Top Curly Haired Cat Breeds in the world

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Curly haired cat have fur that curls or waves in a uniquely. This kind of fur is caused by a genetic change that affects the hair cells, giving the animal a curly coat that is easy to recognize. The Devon Rex, the Cornish Rex, Selkirk Rex, Skookum, Tennessee Rex, Tasman Manx, German Rex, and the Ural Rex are the most well-known curly-haired cat breeds. Many cat fans love these breeds because of how unique and friendly they look.

The curly coat of a curly-haired cat makes it a visually stunning and distinctive breed. The first curly-haired cats appeared in the 1980s, making them a relatively recent addition to cat breeds.

Curly Haired Cat

The Cat Fancier’s Association and The International Cat Association are special groups in the cat community, each standing out with its unique contributions for cat lovers.

Curly-haired cats are not just cute; they’re a rare delight. This article provides comprehensive information on Curly haired cats, including their distinctive curly or wavy fur caused by a genetic mutation.

How is a Cat’s Coat Constructed?

Dr. Jamie Whittenburg, director of Kingsgate Animal Hospital in Lubbock, Texas, explains, ‘Curly coats are fairly rare in cats but are selected for through a genetic mutation. Breeders then intentionally pair cats with this mutation to perpetuate it.

The exterior layer of a cat’s coat comprises guard hairs that repel debris and moisture, while the interior layer comprises a down or undercoat, providing warmth and comfort. Varying cat breeds can have drastically varying coat textures, colors, and lengths according to their genetic makeup.

Some cats have long, glossy fur and others have short, thick fur. Cats’ coats come in various colors and patterns, from solid to multicolored and everything in between.

Despite their peculiar appearance, curly-haired cat hypoallergenic is not a feature of cats with curly hair. They can still cause allergic reactions in some people, despite grooming efforts to maintain the health and shine of their coat.

People allergic to cats might find them a suitable alternative because their fur is said to shed significantly less than the fur of other types of cats. Curly-haired cats have the advantage of being both beautiful and laid-back, making them a great choice as a pet.

Curly-Haired Cat Breeds Meme

Curly Haired Cat

9 Popular Curly Haired Cat Breeds

The TICA and CFA only recognize certain kinds of curly haired cat rex, such as:

  • Devon Rex cats
  • Cornish Rex cats
  • La-Perm cats
  • Selkirk Rex cats
  • Ural Rex cats
  • German Rex cats
  • Tasman Manx cats
  • Tennessee Rex cats
  • Skookum cats

1: Devon Rex

Specification Description
Breed Name Rex Devon
Origin Devon, England
Coat Type Soft, curly, short, dense
Coat Colors Wide range of colors and patterns
Eye Color Any color, often green or gold
Lifespan 9-13 years

curly haired cat

The Devon Rex curly-haired cat is a distinct and entertaining breed known for its large ears, curly coat, and friendly personality. The breed traces its origins back to the 1950s when a curly-coated kitten named Kirlee was born to a feral cat in Devon, England, marking the start of the breed.

The Devon Rex cat breed was created by breeding the kitten with Siamese and British Shorthair cats. Characterized by their curly, short, and dense coat, Devon Rex cats are easily identifiable.

Their eyes are typically a stunning shade of green or gold, and their ears are huge and perked up. They enjoy playing and engaging with their owners, earning them a reputation for being friendly and gregarious. They are known for being talkative and will meow or purr to their owners.

2: Cornish Rex

Specification Description
Breed Name Cornish Rex
Origin Cornwall, England
Coat Type Soft, wavy, short
Coat Colors Wide range of colors and patterns
Personality Playful, affectionate, intelligent, curious
Lifespan 11-14 years


curly haired cat

The Cornish Rex is an endearing and one-of-a-kind cat breed because of its fluffy, wavy coat and lively disposition. In the 1950s, a kitten with a curly coat named Kallibunker was born to a barn cat in Cornwall, England, and the breed was established.

The Cornish Rex breed was developed by crossing the kitten with Siamese and British Short hair cats. Cats of the Cornish Rex breed are easily identified by their short, wavy, and plush coat.

In addition to their intelligence, they also have a reputation for being playful and affectionate. Smart and curious, these felines do best in households where they can freely play and explore. They also have a reputation for being talkative, often meowing or chirping to their owners.

3: La-Perm

Specification Description
Breed Name LaPerm
Origin Oregon, United States
Coat Type Soft, curly, hypoallergenic
Coat Colors Wide range of colors and patterns
Eye Color Any colour, often gold or green
Lifespan 10-15 years


curly haired cat

The LaPerm is an uncommon and lovable cat breed with a gentle disposition and a curly, hypoallergenic coat. The first curly-coated kitten, Curly, was born to a barn cat in Oregon, United States, in the 1980s. The LaPerm cat breed was created by crossing the kitten with Siamese and American Short hair cats.

They adore their owners and often follow them around the house, begging for attention. Smart and curious, these felines do best in households where they can freely play and explore. They also have a reputation for being talkative, often meowing or chirping to their owners.

4: Selkirk Rex

Specification Description
Breed Name Selkirk Rex
Origin Montana, USA
Body Type Medium to large, muscular and well-rounded
Personality Affectionate, laid-back, playful, intelligent
Coat Type Thick, curly, plush, woolly
Lifespan 10-15 years


curly haired cat

The Selkirk Rex curly-haired cat is a unique and charming breed known for its fluffy, curled fur and gentle nature. This distinctive breed was formally recognized after the birth of a curly-haired kitten named Miss DePesto in Montana, United States, back in 1987. Their coats have a woolly appearance due to the loose curls in their soft, silky hair

These felines have a well-deserved reputation for being calm and loving companions. They don’t make much noise, but they’ll meow or purr if they want to talk to you. They enjoy interacting with their loved ones and are both bright and energetic.

5: Ural Rex

Specifications Description
Breed Name Ural Rex
Origin Russia
Body Type Medium-sized, muscular
Personality Affectionate, playful, social
Coat Type Short, curly coat
Lifespan 12-15 years

Curly Haired Cat

Ural Rex, a special breed known for being a Curly Haired Cat. Recognized officially in 2006, this cat has a unique charm with its silky and curled coat. In 2020, a study found a special genetic twist that makes their curls one-of-a-kind.

Despite looking similar to other breeds, the Ural Rex is exclusive with its curly coat, making it a cute and playful Curly Haired Cat. Popular in Russia for their big eyes and friendly nature, these cats are a hit.

6: German Rex


Specifications Description
Breed Name German Rex
Origin Germany
Body Type Semi-cobby
Personality Affectionate,Playful,Curious
Coat Type Short,Curly,Soft,
Lifespan 10-15 years


Curly Haired Cat

German Rex, a special Curly Haired Cat. Recognized by the International Cat Federation, it’s like the “United Nations of Cat Federations.”

This rare cat has charming features – big ears, short curly whiskers, and a velvety waved coat, making it a perfect example of a Curly Haired Cat. The German Rex is adored worldwide for its unique curly fur.

7: Tasman Manx

Specifications Description
Breed Name Tasman Manx
Origin Tasmania
Body Type Medium-sized
Personality Playful, Affectionate
Coat Type Short-haired
Lifespan 12-15 years

The Tasman Manx, named after the Tasman Sea, stands out with more than one unique feature, making it a distinctive Curly Haired Cat. Recognized by the New Zealand Cat Fancy, this native of New Zealand and Australia sports a distinctive curled coat.

The Tasman Manx is either completely or nearly tailless, known as “rumpy.” Both “rumpy risers” and “stumpys” are accepted in cat shows. Besides its kinked whiskers, the Tasman’s curly-haired coat is silky and wavy, adding to its charm in the feline world as a unique Curly Haired Cat.

8: Tennessee Rex

Specifications Description
Breed Name Tennessee Rex
Origin Tennessee, USA
Body Type Medium-sized
Personality Friendly, Curious
Coat Type Short-haired,Curly
Lifespan 12-16 years


Curly Haired Cat

The Tennessee Rex, a certified all-American Curly Haired Cat, hails from the picturesque Tennessee Valley, recognized by TICA in 2004. Its sizable frame is adorned with a distinctive Curly Haired Coat, a charming feature from birth.

With a shiny, “satin-like” fur that glistens in the sunlight, the Tennessee Rex adds a captivating touch to the world of feline companionship, making it an appealing choice for cat enthusiasts seeking a unique and charming Curly Haired Cat.

9: Skookum

Specifications Description
Breed Name Skookum
Origin United States
Body Type Small to Medium
Personality Playful, Intelligent
Coat Type Short-haired,Curly
Lifespan 12-15years

Curly Haired Cat

In the 1990s, the Skookum, a “dwarf” breed, was developed by crossbreeding curly-haired LaPerms with short-legged Munchkin cats, creating a charming Curly Haired Cat with a distinct trait.

While TICA recognizes Munchkins, concerns about mobility and health surround Skookums and Munchkins, making them a subject of controversy among various cat federations and associations despite their shared appeal as Curly Haired Cats.

How Should I Take Care of My Curls?

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Curly Haired Cat

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Curly Haired Cat Breeds Average Price

Cat Breed Where to Find Them Average Cost
Selkirk Rex Reputable breeders, Animal shelters, Rescue organizations $1,000 – $2,500
Cornish Rex Reputable breeders, Animal shelters, Rescue organizations  $500 – $1,000
Devon Rex Reputable breeders, Animal shelters, Rescue organizations $800 – $1,500
LaPerm Reputable breeders, Animal shelters, Rescue organizations $1,000 – $2,000
Ural Rex Dresden and Dortmund, Germany $300-800
German Rex Germany $500-$1,000
Tasman Manx New Zealand  $500 to $1,500
Tennessee Rex America, Chattanooga area, $55,000
Skookum United States $200 and $275


Any household would benefit from having a curly-haired cat because of its unique appearance and charming personality. Curly-coated breeds like the LaPerm, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Skookum, Tennessee Rex, Tasman Manx, German Rex, Ural Rex and Selkirk Rex are immediately identifiable by their fur, which is fluffy, wavy, and hypoallergenic.

Other curly-coated types include the Devon Rex and the Selkirk Rex. They do best in homes where they are given a lot of attention and opportunities to play and are celebrated for their active intellect and friendly temperament.

They are low-maintenance and easy to care for, yet their curly coats may require more attention than the usual dog because of the extra volume they create.

The Selkirk Rex price typically falls within the range of $500 to $800.

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Frequently Asked Question

What Kind of Cat Has Curly Hair?

A cat breed known for having curly hair is the Selkirk Rex. This breed is distinctive for its plush, curly coat, which can range from loose waves to tight curls. Selkirk Rex cats have a friendly and affectionate personality, making them popular pets for many cat lovers.

Do Curly Haired Cat Shed?

In reality, there are four established breeds of cats characterized by their curly fur, with the majority belonging to the Rex classification. Curly-haired cats tend to experience reduced shedding, and some may not shed at all.

Which Cat Breed is known for its Curly Coat?

The Selkirk rex cat is special because of its curly fur, which is rare among cat breeds. It’s one of just four types of cats with wavy hair. These cats are known for being friendly and loving, and they can have short or long fur.

What is the Cat with Curly Hair?

The cat with curly hair is the Selkirk rex.

Are there Curly Haired Cats?

Certainly, cats with curly fur are quite charming. Breeds such as Selkirk Rex, LaPerm, Devon Rex, and Cornish Rex would make wonderful additions to your family.


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