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Ear cropping near me: Your puppy will receive pain medicine during the treatment, and you’ll take home more medication and an E-collar to keep their ears safe. ¬†When you bring your new puppy to Aztec Animal Hospital, it will receive the best care. Many dog breeds have their ears cropped for cosmetic purposes. This decorative technique is performed while the puppy is under anesthetic for the dog’s comfort and the most excellent possible results from the surgical operation. We employ a surgical laser, which results in a smaller incision with less discomfort and faster healing time than likely with a traditional scalpel or scissors. Here we will discuss more ear cropping near me.

Fact about ear cropping near me:

To help your puppy’s ears stand up as quickly as possible, you may be given a cap to put on before you take them home. Two weeks after surgery, tape and posts help the ears stand as straight as possible. We require a preoperative checkup with Dr. Florez and proof of current immunizations before you can have surgery. This guarantees that your puppy is in peak physical condition before surgery.

Features of ear cropping near me:

Miniature, Standard, and Giant Schnauzers

Dog of the Cane Corso breed


Tosa Inu

The Bouvier de Bruges

Small Pinscher

When is the best time to get your ears fixed?

Ears have a more challenging time staying up when surgery is postponed for extended periods and when the cropped length increases. Mainly applicable to long-eared dog breeds like Dobermans, Great Danes, and Boxers. Most dog breeds require that their puppies have their ears surgically cropped when they are between 8 and 10 weeks old. Vaccinations should be given at seven weeks for most dogs, except for Dobermans, which should get them between 7 and 9 weeks, and Great Danes, which should call them at 7.

What Exactly Is an Ear Crop?

Otoplasty, most commonly referred to as “ear clipping,” is a form of elective aesthetic surgery that can be performed on animals. During the procedure, a portion of the pinnae or auricles of a puppy, which is the flap of the ear that is most visible, are lopped off. Like other surgical procedures, ear cropping requires a lengthy recovery period and has the risks associated with general anesthesia.

Do You Need to Get Your Ears Cut?

Clipping one’s ears was formerly a common practice because of the widespread belief that doing so would improve one’s hearing and provide other benefits. Unfortunately, recent research has shown that clipping a dog’s ears has no positive effects on the animal’s health, environment, or performance. Although some people may find it appealing, ear cropping is not recommended by doctors and is instead seen as a purely aesthetic procedure.

When should I begin docking my new puppy’s ears?

It is contingent on the type of breed as well as the texture of the ear cartilage. To achieve the best results from this surgery, we strongly advise scheduling it between 9 and 11 weeks. Contact us, and we’ll let you know when it’s okay to do this operation on your dog. The risk of infection, the threat of blood loss, and the possibility of an adverse reaction to the medication all belong to this category of potential complications.

Shall I, or should I get my puppy’s ears cropped?

It is entirely up to you to decide. Not everyone can benefit from dog ear cropping, which is considered a form of aesthetic surgery. We recommend consulting with one of our doctors if you have any questions or concerns about the procedure. While at the doctor’s office, you can ask questions about the process and find out what you can expect both before and after the procedure. You can use this data to make beneficial decisions for your new puppy.

Do You Need to Clip Your Dog’s or Puppy’s Ears?

It is a very personal choice to determine whether or not the ears of a new puppy should be trimmed. It depends on the health of your puppy and how concerned you are about meeting specific breed standards. Most owners must choose between showing their dogs and keeping them as pets. The veterinarian at our animal facility can discuss your options and help you select the best choice for your pet and your family’s routine.

Fort Worth Ear Cropping Patients:

If you don’t take the proper care when cutting your dog’s ears, they may still have floppy ears. Clients must follow the veterinarian’s post-operative care instructions and schedule follow-up appointments as directed. Your puppy’s ears will heal appropriately with our treatment, and we’ll show you how to keep the wounds clean and free of infection if you are interested in learning more about ear cropping or determining whether your puppy is a candidate for the treatment.


Our company truly shines in the Greater Miami region, so that’s where we focus our efforts. Customers have provided us with information on dozens of more kinds of dogs. In addition to giving your dog the most innovative and advanced medical treatment presently on the market, it is our objective to improve your dog’s appearance at an affordable price. Everything you can learn from the above discussion about ear cropping near me.


Do vets commonly remove ears?

Ear clipping is a surgical procedure that a trained veterinarian must only carry out to avoid potential complications.

Do you find it awkward to hear with your ears pinned back?

Ear cropping is a painful treatment that serves no use. While some breeders may insist otherwise, cutting a dog’s ears has no positive effects on the animal. It may have detrimental effects on their health, behavior, and well-being in the short and long term.

Just what is the point of this ear-cutting practice, anyway?

In today’s culture, ear clipping is frequently done for cosmetic reasons. The treatment was pursued since it gave benefits. Boxers were popular guard dogs. They could accomplish more with their increased hearing.