Know how to point out the best quality cowboy hat for men.

cowboy hat for men, Choosing a cowboy hat will be something that you will want to do as soon as you start dancing Country Line Dance. When you discover the Country Line Dance, you realize that there is something more than the simple act of dancing. The first day you go to a dance venue your eyes open like saucers. What you see there is a person who enjoys, has a good time, and relates.

In addition, you see that they dress in a special way, and hats are one of the major accessories. However, not just any hat, they wear the same hat as cowboys. Soon you will want your own hat. Nevertheless, do you know how to choose a cowboy hat?

cowboy hat for men- A versatile accessory for men

Indeed. If you think about it, each dance style has its own outfit. Have you ever been to a Salsa club to dance? Do you get the impression that everyone dresses in the same store? Have you seen those who dance Tango? Well, we dance Country and dress like cowboys and cowgirls. It is right.

This does not mean that it is mandatory to dress in a special way, far from it. However, following that maxim says, “Wherever you go, do what you see” is highly recommended. In a place where everyone maintains certain uniformity, the one that attracts attention is different. Accompany your cowboy hat with varied dress code. A pair of long leather boots is a must. Enhance your style with a sunglass. cowboy hat for men, cowboy hat for men, cowboy hat for men.

What is the most suitable hat?

Let us start with the reverse, which is the least suitable hat. Any hat that is not western is not suitable. Of all of them, there is one, which is the least recommended. The hat has thread stitches that run along the entire brim of the hat. Save it for going to the beach. It has never been a western hat. Actually, those hats are originally from Africa.

Do not rush because there are a large number of hats that are regulatory. There are two types, straw and felt. Felt and straw cowboy hat are ecological (natural fibre), skin-friendly, lightweight, and maintenance free. Colors can also be chosen. Among the straw cowboy hats for men, you will see that most of them are white, ivory-colored, rather. As far as felt hats are concerned, there are also a wide variety of colors. There is also an option for leather cowboy hats.

Rigid and soft

The most common cowboy hat for men on the dance floor are the stiff straw hats and Cattleman shapes. Straw hats are made from plant fiber and are great for dancing because they are lighter than felt hats. They are also those that have a lighter color (or blacker, depending on the case). However, there is also soft straw. These are more like the ones you see on the beach. They are the freshest and, in any case, are seen more on female heads and very rarely on male heads.

Girls also opt for white rigid hats. Good felt hats are stiff. The best ones are made from beaver hair, but some are made from horse or cow hair. The wool ones are usually soft, and a metal wire around the brim is responsible for maintaining the shape. Felt hats are more stylish than straw hats. Virtually all cowboys wear felt hats at rodeos.

How do we recognize the quality of the hat?

The manufacturer’s brand is the first step to identifying a hat’s quality. When choosing a cowboy hat, look at the “X”. Both felt and straw hats have a certain number of “X” marked inside the crown, usually on the front. The more “X” the hat has, the higher its durability, quality, and price.

If you cannot see the “X” on a hat, you look at a mediocre product. In a felt cowboy hat, the number of “X” indicates how much hair there is in the mixture of hair and wool that is used for manufacturing. The higher the number ‘X’ the hat has, the more hair the mixture.

The materials

Today, cowboy hat for men are made with felt based on leather, straw, canvas, laminated, and sometimes leather. Wild hares, beavers, and rabbits are three primary sources of collecting hair to make felt cowboy hats. The best is the one made of beaver hair. Felt cowboy hats are available in 200-X and up. The more “X’s” a hat has, the higher the price and the higher the quality and durability.

All-natural fiber materials come from plants that have been grown and matured in the right time. The fibers have to be prepared correctly before the weaving process. The different phases they have to go through include pickling, washing, cooking, dyeing and drying. Fibers used to make straw hats include Panama shantung fiber, palm leaf, Guatemalan palm, and treated Mexican palm. Straw cowboy hat for men manufacturers also include an “X” number and the higher the number the better the quality.