How much is brent Smith’s net worth?

Brent smith net worth: On January 10, 1978, Brent Smith was born in the United States and was a well-known Rock Singer. Shinedown, an American rock band, has sold well over 10 million albums worldwide since its first album was released more than a decade ago. RIAA certified Leave Whisper platinum on May 27, 2003, the band’s first album to do so in the US. Here Brent smith net worth and other things will discuss.

Brent Smith’s life story:

Capricorn is the zodiac sign of Brent Smith, according to astrologers. B.S. Smith (born January 10, 1978), better known as Shinedown’s lead singer, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. He was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, as an only child. Teresa Collier, a personal trainer, had previously been in a relationship with him.


Over one million copies were sold of Leave a Whisper. Florida’s boldest rocking effort to date, The Sound of Madness, was released in 2008. Her second album, us and them, certified gold, was released in 2005. In 2012, she published “Amaryllis,” her fourth album; in 2015, she released “Threat to Survival,” her fifth. Five exceptional albums by Brent Smith (the band’s frontman and lead singer and songwriter) have enabled the band to carve out a position in the entertainment business.

Shinedown as the third band:

Shinedown was Smith’s third band, after Blind Thought and Drive, which Atlantic Records contracted before he became the band’s frontman. Atlantic Records compelled Brent to find a new band or lose his contract with the label. Shortly after, he founded Shinedown. His next stop was in Los Angeles, where he recorded with Desmond Child, an established producer.

Smith began working on the project in 2001:

In the immediate aftermath of returning to Knoxville, Tennessee, Atlantic Records decided to part ways with the band but kept Smith. Atlantic Records soon offered him a development contract. While in Jacksonville, Smith began working on the project in 2001, after moving there from New York City.

The first band of Brent smith net worth:

His first band, Blind Thought, was formed in the early 1990s. Brad Stewart, a local Jacksonville music producer, was the first member he brought on board. With Jasin Todd on board, Smith and Stewart recorded their first demos in a small local studio, where the proprietor advised they meet her fiancĂ©. The initial lineup was completed by Barry Kerch, the song’s eighth auditioned drummer.

How much is brent Smith’s net worth?

According to reports, brent smith’s net worth of $6 million is likely due to his work as an entertainer and vocalist. In addition, he is involved in other businesses, but the facts of his real estate and cars are not publicly known at this time.

Brent smith net worth in 2021:

As of 2020, brent smith’s net worth of $6 million. Everything that he owns and earns is included here. Musicians, songwriters, and singers comprise the bulk of his income source. Smith has amassed a sizable wealth from various means, yet he enjoys a low-key lifestyle.

Is Brent Smith a married man?

The name and background of his parents are unknown. However, we can affirm that they were American citizens who lived in Knoxville, Tennessee. An only kid, he grew up in an environment that encouraged him to follow his dreams of being a vocalist in the entertainment world. According to his records, Brent is now single and has never been in a relationship in the past. So, there are no divorce records for the musician.

Relationship of Brent:

However, there have been previous relationships with people of the other sex. Teresa Collier and Brent had an open and long-lasting relationship. He and Teresa ended their relationship in February 2016. However, we don’t know how they met or started dating.

Ashley Smith Marshall:

Currently, Brent Smith is engaged to Ashley Smith Marshall, and they have a son together, Lyric Santana Smith, who was born in 2010. As he revealed, the song’s lyrics reflect his thoughts and feelings every time he is away from her.


However, the singer and songwriter stands at 5 ft 8 and weighs 69 kg. He wasn’t always this healthy. His girlfriend’s affection and his son’s encouragement helped him overcome his alcohol and hard drugs addictions, which had left him morbidly obese. He stands at 6 ft 2 in and weighs 220 lbs.


5-foot-8-inch (178 cm) tall man, Smith weighs in at a svelte 170 pounds. He appears to be a tall man based on the images of his surroundings. However, information about his height and other bodily measurements is now unavailable to the general public. This information will update as soon as it becomes available.

Weight loss:

Smith tipped the scales at 222 pounds and was in terrible form in 2011. It all started with him watching the Shaun T. infomercial late at night, and after losing the weight, Brent went from 36 to 12 percent body fat, and today he is in the best shape of his life.


A fresh outlook on life and love was given to Brent through his kid. Ashley, the singer’s girlfriend, also significantly impacted his new outlook. After 11 years of friendship, the two became engaged, and their relationship blossomed. Brent smith net worth.

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