4 Special Features of The 10×10 canopies That You Must Verify Before Buying .

Features of The 10×10 canopies, Whether you own a large business that needs to maintain branding in every promotional event or you are a small business owner who needs to plan to brand to earn popularity soon, you will have a long list of reasons to use the customized tents at the trade shows and expos. 

Features of The 10×10 canopies:

Promotional tents will be able to catch the attention of people from a considerable distance, thanks to the customized logo printing and the stark color combinations that are available at the reputed design companies. But the quality of the tent will matter equally if you want t make a good impression on the prospective clients. 

Take a look at the features of the best quality tents that will make you particular about the features you want in the customized canopies. 

Flame retardant

When you are buying the fabric of the tent from a reputed seller, you will get the option to choose the materials that have successfully qualified the stringent fire retardant testing. According to the central authorities, as the canopy will be housing many people at a time at the outdoor events, it is important to test the fabric’s resistance to ignition by exposing the material to open flame for a period of 12 seconds. 

The tents will record factors like

  • Flame duration
  • Char length
  • Effect on the fabric

It will help decide whether you are choosing a safe option that can keep the people safe from fire hazards.

Thickness measurement of the fabric

When you buy the customized 10×10 canopiesknowledge about the material in use is not sufficient. What is the thickness of the fabric? The microfiber fabrics usually provide a denier rating of less than one as a point of reference.  

It implies that the fabric is a fine material, ideal for soft bed sheets. But such a denier rating is not apt for canopy fabrics. The rating should be much higher to ensure that the tent will last through the most extreme events. 


  • UV protection


While many of you think that being under the shelter of a canopy is sufficient to save you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, you can be wrong. Many materials cannot stop the entry of UV radiation. 

So when you are investing in the customized canopy, don’t forget to check whether the material offers 100% UV protection. 

  • Ideal material should offer complete protection from UV rays.
  • Such fabric quality will also fight against fabric discoloration due to exposure to direct sunlight for a prolonged period. 

Only the 100% UV-protected canopies ensure that the fabric maintains the original color with complete resistance to the harmful sun rays.


  • Water resistance

When participating in outdoor events at a place where rainfall is common, you have to keep in mind the detrimental effect of water and moisture on the canopy’s fabric. 


The use of completely water-resistant fabric will not only help to stand strong in harsh weather conditions but will also ensure that the material won’t rot owing to the growth of mold or mildew.  Features of The 10×10 canopies, Features of The 10×10 canopies, Features of The 10×10 canopies.