Which are the guard dogs that are good with cats?

Guard dogs that are good with cats are very tolerant. Some dogs are so used to having cats around that they’ll spend hours playing with them. Many people see cats as predators whose prey should be frightened away at first sight. There is also a subset of dogs that don’t outright hate cats but have no desire to be friends with them. Most guard dogs, sadly, are in the third or fourth group. There is a list of guard dogs that are good with cats.


Despite their fearsome appearance, boxers are tolerant of cats. They treat everyone in the household with kindness and affection and are entirely devoted to them. A cat is a companion and playmate to them.

At any time, a boxer is a game for a game of chase with a cat. Kittens, however, rightly so, avoid them due to their size and appearance, while adult cats are perfectly at ease in their company. In their role as guard dogs, boxers are hardwired to see other animals as potential prey. Your dog might develop a bad habit of chasing cats if they need more socialization and training.

 German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the best guard dogs in existence. Look no further if you’re looking for a dog to give an intruder a run for their money. These dogs also get a bonus since they get along well with felines. While they can threaten cats, well-trained German Shepherds often refrain from doing so because they are obedient and straightforward to train. The canines here are trained to obey commands.

Shetland Sheepdog

Another excellent security dog that gets along with cats and other animals is the Sheltie. Keeping with its herding heritage, this dog is vigilant and responsive to training. Additionally, it is a very clever and empathetic creature. Shelties, like herders, will likely keep watch over an unattended cat. This dog will be a great friend and protector if your cat is friendly. Before being left alone, dogs and cats must be well-trained and socialized.


The Maltese are smaller than some cats, despite looking like a little poodles. It’s a relaxed dog with a lot of love to give. This kind of dog can usually get away with ignoring everyone in the house, even the cat, as it lounges on the sofa. This dog could easily spend all day sleeping and lounging, provided his thick coat of fur wasn’t messed up by a cat. A Maltese may show devotion to his family members but prefers to avoid meeting new people.

This dog will warn you if any human or otherwise stranger gets too close to your house.

Though tiny and adorable at first glance, a Maltese dog’s disposition may change dramatically when it senses danger.

Terrier from Boston

A Boston Terrier is an excellent choice for protection in an apartment or other compact environment. While he may not appear intimidating, this dog will fight back if he detects intruders near your property. With his impressive territorial instincts and sturdy build, he makes for an excellent guard dog.


The Newfoundland, sometimes known as a “Newfie,” gets along well with humans and other animals.

These canines are enormous, yet their temperaments reflect their smaller height. Newfoundlanders are low-energy people who want to avoid causing problems if it’s not required. In contrast, Newfoundlands will only think twice about using their considerable physical power to defend a family member.


Guard dogs that are good with cats are tolerant of felines and are a rare find as close to a two-for-one deal as you’ll find with canine companions. Why not combine your two favourite pets, cats and guard dogs, into one happy family? Educating your dog will take time and effort, but joy and contentment will eventually enter your household for good. Guard dogs that are good with cats have fewer in number.


Is there a kind of cat that gets along well with canines?

The American shorthair is a popular choice among American families and often places in the top 10 most popular cat breeds.

Can I safely introduce a cat to my dog?

Dogs may be aggressive for a variety of reasons, and while certain breeds are innately domineering, usually towards cats.