How does a Pug hunt lion?

pug hunting lions

Pug hunting lions is the topic upon many lips. There is a common myth that pugs were initially developed to kill lions. Is it possible, though? Pugs vs. lions: Is it even possible? Pugs were never intended to be lion killers and hence cannot. They need to be equipped to deal with huge predators like … Read more

Complete details about Bulgarian Scenthound

bulgarian scenthound

The Bulgarian Scenthound and the Bulgarian Hound (or Bulgarian Barak) are two breeds (also known as the Gonche). Even though they share a name, these two breeds seem quite different from one another. In contrast to the wiry coat of the Barak, the Scenthound has a sleek coat that brings to mind the Rottweiler or … Read more

Why does my male dog lick my female dogs ear?

why does my male dog lick my female dogs ear

Why does my male dog lick my female dogs ear? Dogs use their exquisite noses to learn about their environment. Compared to humans, a dog’s sense of smell is amplified by a factor of 50. The vomeronasal organ is a structure inside the nasal cavity that helps them to pick up pheromones. Dogs have a … Read more

All You Need to Know About Male and Female Pits.

female pits

Female pits are supposed to be an exceptionally loyal and affectionate dog breed. They are so friendly and outgoing that they are often misrepresented as dangerous guard dogs. If you have settled on a Pitbull as your future canine companion, you may wonder whether you should bring a male or female home. You should consider … Read more

Are dogs allowed in Costco: find out why

are dogs allowed in costco

Are dogs allowed in Costco? It’s the question upon many lips. Because of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) laws concerning health and safety standards that food suppliers are obligated to meet, Costco does not allow dogs or other pets that do not service animals inside its shops. Dogs and other animals are considered health concerns … Read more

Are boxers good with cats: all you need to know

are boxers good with cats

Are boxers good with cats when it comes to getting along with other animals, especially cats? The common consensus is that boxers are the best option. With appropriate socialization, boxers may cohabit with cats without any issues. A Boxer without this training may mistake a house cat for prey and relentlessly pursue it. If you … Read more

Which are the guard dogs that are good with cats?

guard dogs that are good with cats

Guard dogs that are good with cats are very tolerant. Some dogs are so used to having cats around that they’ll spend hours playing with them. Many people see cats as predators whose prey should be frightened away at first sight. There is also a subset of dogs that don’t outright hate cats but have … Read more

Belgian malinois vs german shepherd for protection

belgian malinois vs german shepherd for protection

is vs German shepherd for protectionBelgian Malinois vs German shepherd for protection stand out as particularly well-liked. They’ve seen service in several capacities during the year. You may be perplexed if you’re thinking about bringing home one of these breeds. Well, you’re in luck since we’re here to provide a hand. When pitted against one … Read more

Can you please tell me what type of dog is Marmaduke?

what type of dog is marmaduke

What type of dog is Marmaduke? Well, Marmaduke is a large, reckless, and powerful Great Dane. According to rumors, he has a wither height of 40 inches and is owned by the Winslows. He’s the main character in the film “Marmaduke” and weighs about 160 pounds. The Great Dane is a member of the German … Read more