Is in cyberpunk 2077 happy together time limit?

Happy together cyberpunk, In Cyberpunk 2077, Happy Together is a side job. You and Johnny Silverhand will have a conversation after finding the gravestone. Feel free to roleplay as you see fit; there are no wrong choices to be made. Return to the apartment building and mention the gravesite to the officers after completing all of this. They’ll be able to see just how bad Barry’s melancholy and living situation are if they do it right. The officers will knock on Barry’s door again after you’ve installed some eddies and earned some experience points, but they’ll be more sympathetic this time. Here we will discuss happy together cyberpunk in detail.

Walkthrough in happy together cyberpunk:

Barry Lewis’s flat is located on the second floor below yours, and two police officers are hammering on the door from the beginning of Act 2. Barry, a depressed ex-cop who quit the force after learning of his friend’s murder, has taken refuge in his apartment after a particularly bad case of post-traumatic stress disorder. You’ll be confronted by Nadia Petrova and Juan Mendez, who want to know whether you can see what’s wrong with Barry because he’s refusing to answer their questions.

CD Project Red:

Those who have played the game Cyberpunk 2077 know that living in Night City may be difficult. Most likely, if not always, the person beating you up on your way to work is you. The world created by CD Project Red has moments of warmth and empathy, and the side mission “Happy Together” is one of those early examples. We’re here to guide you to the best possible conclusion to this assignment.

Getting “Happy Together” in the Year of the Cyberpunk 2077

Two NCPD officers are pleading with the resident of an apartment complex to let them in. Continue to pay attention. Because this side task is so minor, you may stumble across it by accident or completely miss it. As soon as you begin Act 2 of the main tale, you’ll be greeted by V in his residence. After leaving your apartment, the side mission will begin. Once they’ve finished talking, they’ll leave the door open.

Knock on Barry’s door:

Barry will be more forthcoming the second time around, and a conversation will begin. The first few lines of dialogue aren’t that difficult. After this point, your choices will determine whether or not the mission will end in success or failure. They’ll want you to check in on Officer Barry after a short conversation because you’re neighbours. Knock on Barry’s door and try to strike up a chat once you’ve agreed. Don’t be alarmed if he doesn’t open the door right away.

Happy together cyberpunk cant talk to cops:

You’ll be able to unlock this new side quest if you choose the optional dialogue options while conversing with Barry. After completing this side objective, you’ll fail the quest if you don’t talk to the police. It’s best to zoom into your map to see Westbrook, North Oak’s objective. To find Andrew’s speciality, search along the walls in the yellow minimap area once you’ve arrived at the desired location.

Barry cyberpunk:

The Happy Together quest in Cyberpunk 2077 may be located in Mega building H10, outside one of the apartments below your home. It turns out that the officers are looking for an ex-colleague, Since they can’t seem to reach him, you offer to go ahead and try to make contact with him yourself, and he gladly accepts. In Cyberpunk 2077, it is possible to contact Barry and have a talk in his flat after the police have moved on.

Biography of barry:

Barry has had a difficult year in 2077, dealing with an uptick in crime following the mayor’s death and coworkers who lack substance beyond their job responsibilities. Worse, his best friend Andrew went suddenly just a short time ago, leaving him feeling abandoned in a cruel world. Berry has taken an indefinite leave of absence from work to process his thoughts and deal with his inner anguish, but he hasn’t provided any explanation, which has caused concern among his coworkers.

Happy together cyberpunk bad ending:

Barry will eventually allow you access to his home if you persistently pester him enough. He’ll start talking about what happened once he gets there. Select the chat choices that best suit your needs and preferences. Barry will eventually allow you to leave. Exit the building and inform the police of the situation. They’ll hook you up with some eddies to get some experience. After this prompt, you’ll be given another opportunity to speak with Barry.

Happy together cyberpunk good ending:

It is time to see how successful this side mission has been. Once you’ve entered Barry’s place, you can do whatever you like with the dialogue. These choices ought to be highlighted in blue. These will get Barry to open up a lot more about his current predicament. He’ll mention Andrew, a close friend who was always at his side, and the gravesite where they were both buried. You’ll have to visit the Columbarium to see where Niche is buried. It must be done promptly. You can use your hacker vision to search for the speciality if you have problems locating it.

Cyberpunk 2077 happy together reward:

After visiting Andrew’s grave and making dialogue choices that lead to Barry’s suicide, you’ll be out €680. Assuming Barry is still alive at the end of the mission, you can earn €$1020 by speaking with the police after visiting Andrew’s burial.

Happy together cyberpunk bug:

If you’ve played any time with CD Projekt’s latest adventure, Cyberpunk 2077, you’ve noticed that the game is riddled with problems and malfunctions. Gamers on all platforms are experiencing errors and glitches, resulting in an unsatisfactory gaming experience for everyone. There are a lot of oddities in Cyberpunk 2077, so we’re compiling a comprehensive list of all the anomalies and problems we’ve encountered so far.


Discover the columbarium first before speaking with the police if you want a satisfying conclusion to your quest after your time with Barry is up. Find Barry’s nook in the Night City columbarium on the east city’s east side a few rows down on the right-hand side of the entryway. Discover what Andrew was tortoise by reading it. Even though losing your beloved pet is heartbreaking, you now have two options. There are two options available to you when you go back to Petrova and Mendez.


Is there a cyberpunk solution to keeping Barry alive?

As you enter the memorial, you’ll find the niche on your right. To discover a wacky truth, interact with it and then return to the NCPD officers to report it.

Are you able to save Jackie?

In Cyberpunk 2077, Jackie cannot be saved, no matter how much you care for the character. Your involvement in The Heist mission will not affect Jackie Welles’ eventual fate.

What can be done to save barry?

It all begins with a chat with the cops at your apartment complex when you’ll learn about the Happy Together mission. No matter how you ring Barry’s doorbell, he won’t answer the door.

Is in cyberpunk 2077 happy together time limit?

They aren’t time-sensitive; all side missions can be saved and retrieved later. However, completing any side tasks on our list before beginning Nocturne Op55N1 is highly recommended.

Is it possible, in cyberpunk, to be happy together?

To unlock a secret objective path, you’ll need to complete all of Barry’s optional (blue) chat options.

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