Are you able to acquire character collectibles?

Character collectibles, The world of Days Gone is filled with various collectibles, and Character Collectibles are one of these collectibles. For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of their locations below so you can find them and add them to your collection as quickly as possible. The game provides a comprehensive menu of collectable information. You can find all of the Character Collectibles in Days Gone by following the instructions in this tutorial. Following are guides about character collectibles:

The Broken Roadshow:

For the trophy “The Broken Roadshow,” collecting all of the Character Collectibles is required. On this page, you will find every character’s Collectible Location list. In the menu, you may monitor your progress.  Camps are where you’ll find the most of these artefacts. Only a few can be unearthed in the wild; the others are handed out as part of the storey.

Trust No One:

This rare artefact occupies a bench at the Hot Springs Camp. Where Ada Tucker sits in the middle of the camp, this is where you’ll find it. We’ve arranged the information in this guide to correspond to the sequence in which it appears in-game. While this guide lists the locations of two or three collectibles at a time, it’s good to double-check the game’s list to see whether there are many items in the same location.

Days went character collectibles, Belknap:

To find a petrol station in Belknap, head to the northeastern part of the region, a brightly coloured structure may be found in the town’s southeast area. Investigate the kitchen in this brightly coloured building. A microwave and a stove are located next to the collectible.

Portrait of Salome by Alkai:

You’ll find this one in the same camp where you found the last collectible. Look for the collectible at the table adjacent to the camp merchant. It’s next to a neon-yellow lamp post.

Days went character collectibles 7:

‘It’s Not Safe Here’ storey mission contains the item. You can always go back and get it if you don’t get it during the main plot objective. It’s in the same town as Character Collectible 7, in the Belknap region to the northeast. A blue house in the southwest part has been barred. The collectible may be found in the kitchen on a shelf with various utensils within the residence.

Wrench in Hand:

To the south of Iron Mike’s camp, you’ll find a green-roofed cottage with a little porch. Investigate the kitchen once you’re inside. You can see it from your kitchen counter, between the fridge and stove.


Find yourself back in the very same house where you found your last find of note. Turn left when you enter the house and inspect the wall behind the door for a picture directly next to a window on the opposite side. It’s a valuable piece of art.


Check the table with the lamp on it and some boxes stacked on top of each other inside the same building where you got the last collection. I am direct across from the door that leads to the exterior. Look for a building with a black roof in the northwest corner of Iron Mike’s camp. There is a table close to the restroom and a sofa in this building where you can locate the collectible.

Always Be With You’ by Iron Mike:

Inside Iron Mike’s camp, head up to the top floor of his mansion. The collectible can be found on the table adjacent to the bed in the bedroom.

Iron butte character collectibles:

There is a little shelf next to some sofas and a larger lamp on the bottom floor of Iron Mike’s residence where you can find another treasure. You can see the antique on the shelf.

Disobeying God’s Will:

Make your way to the upper floor of the Infirmary at Iron Mike’s camp by entering the Infirmary. A green book sits next to a collectible on the table above the stairs.


If you haven’t already, return to the infirmary where you obtained the last item and examine the top of a shelf positioned just before you exit for it.

Tea for Sleep:

The Wizard Island of Crater Lake is where this can be ground. In this camp, it will take place in a tent perched at the summit of a hill.

Days went character collectibles 25:

The Wizard Island camp in the Crater Lake region has this item for sale. There will be a green tent close to a guard tower where the collectible will be. Character treasures like this are a thing of the past 25.

Crater Lake Character Collectibles:

The Crater Lake Character Collectibles are required to complete Days Gone, and we’ve compiled a list of their locations so you can find them all at once. Like the other Days Gone locations, you’ll uncover Character Collectibles in and around Crater Lake tied to the people Deacon meets there.

To Have And To Hold” by Kouri:

For the sake of this guide, the first Crater Lake Character Collectible is automatically unlocked. Entering this place and meeting Kouri will get you the 23rd item in your collection.

To Serve and Protect by Kouri’s motto:

The second Days Gone Crater Lake Character Collectible may be discovered in Kouri’s tent next to his bed. Diamond Lake Camp is where Kouri is located. “K” indicates where he is. Look for a tiny crate near the bed in his tent.

Character collectibles lost lake:

If you’re looking for the Lost Lake Character Collectibles, our locations guide will tell you just where to seek them. Character Collectibles at Lost Lake, like those in Cascade and Belknap, are linked to numerous significant people Deacon Encounters in Days Gone: Addy, Lisa; Skizzo; Iron Mike; Boozer; and Rikki. You don’t need a day’s gone character collectibles map to find these items because they’re all in Iron Mike’s Camp. Following are character collectibles lost lake:

“I Can’t Forget” by Lisa:

Following our guide, you’ll get the first Lost Lake character collectibles. When you begin the “Searching for Lisa” storey mission, you’ll receive the 10th item in your collectables menu. You can’t miss out on the collection because this assignment is mandatory.

‘Our Only Guest:’ Boozer

One more Lost Lake collectible can be located close to Boozer’s bedside. Deacon’s bed can also be found at Iron’s Mike Camp. A “ZZZ” indicator indicates where you are.

Cascade character collectibles:

Cascade Character Collectibles are required to complete Days Gone, and we’ve put together this guide to help you find them all. Cascade’s Character Collection represents day’s gone characters Manny, Leon, and Copeland. Using our guide, you’ll be able to find all the collectibles that appear in the game menu. You don’t need a map for these collectibles because they are quite straightforward to locate. Following is the list of cascade character collectibles:

An Angel Statue in a Crass Pencil Drawing by Leon:

The We’ll Make It Quick quest unlocks this day Gone Character Collectible for you when you complete it. Before Deacon and Boozer deal with Leon, you get this artwork. Chasing Leon Storyline requires We’ll Make It Quick. Therefore it can’t be skipped. As a result, the Days Gone memorabilia is a must-have.

Arms Ownership:

It can be discovered at Copeland’s Camp in Day Gone Cascade. When you perform the Drifters on the Mountain task, you will ultimately reach Copeland’s Camp. To get to the camp’s upper tower, follow Copeland. You’ll find this item on the table next to the radio station.

Hunting Season by Copeland:

It is located in the same tower as the previous Cascade Character Collectible. As soon as “The Right to Bear Arms” is obtained, it can be retrieved. On a nightstand next to the couch in Copeland’s tower, turn right, and you’ll find it.

Stud’s birthday wishes from Manny:

Manny’s Shop has the fourth Cascade Collectible in Days Gone. The first time you visit Copeland’s Camp during the Drifters on the Mountain task, you’ll have the opportunity to retrieve it. You’ll have to chat with Manny about your bike to complete the objective. After talking to Manny, you’ll find the item on a shelf next to a red vehicle battery. If you’re looking at Manny’s garage from this shelf, it’s on the left side.


After the storey is over, you have free-roam, which allows you to return to any zone and complete any unfinished side quests or items. Two temporary no-return points should be noted. For the storey’s duration, you’ll be unable to access certain areas. It’s back to business as usual after the narrative is over. Discover where to get all of the Days Gone collectibles featuring your favourite characters with our comprehensive Character Collectibles Guide.


Where can Nero Intel be found?

It can be discovered at NERO Checkpoints, NERO Research Sites, and in unmarked caves and the wilderness.

Since when has Nero Intel not been present in Cascade?

The sequel to Days Gone Nero is expected soon. Located inside Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint on our map is an Intelligence facility. In the MMU building, look near the microscope for it.

Are you able to acquire character collectibles?

Camps are where you’ll find the most of these artefacts. Only a few can be unearthed in the wild; the others are handed out as part of the storey.

Days Gone has a secret weapon, but what is it?

The original IPCA stun gun used by Siphon Filter actor Gabe Logan can be yours if you combine all the available technology to make it.

In the past, what did historical markers do?

In Days Gone, there are historical marker sites. To earn the Broken Roadshow award, you’ll need to collect Collectibles.

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