5 Ways To Promote Your Business With Custom Inflatable Beach Balls.

Business With Custom Inflatable Beach Balls: Promotional products are a must for any company eager to expand and grow, and they’re especially effective in grabbing hold of new clients. Gift cards and promo codes are also vital, but there’s something about a promo gift that makes it stand out. According to Gareth Parkin of GoPromotional, “Beach balls bring a tactile element to the promotional. They allow the client to directly, physically ‘interact’ with the company. This creates a more memorable impression.”

Business With Custom Inflatable Beach Balls:

 So, what would be the best possible promo item for the upcoming summer season? Well, few items can beat the whimsy attitude, and entertainment factor of custom inflatable beach balls. Listed below are five different methods which involve custom beach balls as promotional products and ideas to can best use them to expand and gain additional customers.

In-Flight Promo Products

On average, close to 3 million people fly on a daily basis. That’s millions of potential clients ready to give our company a try.

 So, how can we use beach balls to attract a new base of clients? Well, it depends on what approach we use. Let’s take insurance companies, for example. Whenever our client is about to fly somewhere, they will require insurance while being abroad. By providing them with a custom-printed beach ball, we’re letting them know that they can rely on us AND wishing them a good time in the process.

 Travel agencies also make great use of custom inflatable beach balls. More often than not, a travel company’s logo will contain images of summer vacation, such as palm trees, suitcases, surfboards, coconut drinks, and young men and women in swimwear having fun. Add to all of that a customizable beach ball and we have ourselves a full set, so to speak.

 Interestingly enough, beach balls will even work if the client is travelling to colder destinations, like Switzerland or Iceland. The mere appearance of a beach ball will remind the client of warm, fun times at the beach, giving them a much-needed psychological boost. It’s also a fun gag gift to throw around in the snow, especially among the young crowd of millennials and employee-age zoomers.

Hitting the Proven Markets

What exactly are the proven markets for beach balls, and how do we hit them? Well, more often than not, they involve a huge body of water and lots of space to throw the ball around. In other words, we should be targeting:


  • Summer resorts
  • Waterparks
  • Campgrounds.

 Obviously, a summer resort is self-explanatory. Our client is surrounded by sand, the vast ocean, lots of summery delights, and peers eager to have a good time at the beach. They can have fun with different beach-related props and items, but none of them has the impact of an inflatable beach ball. It’s a staple of every single summer vacation, as it is inexpensive, lightweight, and amusing for the whole family.

 Waterparks are like beaches for people who don’t live near the ocean. With slides, pools, and other water-related spaces, they are perfect for the old and the young to unwind and reconnect. And if a client tends to visit these resorts often, they will want a beach ball handy nearby.

 Different camps require different campgrounds, though the most common ones are near ponds, lakes, rivers, and rivulets. So, what better fun in a small wooded area with a small body of water than a beach ball?

 Now, there’s also the question of design. And with the proven markets such as resorts, waterparks, and campgrounds, we can’t really beat the original. Six sections, six colours, and a transparent air valve. Not only does this image evoke fun at the beach, but the colour scheme allows us to implement any company logo design we choose and make it fit.

Spring Break Strategy

College students during spring break are usually stressed due to the finals and ready to unwind like never before. More often than not, their coveted spring break will take place near a beach somewhere, so it’s instructive to use that to our marketing advantage. And depending on the types of students, we can advertise with different beach ball options.

 For example, a large beach ball emblazoned with the colours of the Union Jack can attract patriotic-minded male students. The ladies will more than likely enjoy beach balls with attractive pastel designs, something that speaks to their own unique styles. If possible, we can even print specific college logos onto the promotional products. Of course, we would have to do it in collaboration with the college itself.

 Small, replica volleyball beach balls are all the rage among college students, too. They directly affect the competitive spirits of young men and women eager to blow off some steam.

But we can even go a step further and provide beach balls that evoke other sports. Some solutions include basketball, tennis, handball, and even table tennis. It’s effectively a gag gift, or a gimmicky one, but it will definitely work on college students who enjoy a bit of fun and originality.

Field Day Strategy

Our market should not only target savvy business types, new adult clients, and eager college students. Yes, as a business, we can even provide promotional beach balls to the youngest of audiences, i.e., the children. And what better opportunity for that than field days?

During a typical field day, a class will be outside and engage in lots of fun-filled outdoor activities. And more than a few of those will involve throwing an inflatable beach ball around. So, we can reach a whole new clientele by providing beach balls to schools and workshops eager to partner up.

In addition, the schools can reuse those balls during PE classes in the future. Not only will they allow the kids to get some exercise, but they’ll also get the school to contact other schools. It will help spread the word about our company’s promotional products, giving us more business in the long run.

Beach Ball-Related Items

Sometimes, it’s not about the actual beach balls. As we stated earlier, the ball itself is a symbol of fun times at the beach and the relaxed atmosphere of summer vacation. So, if we want to tap into that emotional pool of potential clients, we can try one of the following gifts:


  • Beach ball stress relievers
  • Beach ball fridge magnets
  • Custom pens with a stress reliever beach ball topper
  • Beach ball-themed notebooks and planners
  • T-shirts and other apparel featuring the beach ball motif.

Custom Inflatable Beach Balls Summed Up

Be it a business person, a college student, or a child eager to play; few can resist inflatable beach balls as promotional gifts. They are items that take up little room, require little trouble with the setup, and offer hours of fun. Moreover, they have more than enough space to advertise our brand, with room to print the company logo and other relevant information. With that in mind, if you aim to expand your business in a fun, engaging way, consider inflatable beach balls!

Business With Custom Inflatable Beach Balls: Promotional products are a must for any company eager to expand and grow, and they’re especially effective, Business With Custom Inflatable Beach Balls: Promotional products are a must for any company eager to expand and grow, and they’re especially effective, Business With Custom Inflatable Beach Balls: Promotional products are a must for any company eager to expand and grow, and they’re especially effective, Business With Custom Inflatable Beach Balls: Promotional products are a must for any company eager to expand and grow, and they’re especially effective. Business With Custom Inflatable Beach Balls, Business With Custom Inflatable Beach Balls.