The best Gamecube fighting games of 2021.

Gamecube fighting games: After discovering the greatest GameCube fighting games of all time, it’s time to determine which titles cut. The GameCube features an impressive collection of fighting games, including the Mortal Kombat franchise, SoulCalibur II, and Super Smash Bros. Melee. The GameCube is one of Nintendo’s most underappreciated consoles.

The best Gamecube fighting games of 2021:

Unless you’re discussing Super Smash Bros. Melee, the GameCube is frequently left out of discussions about Nintendo. Some of us continue to view gaming through the lens of this system, which is now in its twentieth year. The following list contains the best GameCube fighting games.

Barber Joe:

When Capcom’s Viewtiful Joe, led by Hideki Kamiya, launched on the GameCube in 2003, it set out to accomplish precisely that. Joe, the young man, transported to Movieland to battle villains and save the world, is dressed in a red suit and cape in this PlayStation side-scrolling beat them up. One of the most visually arresting games of the era incorporated comic book art and a fusion of comics and film.

Death and Resurrection:

It is still shocking: Resident Evil 4 was initially intended to be a fighting game for Gamecube. The game made its debut on the system but was quickly followed by several other consoles. Leon Kennedy, a police officer, traveled to Spain to rescue the President’s daughter from a religious cult, and the game followed him. As a result of the cult’s growing power, players were forced to spend their time dodging bullets and shooting zombies.


Sands of Time revitalized a struggling franchise in 2003 by utilizing the talents of a single, extraordinary mechanic. While in combat, you can use his sand-imbued dagger to rewind time and retry platforming or take another stab at an enemy. Additionally, he possessed the ability to temporarily immobilize opponents and slow the pace of the environment around him.


Ikaruga, a vertical shoot them up released in 2003 that provided a stripped-down experience but quickly rose to the top of the GameCube arcade shooter genre, places a premium on skill over chance. You had to maneuver your ship around obstacles and eliminate enemies in lightning-fast stages while armed only with standard missiles and a homing laser. While the game is not for everyone, it brought back memories of feeding quarters into arcade machines and the game’s unique polarity during the arcade era.

The Case of the Missing Data in Splinter Cell:

Sam Fisher combined the best elements of his first two games in Chaos Theory while loosening the rules slightly to allow players to approach missions uniquely. When traversing areas, it was no longer necessary to conceal corpses. Chaos Theory, the third game, allowed you to use lethal force far more frequently than the first two without failing missions.

Slave to Darth Vader I:

Rogue Squadron II was an excellent launch title that vastly improved on its predecessor. As Luke Skywalker led a group of X-wing pilots across the galaxy throughout the original trilogy, the game featured fast-paced air combat.

Invincible: The Phantom Pain:

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, a remake of the PlayStation classic, enhanced the stellar stealth game with accessibility mechanics first seen in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Additionally, it reworked the game’s extensive cut scenes.

Video Game-Based:

It is constantly getting the short end of the stick. Fortunately, despite Luigi’s repeated bouts of fear, Luigi’s Mansion was more entertaining than frightening. Luigi’s journey to find Mario was filled with surprises and intriguing mysteries, as he set out armed only with a ghost-fighting vacuum cleaner, a flashlight, and a modified Game Boy.

The Original Saga:

Even Retro Studios, which developed Metroid Prime as a first-person shooter, had no idea Metroid’s transition to 3D would result in one of the greatest games of all time. Due to the emphasis on acquiring new abilities and eliminating enemies, we include this title in our top ten as an action-adventure title.

Star Fox’s Adventures:

With its emphasis on third-person action, Star Fox Adventures transformed Fox McCloud into an intergalactic Link instead of the series’ traditional ship battles. As Fox explores and completes objectives throughout the game, he gains access to new weapons and equipment. The game places a premium on melee combat, drawing inspiration from The Legend of Zelda.

Metroid Echoes: Prime 2

After Prime established the scene, Echoes brought the story to life. The first film’s only flaw, in my opinion, was its lack of substance. Echoes resolved that issue with a Metroid-inspired story and two distinct versions of the same world, akin to Nintendo’s numerous times with The Legend of Zelda series.

Eternal Nightmare: A Funeral for Insanity

It’s incredible to consider that Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem was initially conceived for the Nintendo 64. It’s a miracle it was released on the GameCube exclusively in 2002. Eternal Darkness, a decidedly M-rated horror game, is defined by multiple third-person perspectives and branching storylines. The house of Alexandra Roivas’ murdered grandfather contains a strange book titled The Tome of Eternal Darkness, which becomes central to the plot.

Beyond the Observable:

Beyond good and evil, from the creators of Rayman, was a colossal flop upon release. I adored it because it was an excellent adventure game set in the future with exciting combat and puzzles. It was, however, a failure. It’s developed a cult following over time, and for a good reason. Jade’s investigation into an intergalactic conspiracy was well-balanced in terms of platforming, action, and puzzles. The

Nintendo 3DS:

That is not hyperbole; a sizable portion of the Smash community is still competing as an expert in the game launched in 2001. Different stages, characters, and game modes were added to improve on the brawler’s N64 debut.

TimeSplitters: The Second Edition

In terms of first-person shooting action, TimeSplitters 2 vastly improves on the original. Beyond the game’s fast-paced 10-level campaign, which put players in the shoes of space marines fighting aliens, TimeSplitters 2’s multiplayer mode provided one of the best GameCube fighting games shooter experiences on the GameCube. Gamecube fighting games, Gamecube fighting games, Gamecube fighting games.

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