All You Need to Know About Male and Female Pits.

Female pits are supposed to be an exceptionally loyal and affectionate dog breed. They are so friendly and outgoing that they are often misrepresented as dangerous guard dogs. If you have settled on a Pitbull as your future canine companion, you may wonder whether you should bring a male or female home. You should consider the answer to this question since the distinctions between the two may significantly impact the kind of dog you choose for your family and how you want to live.

The female pits

Male Pitbulls tend to be larger than their female counterparts. Around 30-50 kilos is a good estimate for their typical weight. You’ll notice they’re shorter when you put them next to you; on average, they top at around 17 or 20 inches. Pitbulls are still huge dogs relative to most other breeds. However, females are often smaller than their male counterparts. If you compare a female Pitbull to a male, you’ll see that her head is smaller and her back is longer.

Female pits Characteristic

Female Pitbulls, like males, may sometimes go out of their way to mark their area as their own. It is quite unlikely that a spayed female Pit Bull would spray or mark her territory again. The Estrus cycle causes a lot of worry for dog owners, which occurs when the female dog is sexually active. When a female Pitbull has bleeding or goes into heat, she often becomes anxious and tense. She may tend to urinate often.

female pits Instruction

Training a female Pitbull is considerably simpler to do. It’s been observed that female Pitbulls, like humans, develop more rapidly than males. Unlike men, you can begin training them before they are older. We recommend using the fact that females are more focused and determined than males to learn and are more receptive to positive reinforcement than men.

Physiological Well-Being in female dogs

Female Pitbulls are generally seen to be as healthy as their male counterparts. Health problems similar to those we’ve already discussed and certain other problems that only they are susceptible to are still possible for them. Pyometra is a uterine illness that may affect female Pitbulls. Hormonal changes in their reproductive system may play a role in causing this.

Children and Female Pit Bulls

Female Pitbulls are more cautious and calm around kids than their male counterparts since they mature earlier.

Just like men, they will like playing with kids, albeit they won’t have quite as much energy as men do.

Instead, you’ll see that when the kids become too unruly, they’re more likely to seek refuge in the separate area you’ve created for your dog.

Chihuahuas and Other Dogs

Female Pitbulls are less likely than males to attempt to prove their dominance over other dogs by resorting to aggressive behaviour. On the other hand, they are less inclined to approach unfamiliar canine companions and more likely to stand to the side. Keeping an eye on your female Pitbull’s behaviour while she’s among other dogs is still important. Female Pitbulls only show aggressive tendencies during the hormonal changes accompanying their heat cycles and pregnancy. During these times, female Pitbulls are particularly sensitive to loud noises and changes in routine.

Female Pit Bulls In The Company Of Other Pets

As with most canine species, females are naturally more suspicious of strangers and less prone to initiate physical combat if it can be avoided. But if she’s going through a hormonal transition, like her heat cycle, that may not be the case. If you’ve established that she isn’t going through any hormonal shifts, you should look into whether or not she’s sick or in pain, which might contribute to her aggressive demeanour.


Although purebred Pitbulls have a reputation for aggression, this is only sometimes the case. Most people overlook the fact that Pitbulls may have a very friendly disposition. They both have their quirks and characteristics, but it’s essential to remember that any may become a wonderful addition to your family with the right training and socialisation.


Do female pit bull terriers tend to be less aggressive?

Females. Female Pitbulls are less likely to display dominant aggression while being warier around unfamiliar pets and animals.

The mystery of the enlarging female genitalia pits.

In her second year, a female Pitbull will have reached her height of 18 inches and a weight of 40 to 50 pounds.