Gold tester, authentic digital report

Gold tester is a handy tool that can be used to determine the purity of gold. This can be useful when buying or selling gold, as you can quickly check to see if the piece is real or not. There are a few different types of gold testers on the market, but they all work in essentially the same way.

To use a gold tester, you’ll first need to calibrate it to your specific gold alloy. This is done by touching the tester’s probe to a known sample of a gold and following the instructions that come with your device. Once it’s calibrated, you can then test the purity of other pieces of gold by touching the probe on them. If you’re interested in buying a gold tester then you came to the right blog. Here I will guide you about the features of the gold tester machine.


Gold testers work by measuring the electrical conductivity of the metal. Pure gold is a very good conductor, while impurities lower its conductivity. By measuring how well a piece of gold conducts electricity, the tester can give you an accurate reading of its purity. You can see the sample test degree accurately through the camera and tester lighting system, and it can increase the testing assurance.

Digital report

The instruments have a clever function that can help customers observe gold-plated samples. You can download and upload test data from the system and it is simple to view and share test outcomes. Gold testers can perform fast, detailed, and safe metal testing which makes them suitable for use by jewelry retailers, jewelry manufacturers, precious metal refineries, pawn shops, government quality inspection departments, banks, laboratories, and tertiary institutions.

Smooth experience

Gold tester has Integrated an inbuilt computer with an outstanding industrial motherboard and multi-point hand touch. You don’t need to start with other computers, it can bring you a simple super smooth experience. No matter any unfamiliar metal material, the operators don’t need to select test templates, and the software fits the best way to measure and calculate.

Supreme quality

The gold tester has three core components inside the instrument that are all imported, so it determines that the instrument can authentically differentiate several gold samples, especially 99.9% gold, and 99.99% gold.


Gold testers are super durable. It has a super long warranty, and confidence comes from pure spectrometer production technology. Tester is capable of a variety of optical collimators, and breakthroughs in figuring out test problems of thin metal samples such as spun gold and gold thread. The temperature drift rate of all the parts inside the device is regulated within one over one million, ensuring the strong stability and high accuracy of the instrument.

Get an affordable gold tester

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