Ghost of tsushima duel locations review 2022.

Ghost of Tsushima duel locations, there are five duels with the Straw Hat Ronin, which unlocks a secret sixth duel once the player has defeated them all. It will be possible to search the world after the first act of Ghost of Tsushima for a one-on-one fight between Ryuzo’s Straw Hat Ronin and Jin Sakai, all of whom are willing to take on the renowned warrior. A banner and NPC normally wait for you in an open area, so utilize the golden bird to find your way there.

Ghost of Tsushima straw hat duel locations:

With a few shared attacks, each Ronin you’ll face has its unique movements and strengths, challenging you to adapt and learn new attack patterns. Before we get into the specifics of how to beat them, here’s some basic advice about the Ghost of tsushima duel locations straw hat duels:

1: The Perfect Healing Parry, the Resolved Parry, and the Unyielding Sword Parry are all useful methods.

2: These provide you health and resolve and the ability to block otherwise unblockable assaults.

3: On Stone Stance, you should have at least one or two upgrades in the skill tree.


The ronin of the marsh prefers sweeping assaults and will use a rapid kick to get past your defences. Dodge rather than block, although he’s vulnerable to counterattack because of his unconventional approach. A swift attack can stop him from executing an overhead strike when his blade is raised above his head.


A ghost of Tsushima ronin duel locations, Starting the fight with a shoulder charge that is unblockable and even able to sidestep and counterattack while your guard is down, is the fisherman fighter’s hallmark. When you perceive an opening, utilise small, rapid strikes and be on the lookout for an overhead strike. In the same way that Yasumasa is vulnerable, but with a shorter timeframe and two more strikes if he follows through with it, it leaves him vulnerable.


With so much stamina, Kiyochika is undoubtedly one of the most vulnerable characters. There is nothing subtle about his assaults, which are massive, extremely visible, and almost impossible to avoid, but they inflict significant damage when they do land. Unyielding Sword Parry makes a huge difference here, allowing you to deflect most of his hits.


Even though Hirotsune is known for his brutal fighting style, it isn’t uncommon for him to follow up a strong assault with another one. Even though your counterattack windows are considerably smaller than his, the damage done by a successful landing will be much greater, potentially allowing you the opportunity to perform a devastating Heavenly Strike strike while he is distracted. Hirotsune can deal half a health bar of damage in one blow, even if you’re wearing armour; therefore, you should always dodge directly backwards when he uses an unblockable move.


When you first meet Kanatomo, he’s already murdered several individuals and plans to carry out additional murders. Attacks that are difficult to predict, midway between Moon and Water Stances, are used by him. Sidestep and strafe around him instead of running back to avoid his assaults, which tend to lash out further than you anticipate. To counter his rising strike, hop to the side and prepare to block a second swing coming straight after he lowers his blade.

Duel with a Ronin in a Straw Hat:

Defeating all of the Straw Hat Ronin will unlock a Mythic Tale where you’ll face their leader, the terrifying Kojiro, but you won’t get your reward just yet. This section describes how to locate and defeat Kojiro, as is the extremely special award you’ll receive as a result. Congratulations on beating the five ronin. Alternatively, you may look at Mike’s video game review or one of the game’s most endearing hidden aspects right here.

Ghost of Tsushima duel under falling water:

Kishibe Village is located to the southwest. To the right of the waterfall lies the duelling ground. You have two options for getting down: go around the waterfall or take the cliffs. The Otsuka region’s north is home to this duel. It’s on the west shore, near the water. You’ll need to scale a cliff and head toward the waterfall’s base on the edge of the land.

Duel in the Autumnal Foliage:

Yamabushi’s Peak is to the east of this point. You’ll come to a grove of crimson trees if you follow a trail down to the water.

A Duel Clashing Waves:

Platforming is required for this one. Ascend and hook your way across the rocky ridges as you traverse the area. To get to the beach, look for a trail that drops. It’s right in front of the shrine’s approach way.

Six blades ghost of Tsushima duel locations:

“The Six Blades of Kojiro” is a Mythic Tale that you must complete in Ghost of Tsushima. It would help if you fought Kojiro and five straw hats in this side quest. To obtain Kensei Armor, which dramatically enhances your Ghost Weapon’s damage output, you must complete the quest. With patience and strategy, it is possible to win even the most difficult duel. Six fights must be seen through to the end because they are crucial to the plot. Above all things are mentioned about Ghost of tsushima duel locations.


Many Duel Locations may be found in Ghost of Tsushima. The There Can Be Only One trophy can be earned by winning all your Duels. All the Duels you need are listed here. In the game’s Collectible Counter, only five Duels can be found in the open world, but the trophy requires a lot more than that. There’s no way you can miss any of the Duels! Whatever speech you use or the ending you choose during the storey doesn’t matter. After the plot, you can still do everything in free-roam. Above all things are mentioned about Ghost of tsushima duel locations.


In Ghost of Tsushima, can you repeat battles?

The free Update 2.04 for Ghost of Tsushima is now available! It adds the ability to replay fights by hitting square while on the map and selecting the duel’s target location.

What is the origin of the eternal flame?

It is necessary to locate a musician at the beginning of every Mythic Tale, and rumours from townfolk can assist in this endeavour.

Who is Tsushima’s Yama Ghost?

A ghost of Tsushima duel locations, izuhara, has a female warrior named Yama who can be found near the Kashine Hills. Yama and a peasant woman can be seen as Jin Sakai approaches.

In Ghosts of Tsushima, how many fights are there?

A practice duel from Jin’s boyhood is the only duel not included in the main plot.

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