Top 500 Short And Creative Calico Cat Names

Calico cat names include “Sundae” and “Neapolitan,” “Patch” and “Patches,” and “Cal” and “Callie,” all of which allude to the cat’s breed. Calico cat names like Trixie, Callie, Oreo, Calypso, and Paisley are common. Calico cats are known for their unique, tri-coloured coats, which consist of white, black, and orange or ginger fur. Cat lovers have been enamoured with these stunning creatures for years due to their unique and eye-catching beauty.

Many people keep them as pets because they are regarded as playful, sociable, and loving. Many people who own calico cats give them names that are directly related to their fur pattern. Others may want to give their calico cat a name that reflects some aspect of its character, such as “Spice” for an independent spirit or “Harmony” for a gentle soul. The best name for your calico cat is the one you’ll both adore, which reflects your cat’s unique personality. This article will give you all information about Calico cat names.

List of Calico cat names:

Like many cats, calicos are often friendly with children and enjoy being petted or scratched. To find a suitable Calico cat name, consider some of the options listed below and choose one that matches your cat’s unique personality.

1: Callie:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Callie Greek “Most Beautiful” Playful, friendly, affectionate

It’s easy to see why Callie has become such a popular name for cats with calico markings. Because it is brief, sweet, and has a lovely tone, this name is ideal for the feline companion. Callie is an outstanding choice for pet owners seeking a name for their feline friend that will be dated for a while. Calico cats are often called Callie, which is not just a common name but also one with significant meaning. The name stems from the Greek word “kalliste,” which can be translated as “most beautiful.”

2: Amber:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Amber English Fossilized Tree Resin Affectionate, Playful, Outgoing

Amber is not just the name of a gemstone but also the name of a colour that is described as having a warm, golden tone. Many years ago, many people gave their cats the name Amber. This is an excellent choice for a name for cats that have an approachable and friendly appearance, such as those with hair that is orange, brown, or yellow. Because it is a relatively short name and is easy to pronounce, Amber is a favourite selection among people who own pets. Because it is brief and endearing, it is an excellent choice for owners of pets who want a name that is easy to pronounce and to keep in their minds.

3: Tortie:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Tortie English Tortoiseshell Playful, Affectionate, Energetic

The coat pattern of domestic cats known as tortoiseshell is distinguished by a blend of black, orange, ginger, and occasionally white hair. The term “tortoiseshell” can also be shortened to “tortie.” This name is frequently given to felines who have coat patterns that are both distinctive and vibrant. The appearance of tortoiseshell cats, sometimes known as “torties,” is easily recognizable and striking. The fur on each cat has a distinct mosaic of colours and patterns that distinguishes it from the others. They are as popular as pets because of their high activity levels, which complements their reputation for being energetic and pleasant.

4: Ginger:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Ginger English Spice Root Playful, Friendly, Energetic

The name was Ginger is frequently given to cats with orange coast. Originating from the peppery root of ginger, which is also famous for its brilliant and warm colour, the ginger root is where the name originates. Because ginger cats are known for their fiery and energetic personality, the name Ginger is an excellent choice for naming them. Ginger cats are known for their high energy levels, outgoing personalities, and the amount of fun they can have. Because of their well-earned reputation for being kind and friendly, many people choose to keep them as pets. Because it encapsulates their unique personality, the name Ginger is an excellent fit for these lively cats.

5: Nemo:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Nemo Latin “Nobody” or “No one” Adventurous, Curious, Determined

The Latin word nemo, meaning “nobody” or “no one,” is the source of the famous cat name Nemo. It sprang to fame as the title character in the smash hit Disney film, “Finding Nemo.” Names like Nemo are perfect for cats with adventurous, curious, and dogged personalities. The name “Nemo” is perfect for exploratory felines. Many people find these cats interesting companions because of their intelligence and curiosity. The name is Nemo is a fantastic option for cat owners looking for a name that captures their pet’s bold character.

6: Tiger:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Tiger English Large Feline Predator Brave, Powerful, Adventurous


“Tiger” was originally called a huge feline predator in English. It’s a fantastic suit for cats with bold personalities like yours, whether they have orange, black, or white hair. Tiger cats are known to be lively and energetic pets with a strong and self-reliant nature. Those looking for a name that captures their cat’s bold and powerful spirit will find it hard to go better than Tiger. Tiger has enormous cultural and historical value and is also a terrific name for cats. The tiger is a symbol of power, bravery, and safety in many civilizations and is held in high esteem.

7: Rainbow:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Rainbow English Multicoloured Arch in the Sky Joyful, Playful, Colorful

The English term for the arc of colour in the sky after a storm is translated to Rainbow. This is a common name for felines with a wide variety of coat colours and patterns, and it seems fitting for such bright and lively pets. Rainbow cats have been praised for their outgoing personalities, friendly natures, and enthusiasm for new experiences. If you want to give your cat a name that captures its happy, lively temperament, consider adopting Rainbow. Rainbow has enormous cultural and historical value and is a great name for cats. Many civilizations have used the rainbow as a symbol of good fortune, peace, and prosperity.

8: Monarch:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Monarch English Ruler or King Majestic, Regal, Powerful

The term “monarch” comes from the English word “king,” from which the name Monarch is derived. It’s a common choice for cats with a strong, authoritative demeanour because of its majesty, royalty, and power connotations. Many people find a Monarch cat’s temperament admirable because of its independence, self-assurance, and nobility. A monarch is a terrific option for cat owners looking for a name that conveys the feline’s strength and majesty. Monarch is not only a great name for cats, but it also has deep historical roots and cultural resonance.

9: Oriole:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Oriole English Colourful Songbird Cheerful, Playful, Energetic

The name is Oriole originates from the English word for a brightly coloured songbird traditionally associated with spring’s beginning. Orioles are known as orioles. Although it is not a common name for cats, this one is a good fit for lively and content cats. Oriole cats are known for their outgoing and active personalities and their inquisitive nature toward their environment. Consider the prospect of naming your cat Oriole if you want a moniker that conveys your feline companion’s joyful and vibrant nature. The name Oriole has tremendous significance in American history and culture, and it also is an excellent choice for a pet’s moniker.

10: Picasso:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Picasso Spanish The painter Pablo Picasso Creative, Artistic, Bold

The famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso had his surname shortened to Picasso so that his nickname could be used. It’s a one-of-a-kind choice for felines with one-of-a-kind personalities, such as daring, artistic, or creative. Picasso cats have been lauded for their unique personalities and distinctive perspectives on life. Picasso is an excellent choice for a name for a cat if the owner is searching for a moniker that conveys their feline companion’s artistic and adventurous spirit.

11: Cookie:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Cookie English A Small, Sweet Baked Good Sweet, Cute, Playful

Cookies are often considered a little, sweet baked product that may be eaten as a snack or dessert. However, it has recently gained popularity as a cat’s name, and it is well suited to affectionate, adorable, and active felines. Cookie cats are often very outgoing and friendly pets who like human company. They have friendly, extroverted dispositions and love spending time with their owners. In addition to being very active and curious, they also like running, leaping, and discovering new things. If you want to give your cat a name that expresses its friendly and energetic temperament, then “Cookie” is a fantastic option.

12: Candy:

Name Origin Meaning Personality Traits
Candy English Sweet Confection Sweet, Affectionate, Playful

When someone mentions the term “candy,” the first thing that often comes to people’s minds is confections and many other delicious treats. For felines with all of these qualities, the name “Candy” seems like an outstanding choice. It is not unusual to overhear people talking about how friendly, lively, and interesting sugar cats can be. They have warm and gregarious dispositions, and they take great pleasure in the presence of their masters, with whom they like spending time. They get along well with other people. In addition to being very active and curious, they take great delight in activities such as leaping, running, and learning previously unknown knowledge.


Calico cats have striking appearances and distinct personalities. There is a wide variety of names suitable for a calico cat. There is a name out there for every cat, whether you choose something descriptive like Callie or Tortie or something more playful and sweet like Cookie or Candy. If you want to have a deep connection with your cat, choosing a name that reflects who she is as an individual is crucial. Your calico cat will provide you with love and happiness for as long as you have it, no matter what you decide to call it.


Are there specific names that are better suited for Calico cats?

While there aren’t any names exclusively for Calico cats, names that reference their patchwork coat or distinct colours can be fitting. Some examples of these names include Patch, Cali, Autumn, and Marigold.

Should I choose a name based on my Calico cat’s personality or appearance?

The owner chooses a personality or appearance-based name. However, these elements must be considered when naming. For instance, if your cat has a spunky personality, you may want to choose a name like Harley or Roxy that reflects that trait.

Can I change my Calico cat’s name after adopting her?

It is possible to change your Calico cat’s name after adopting her, but it may take time for your cat to adjust to her new name. If you change her name, make it easy to pronounce and remember. Start by using her old name with her new one, gradually phasing it out until she acclimates.


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