Best custom gaming mouse review.

Custom gaming mouse: There are numerous high-end input peripherals available for gamers and computer power users. Many makers have also built their custom keyboards. There aren’t many custom mice out there, but he has made one for him. To get an input device that’s perfect for you, you can build your mouse from the ground up. Custom trackballs and sensor breakout boards have been used successfully in the field by others. If you have a cutting-edge design, go for it.

Criticisms are divided:

A good gaming mouse can be difficult to come by, unlike finding the best graphics card. However, our in-depth research reveals that there are better and worse options available. These are just starting points for further investigation; they are not final rankings. We’ve considered the views of critics and users when making our selections.

Best custom gaming mouse:

It isn’t easy to find the best custom gaming mouse, but we’re here to help. This list of recommended gaming mice is based on my years of testing dozens of different gaming mice. The buying guide at the bottom of the page breaks down the various factors you should think about when selecting a custom gaming mouse for your needs for your convenience.

The Greatest of All:

As far as PC games go, Glorious is a relative newcomer. A new ultra-light gaming mouse from Razer is capturing gamers’ attention. Although it weighs only 68 grams thanks to its honeycomb design, the Model O is a solid gaming mouse that feels good in the hand. Even with a lighter mouse like the 80g, we had no trouble aiming in shooters like Counter-Strike with the Model O.

The PMW3360 sensor:

The PMW3360 mouse sensor tops out at 250 inches per second and 50 grams when it comes to sensing speed and acceleration. Button reading and hardware denouncing are both handled by an ATMEGA32U4. If you’ve ever made the mistake of accidentally double-clicking your entire village in AOE II, you’ll appreciate this feature. The wheel encoder was also read using specialized code, which helps keep the game from scrolling backward.

Roccat Kone Pro / Kone Pro Air:

The Kone Pro Air is one of the lightest solid-body wireless mice on the market, even with all of its high-end features and high-quality components. The mouse’s left side has a shelf for your thumb to rest on, while the right side has a textured pattern to keep things interesting.

Metal Gear Solid 3:

The Rival 3’s premium features are still available at a lower cost for users with small to medium-sized hands. Because it’s so light (77 grams), it’s easy to maneuver in claw or fingertip grip styles, and the matte plastic gives it a nice, ergonomic shape. The TrueMove Core sensor resembles the well-known PixArt 3330 high-end optical sensor.

The Katar Pro LAN adapter from Corsair:

Only a few wireless gaming mice, like this one from Katar, are both affordable and equal in quality and responsiveness to their wired counterparts. In addition to the KPW’s long battery, life, and low latency, 2.4GHz and backup Bluetooth feature an acceleration-free optical sensor and low latency 2.4GHz and backup Bluetooth connections.

Asus ROG Strix:

Although gaming mice have traditionally lagged behind their wired counterparts, the industry appears to have mastered low-latency wireless mousing by 2021. Late last year, Asus released the ROG Pugio 2, and now the ROG Keris Wireless, an even better option with Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless support, is available from the company.

The Logitech G Pro X Superlight:

Despite being an excellent gaming mouse, the G Pro X Superlight costs too much for what it offers. Years of use and empirical tests with the Superlight have shown that the G Pro X is as responsive and reliable as a wired custom gaming mouse. Despite its small size and lightweight, it has a long battery life (weeks).

Lightspeed Logitech G502:

The Logitech G502 is a popular mouse among computer users thanks to its ergonomic design, “infinite scroll wheel,” and eleven programmable buttons. As a result, the wireless version of the G502 Lightspeed, which was just released, is easy to recommend. Thanks to its wired predecessor’s Hero optical sensor and the new G502’s Lightspeed wireless technology, it’s just as dependable and responsive as its wired successor, and it’s even 114 grams lighter.

Razer has released the Viper Mini.

The Razer Viper Mini is an excellent mouse for folks with small to medium-sized hands because of its small size (118mm by 62mm) and lightweight (60 grams). Due to PixArt 3359’s strong new release and precise 1:1 tracking, the optical switches under each button should provide a slight latency advantage over traditional alternatives. Because it’s flexible and can be worn as a bungee cord, the Viper Mini’s cable is nearly wireless when used with it.

Wireless RGB Sabre from Corsair:

Sabre Pro has developed a wired version of its ultra-light mice using trendy, super-flexible shoelaces in response to consumer demand. The wired Sabre Pro RGB weighs just 74 grams compared to the 69 grams of the non-RGB version. The wireless RGB model weighs only 79 grams despite its large size. Although its size necessitates using it with a palm grip, this mouse can also be used with a claw grip if necessary.

Corsair’s Scimitar RGB Elite is a powerful graphics card:

The best MMO mouse is the Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite, which has a grid of twelve buttons on the side panel. In a crowded room, the use of different textures makes it easier to identify each button. The entire grid can adjust to fit different-sized hands. The mouse is wider and heavier, at 122g and 78mm, respectively, making it more comfortable to use but less precise.


Any PC user who spends the majority of their workday at a desk will appreciate the benefits of the best gaming mouse. In terms of speed and comfort, no other gaming computer mouse compares to an ergonomically designed custom gaming mouse. A small or large mouse will work fine for people outside of the bell curve, but for the vast majority of people, a medium-sized mouse will do.

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