What decision do you have to make in Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk dream on, In 2077, there is a side job called “Dream On.” After completing I Fought the Law and waiting for 48 hours in-game, you can obtain Dream On. As a player in Cyberpunk 2077, completing Side Jobs will reward you with experience points and perhaps with goodies. Working a second job can impact the main plotline as well. With this walkthrough, you’ll learn what to say to Jefferson when you finish the Dream side objective, and you’ll also learn where the secret room is concealed. Here we will discuss cyberpunk dreams on:

What decision do you have to make in Cyberpunk 2077?

Dream On in Cyberpunk 2077 leaves you perplexed about your last decision. In Night City, you’ll face several morally ambiguous choices as you work your way through the different side missions and side gigs. You don’t want to make things more difficult for yourself or miss out on important storey points by continuing down the wrong road, even if these decisions have little influence on the storey outcome.

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The I Fought the Law side job must be completed first, and then you must wait 48 hours in-game before being able to access this quest. Please come to Jefferson’s flat in Charter Hill when he calls. You’ll need to go through the flat and look for any signs of a break-in. If you’d like, Elizabeth can show you around. Turn on your scanner and keep an eye out for anything yellow-hued. The TV room has a secret door to the hidden room.

Cyberpunk vision of the perpetrators:

The Maelstrom hideout in Northside is where you’ll end yourself if you’re successfully tracking down the vehicle. This hostile area’s access point to the van’s information will prompt Elizabeth to ask for a meeting with you at a ramen shop. The next step is a meeting at the Reconciliation Park in City Center, where you’ll have to decide whether to accept Jefferson’s proposal or reject it.

Victim of mind control:

There is no right or wrong answer here, so feel free to go with whatever you choose for the V you’re now playing. You’ll notice a difference in the conversation depending on your choice, but the outcome is the same. If you have a high enough Body attribute, you can open the door right now. A security room may be found downstairs, where a computer can be accessed via a keyboard and mouse. The last message you’re looking for should contain a cyberpunk dream on computer code—6709.

How Do You Finish Your Daydreams?

You can enter the building by pressing the intercom beside the entrance and then taking the elevator to your unit. Elizabeth should accompany him to the couch and sit down for a conversation. You can choose any chat options you like, but after that, you’ll have to go through the apartment and look for clues:

1: A Vote Peralez campaign poster is on the table at his election headquarters office.

2: In the same room as the Vote for Peralez billboard, there is a photo of the Peralez family.

3: Examine the wedding photo on the nightstand in the room directly across from the one described in step one.

Stains on the wall next to a door that leads down to the staircase

The concealed door depicted below is what you need to look for throughout this side task. You can open the door if you have a Level 7 Body. Search the computer in the security office’s computer on the lower floor if you can’t find it on the upper floor. Code 6709, which can be used to open the other computer in the room, appears in the last message. If you don’t have a Level 7 Body, you can use the Local Network Tab to find and open the hidden entrance upstairs.

Cyberpunk dream on following the cables:

You can scan the computer here and follow the wiring up to the roof using a ladder once you’ve entered the hidden room. The transmission is coming from somewhere west of here, so keep looking until you discover it, and then let Elizabeth know what you find. You’ll have to leave the apartment now to find the source but save your game before going further. Once the surveillance van sees you, it will pull away; therefore, you’ll need a car to catch up with it.

Cyberpunk dream on tell Jefferson:

Jefferson Peralez is a Night City Council member and a candidate for mayor in the upcoming election. An idealist and anti-establishment figure, he has been described as a candidate who opposes corporate control over the city’s government. Elizabeth, Jefferson’s wife, is a steadfast supporter in his life. There are mutual respect views and political aspirations among them. Located in the Luxury Apartments complex in Westbrook, their penthouse has been completely repurposed as an office space.

Cyberpunk dream on the bug:

I don’t want to go into all of the situation’s specifics again. Because I’m very sure the entire world is aware of what is going on at this time. There are currently many bugs in the game, and new ones appear daily. However, I’m only referring to the Dream On mission glitch. When you are instructed to ” cyberpunk 2077 dream on best choice”, you will play a role in the task.

Cyberpunk dream on the invisible car:

Even though Cyberpunk’s patch 1.3 included several major patches, the game’s issues remain pervasive. V’s shadow shows the player’s head receding while their arms expand and bend in odd directions when they begin swimming. In addition to V’s apparent acquisition of Elastigirl’s abilities, several new issues have arisen since the game’s most recent update; Cyberpunk still has issues with vehicles and NPCs popping up out of nowhere, and one bug makes Johnny Silverhand partially invisible car.


Cyberpunk 2077’s Dream revealed the dark secret of Jefferson and Elizabeth Peralez. In a side mission, V must decide whether or not to lie to Jefferson. Both of these choices influence the end credits of Cyberpunk 2077. In Cyberpunk 2077, Jefferson Peralez and Elizabeth Peralez recruit the mercenary following a successful investigation with V and River Ward.


You tell Jefferson Peralez the truth; what happens?

Jefferson’s paranoia would skyrocket if V revealed the truth about the scheme. Assuming that his wife isn’t a part of a plot to overthrow him, he won with a 49.3 per cent majority of the vote.

On mission cyberpunk, how do you achieve your goals?

Dream On can be obtained after completing I Fought the Law and waiting for 48 hours in-game.

Who killed the king of the cyberpunks?

Péter Horváth, a cyber psycho on the trail of NCPD Detective River Ward, broke into Night City Hall minutes before the news conference began and attempted to assassinate the mayor with his Mantis Blades.

How many different ways can you end Cyberpunk 2077?

Five endings are available in Cyberpunk 2077, including a hidden ending, but several can have alternative results depending on other choices you make as they progress.

Should I alert Jefferson to the fact that he’s cyberpunk brainwashed?

There is no right or wrong answer here, so feel free to go with whatever you choose for the V you’re now playing.

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