather than inspiring quotes and crude memes, you should invest in professionally framed images that can bring good thoughts to your mind and create positive energy in the bathroom space. 

The past few years made it clear that even though it’s possible to share a bathroom with someone, it doesn’t mean that everyone is comfortable doing so. And instead of upgrading the current bathrooms, people are currently aspiring to add the new ones if there is a scope for plumbing. It might indicate that you can carve out square footage for the en-suite when you dream of. Else, you can also add a half-bath in the laundry room or the basement. 

Today, the home costs are increasing! And it has made many people look forward to doing more with their current space instead of searching for an added house with whistles and bells. And for a fraction of the hassle and cost of purchasing a new house in this market condition, you can always add an extra lavatory which will help to make your home feel slightly more liveable in the long term. These are a few of the ideas that you can use to arrange your bathroom décor.  Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Trends, Bathroom Trends.