What Other Sandals Do You Need to Think About?

Chaco cloud vs classic is a sandal that is both comfortable and capable of coping with various terrains. A softer footbed and less stability separate it from the Z/1 Classic, nearly identical. Stiffer outsoles are heavier and more rigid, providing excellent support for long hikes. Even if Chaco’s high arches don’t suit everyone’s feet, that’s par.

The Z/Cloud is best used as a general all-purpose sandal, but it can also handle long hikes and sporty terrain thanks to its comfort-over-performance focus.

Chaco cloud vs classic- Results of our Investigations and Testing:

Like its sibling, the Chaco Z/1, the Chaco Z/Cloud is slightly different from its predecessor. The Z/softer Cloud’s footbed material is the only noticeable difference. In every other respect, the two models compare favourably.

We’ve previously reviewed the Chaco Mega Z/Cloud for a similar design with a wider strap, we’ve previously reviewed the Chaco Mega Z/Cloud. Chaco models all feel and perform the same, with only minor differences separating them.


Chacos’ Cloud line features softer and lighter soles than previous models, making them better for longer outings. In terms of arch support, the softer material doesn’t match the classic Chaco’s, but it does conform better to the foot and reduce pressure points.

The Z/straps Clouds provide a secure and comfortable fit. For those who prefer the firm arch support that this brand is known for, our testers unanimously agreed that the Cloud series was an excellent choice in terms of comfort.


Rugged and sporty sandals like Chacos can be worn for anything from river floats to rocky approach hikes to lazy days at the beach. Chacos are known for this. The newer Z/Cloud, in our opinion, provides the same traction we’ve come to expect from Chaco footwear.

The traditional Z/1 Classic model’s ChacoGrip rubber and tread pattern are used on this model. On various wet and dry surfaces, the Z/Cloud performed well during the testing process. Because of its thick sole, this model can bend and grip better on curved terrain than other similarly large models. With the diamond tread pattern on its bottom, the footbed’s material improves footing security and increases traction.


Although this sandal has a softer and lighter midsole material, it is less stable than the classic Chaco version. Even though it has a thicker and stiffer outsole than most sandals, the Z/Cloud is noticeably more flexible than the classic Z/1.

It is a step back from the ultra-sporty original, but we believe it can compete with the vast majority of its competitors in its price range. After an unplanned river crossing, the Chaco webbing weave holds your foot in place, even if you’re scrambling over rocks and boulders.

The Z/Cloud is only beaten in overall stability by its larger brother, the Z/1 Classic. Even with the softer footbed material, it’s still a very sturdy sandal—additional toe straps on other Chaco sandals aid in securing a more secure and comfortable fit.


While some people may prefer a sandal with more independent adjustment points, our testers are convinced that the Chaco system can provide a highly customized fit. Once you get past the initial learning curve, you can adjust the webbing loop to fit your foot’s unique features.

Chaco Z/thicker Cloud’s webbing and tendency to stay in place during use require minor trail tinkering than other Chaco models.


Chacos have a reputation for handling a wide range of outdoor activities efficiently. All of this applies to the Z/Cloud. With sturdy construction and a grippy outsole, this sandal can take everything from water sports to long treks on the trail to approaching missions with fully-loaded packs in tow.

This particular Chaco cloud vs classic model also has the advantage of wearing socks for those chilly nights at camp without the additional toe loop.

Is the Z/Cloud Worth It?

The softer insole material provides greater comfort and shock absorption at the expense of some overall stability. This sandal’s traction and adjustability are on par with many higher-scoring models.

If you love Chacos and want a sandal that doesn’t require break-in time and is more comfortable to wear all day, we highly recommend the Z/Cloud from Chaco. With one of our lineup’s highest list prices, the Z/exceptional Cloud’s comfort and performance aren’t cheap.

Chacos, on the other hand, have proven time and time again that they can withstand years of abuse no matter where they are worn. Long-term value is provided by this shoe’s bomber construction and guarantee to repair or replace blowouts.

What Other Sandals Do You Need to Think About?

If you prefer Chacos, the Z/Volv 2 has a slight advantage in terms of adjustability. With the signature Chaco toe strap, it weighs less and is easier to walk in. The Bedrock Cairn Adventure is a similar-priced shoe that offers better adjustability and versatility than the others in the group while still being impressively light.

This sandal is less stable than the Chaco, but it can easily pass through sand and pebbles. The ECCO Yucatan is an excellent sandal to consider if you value comfort.

Comparing the Chaco Classic to the Cloud:

Chaco’s Cloud and Classic styles are among the most popular. Aside from being sturdy and comfortable, both sandals are incredibly long-lasting. Many people mistakenly believe these two pairs are the same because of their striking resemblance.

On the other hand, the classic has some critical differences from the cloud. So, before we get into the meat of the comparison, let’s look at these two price points.

Review of the Chaco Classic:

Many factors make the Chaco classic sandals one of the best. With the Chaco classic, you can walk anywhere with total ease and support. With its stiffest sole and highest arch in the Chaco line, it’s the most comfortable shoe you’ll own.


It is common to see Chaco sandals with just one to three straps. It is easier to put on and adjust single-strap Chaco sandals than other sandals. Sandals in two styles: classic and cloud, each with various straps to choose from.

Three-strap options are available for classic models but not for cloud models. On the other hand, the Cloud has a unique MEGA model single strap that is extremely thick, unlike the classics. These sandals are comfortable no matter how many straps they have. Whatever the case may be, the cloud may be more convenient, but the difference isn’t particularly significant. If you’re not a massive fan of a particular strap design, you’ll be OK with any of them.


Polyester Jacquard Webbing is used to make the straps of both Chaco cloud vs classic and cloud. Because of its extreme sturdiness, this material can withstand daily use for many years. For these couples, swimming in the ocean and spending hours in the sun will be no problem. Virtually speaking, the classic and the cloud are identical in materiality. If you’re concerned about the uppers, you can rely on both.


To put it another way, this is what sets classic apart from cloud-based services. The footbed is the part of the shoe where your feet rest. It’s critical to your well-being. Also, Chaco is known for making some of the best footbeds! The LUVSEAT footbed in the Chaco cloud vs classic provides the best comfort.

When we say that podiatrists approve these footbeds, you know they will be good for your feet! The textured footbeds of the classic sandals keep them from slipping even when wet. While the LUVSEAT footbed is also present in the Chaco cloud vs classic, an additional cushioning layer has been added to the top sheet to enhance comfort.

People with sore feet will appreciate this product. Both collections have a contoured arch to support the entire foot and the LUVSEAT footbed, both soft and textured. There is a 5mm layer of cushioning in the cloud range for those who need additional support. Otherwise, the footbeds on both the classic and the cloud models are nothing short of spectacular.


There are many options for outdoor sandals, and Chacos are one of the best. As with all Chaco footwear, the classic and cloud collections are designed to provide maximum support and comfort. Read on to determine if you prefer traditional or shadow, as their minor differences set them apart.

In addition to their black, chunky outsoles, Chaco footwear performs well in various terrains. How do you choose between classic and cloud since they are nearly identical? Before you dig into the main course, please look at our side-by-side comparison of the Chaco classic and cloud sandals.


What’s the distinction between the various Chaco cloud vs classic designs?

The strap design and cushioning are the main differences between these two. There is a MEGA strap option available for the Chaco cloud vs classic sandals.