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Diego Tinoco is an American television actor and model noted for his portrayal as Cesar Diaz in Netflix’s On My Block. In addition to being an accomplished actor, Diego has striking good looks that inspire many aspiring actors. His diverse skill set suggests he will have a fruitful and long career in Hollywood. Francisco “Diego” Tinoco was born on December 24, 1997, in Anaheim in California, America. The Netflix comedy “On My Block,” in which he played Cesar Diaz, made him a household name.Feature Films and Television Series Starring.

Biography of Diego Tinoco:

Diego Tinoco has been working in the field of show business since 2015. Drizzle of Hope is the name of the short drama he starred in. In 2016, the actor made his on-screen debut in Teen Wolf, playing Mateo. TV show about criminals called Teen Wolf. Even though he had a little role in Teen Wolf, many people grew interested in him.On November 25, 1997, Diego Tinoco was born. Sagittarius was his star sign when he was born in Anaheim, California. Tinoco is of Mexican-Colombian ancestry.


During his childhood, Diego got vitiligo, an atypical skin disorder that causes light colouring areas. Tinoco had to wear hooded long-sleeved shirts to disguise his skin abnormalities from his schoolmates, who teased him about it for the duration of the condition. As a result, he shunned his childhood friends and instead hung out with much older kids who understood him better and never teased him. Diego, who grew up with his older brother, eventually fought off the illness as he got older.


As a well-known public figure, Tinoco must take care of his mental and physical well-being. According to media reports, he weighs 49 kilograms. Additional reports estimate Tinoco’s height at 6’2″ and weight at 49 kilograms or so. Tinoco hasn’t been able to keep his hands off the headlines. He uses social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and others regularly. As a result, we’ve been able to easily track down information on her personal and professional life, including her work history and accolades.


As a child, Diego was diagnosed with Vitiligo, which results in patches of discoloured skin. He started wearing long-sleeved shirts as a result of this. His peers frequently mocked him because of his physical state.


A starring part in the Netflix coming-of-age drama “On My Block” followed, in which he played Cesar Diaz. After his brother’s release from prison, he is driven to join a gang, which strains his relationship with girlfriend Monse Finnie, an educated youngster.Tinoco grew up admiring Leonardo DiCaprio, a skilled and award-winning American actor. Leonardo DiCaprio’s most well-known role is Jack Dawson’s in the box office smash Titanic (1997).

Diego tinoco movies:

 The short film, Drizzle of Hope, was Diego’s first appearance on the big screen as Marco. After that, he made his television debut as Mateo, a member of the lacrosse squad, on an episode of Teen Wolf in 2016. Following are diegotinoco movies.

The films of dariotinoco

In character as Cesar Diaz for the year 2018

The year 2017 marks Diego’s arrival in Valhalla.

Mateo from Teen Wolf is back in 2016.

A Drop of Hope in 2015 as Marco.

My Neighbor Is Famous:

On My Block’s Cesar Diaz is played by Diego in Netflix’s coming-of-age series. When Cesar’s brother is released from prison, he is forced to join a gang, strains his budding connection with Monse Finnie. Cesar is a bright youngster.

Cesar Diaz in My Block

Tinoco’s portrayal as Cesar Diaz, one of many on-screen characters he’s played, is the one that’s garnered the most attention. In addition to Diego, the teen film features rising stars Ronni Hawk, Julio Macias, Emilio Rivera, and Danny Martinez. Thanks to the show that received the Teen ChoiceAwards 2018 ‘Choice Breakout TV Show’ award, he’s become a household name.

Tinoco’s social media popularity has skyrocketed:

Tinoco’s social media following exploded when his role as Cesar Diaz on On My Block gained him widespread recognition. Diego now has 98k Twitter followers and 1.6 million Instagram followers as of 2019.

Facts about Diego Tinoco:

Kim enjoys both travelling and cooking.

He was included on Forbes’ “30 Under 30 Asia” list in 2015.

Kim was a big fan of bowling and had even sought a position at a local bowling alley.

In his debut event, he finished 10th out of 114 competitors.

It’s safe to say that Gwyneth Paltrow is his go-to actress.

Forthe military, Soo-Hyun also worked.

Kim Teahyung, a South Korean singer, is his all-time favourite.

Aside from that, he’s a huge fan of canines. Amoni is the name of his dog.

Diego tinocoof:

Even though the couple has a close bond, they are merely co-stars. One thing that both of them can agree on is their deep affection for one another. As long as Sierra Capri and Diego Tinoco are unmarried, we can hope that their professional relationship will grow into a personal one. As a result, DiegotinocoGF is Sierra Capri.

Diego tinoco and sierra Capri relationship:

Diego tinoco and sierra Capri’s relationship is mentioned here; as of 2019, Diego has not divulged the identity of his girlfriend. Sierra Capri, his on-screen love interest, was once linked to him. At the 2018 Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in Inglewood, Calif., the two walked the orange carpet together.

Net Worth:

As of 2019, Diego Tinoco’s net worth is projected to be $200,000. During the first two seasons of On My Block, the celebrity reportedly made $20,000 per episode. According to recent rumours, Diego and his co-stars will be making up to $80,000 more per episode in the show’s third season.


In addition to being a well-known celebrity, Tinico is also a model, and he is extremely concerned about his health and appearance. Straight out of high school, he began working in the entertainment industry as an actor. As Marco in the 2015 short film, “Drizzle of Hope,” Diego made his acting debut. ‘Teen Wolf’s Mateo made his television debut in season 6, episode 6 in 2016.


Is Diego Tinoco a Mexican citizen or a U.S. citizen by birth?

Diego is a multi-ethnic person with roots in Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Is Diego Tinoco an American?

Yes, Diego is a citizen of the US.

How would you classify the people of Diego’s ethnicity?

Diego is of Mexican and Colombian descent; his father is Mexican, and his mother is Colombian.

What is the diegotinoco age?

Diego Tinoco age is 24 years actor from Mexico City.

Do you think Diego Tinoco has a lot of money?

An American actor, Diego Tinoco, has around $500,000. Cesar Diaz, the character he played in the hit show On My Block, is probably his most well-known role.

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