Games like heavy rain and beyond two souls.

Games like heavy rain, You are on the right website if you are looking for drama and action-adventure games like heavy rain. It is a third-person game where you control four characters. Quantic Dream developed the game, and Sony Computer Entertainment published it in 2010. Please take a look at 18 games similar to Heavy Rain and let us know what you think. The game was rather linear, placing you in different situations based on the story. The issue with LA Noire is that, like Heavy Rain, it is a linear interactive mystery story. The game would be a farce without the fascinating plot. Following are popular new games like heavy rain:

Til Da:

The characters in Until Dawn feel more realistic than in previous games. Survival is the key to continuing to explore and discovering secrets in this horror adventure game. A mountain with your other buddies is quickly realized in the narrative Until Dawn. Fear surrounds you all, and you want to get home safe. Horror takes over, and you all make bad and excellent choices. The game is great, and one of the games likes heavy rain. There are a lot of choices in The Walking Dead. You enter the zombie world as Lee Everett, who also helps Clementine.

Games like heavy rain and beyond two souls:

Two Souls is the next Last of Us alternative. Jodie Holmes’ soul and Aiden’s soul are united here. Now Jodie has supernatural talents and is growing up trying to handle them and Aiden’s link. The game is an action adventure where the player can interact with items. NPC characters help you progress through the game’s surroundings and story. The player can now alternate between Jodie and Aiden to advance the game.


The game opens up a detective universe with slow-paced gameplay and the same genre. The game is set in 1940s Los Angeles, and you play a detective who uncovers the truth behind the cases. The gameplay has detective-like missions that you must complete to level up. The game solves the mystery by collecting clues. Face mechanics can tell if a suspect is lying or not.

Life Is Strange:

The game centers on an 18-year-old who has the power to rewind time. You, Max, are on a mission to stop the storm in orbit by traveling back in time and changing the atmosphere. Actions have consequences in this game based on the butterfly system. The player can move about, meet NPCs, and interact with objects in the third person. It means completing tasks and solving riddles that change the surroundings.

The Wolf Among Us:

The game is set in 1986, a time of myths and stories. It’s about characters that hide their wolf identity and live among humans. Some NPCs help you by handing you the quests on time.

The Last of Us:

The game follows Joel and Ellie as they travel around the post-apocalyptic world infected by the illness. Aside from the government, bandits, humans, and other infected people seem to control some regions of the game world. In this case, Joel is the main character, and Ellie is an AI. The fighting mechanism allows Joel to use melee weapons and guns. Here, the cover mechanism lets the player stay safe amid firefights and keep going.

Tales from the Borderlands:

The game world places you in Pandora, where you must explore to resurrect Handsome Jack. Rhys is an employee seeking growth, while Fiona is an artist working on Pandora. Gaming brings adventure. Because the game has a large globe to explore, exploration and decision-making occur. Your choices affect future occurrences and adjust the elements accordingly in games like heavy rain.

Handsome Jack’s death:

Handsome Jack’s death is resurrected in the game world of Deadly Premonition. Rhys is an employee seeking growth, while Fiona is an artist working on Pandora. Gaming brings adventure. Because the game has a large globe to explore, exploration and decision-making occur. Your choices affect future occurrences and adjust the elements accordingly. This game is like games like heavy rain.

Deadly Premonition:

It’s an adventure game with a horror twist. The game’s open world allows the player to explore the vast environment while accomplishing tasks freely. You are Paul Prospero, a paranormal investigator. The enormous realm of gameplay allows for exploration and mystery solving. You utilize your psychic senses to detect the horror and capture it. It begins in Red Creek Valley, where you received a letter but found no one, and the detection begins.

Still Life 2:

Still, Life 2 is the sequel to Still Life and features additional characters. Game Studios has improved the gameplay. The game’s speed has changed since you can now switch between characters. You can play an FBI agent or a reporter in this game. The reporter is kidnapped Paloma, and Victoria, the FBI agent, investigated. Playing as Paloma turns the game into a survival game. The creepy music puzzles and alternate gameplay will keep you fascinated.

Dark Prophecy:

Dark Prophecy is an action-packed game produced by the same team created Heavy Rain. The game’s setting is creepy, and the introduction may be frightening to some. It gets progressively nastier, but you’ll fall in love with the plot. You receive three characters, each having their story arc. You can also switch between personas to get different perspectives on the crime scene.

Logic Entertainment’s Alan Dead:

Logic Entertainment’s Alan Dead is an action-adventure game. Alan Wake influenced the film. The narrative describes darkness that engulfs humanity, animals, and objects. Taken are all things that are controlled by this strange darkness. A gamer is a man whose wife vanished. Now you must unravel the riddle.


These are our hand-picked games like heavy rain. Since Heavy Rain has a PEGI rating, we’ve hand-picked games suitable for younger gamers who aren’t ready for PEGI or ESRB MATURE games. These choices also include games with a unique experience but a comparable theme or topic. The genre is justified by executing such slow and filthy bodies. You will meet other survivors who will accompany you until their demise to games like heavy rain pc.


Is there a Heavy Rain game?

Blue Prophecy, The makers of Heavy Rain, have released Indigo Prophecy. The creators prefer to call it the first interactive film.

Is there a Heavy Rain 2?

While Cage has admitted he has no plans for Heavy Rain 2, fans have praised the game loudly.

What is the Origami Killer, Ethan?

Ethan is framed as the Origami Killer and imprisoned with dozens of origami figuresĀ in his cell.