How to fix origin error code 14-1?

14-1– Failed to establish a secure connection to Origin servers. A client can’t connect to EA servers if a file required by the client is corrupted or an application runs in the background that interferes with the connection. Listed below are some possible workarounds to help you resolve this issue. It’s a terrible sign if you get origin error code 14-1.

Cause Of origin error code 14-1:

It is common for customers to see this issue when attempting to install Origin. The following information is displayed: I was unable to establish a connection to the Origin servers. Code 14:-1 for an error has been received. EA uses Origin as a distribution and release platform, although the Windows client for Origin can have unpleasant issues from time to time. Origin error codes 14-1 and 14-7 refer to the origin of the error.

How to fix origin error code 14-1?

They are both installation-related issues, and you may find numerous people lamenting the problem on forums. According to a user, he attempted to buy Battlefield 1. Still, when he went to install Origin, he got a message saying that Origin could not connect to the internet because of a network error. We’ve put together a list of potential fixes for those of you who are encountering errors 14-1 while trying to set up Origin on your computer.

Fixing Origin Error 14-1: A Step-by-Step Guide

1:  Start your computer in Safe Mode:

Try rebooting your Windows PC in Safe Mode if this problem occurs:

Access the Recovery menu by going to Settings -> Update & security ->

Select Restart Now from the advanced starting menu.

Step 1:  On the Choose an option page once your PC restarts, choose Troubleshoot -> Advanced options -> Startup Settings -> Restart.

Step 2:  Press F5 to start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking after the second restart.

Step 3:  See if you can get Origin up and running right now.

2:  Distribute your network connection to others:

Sharing a tethered Internet connection may help fix this error:

1: Open Network and Sharing Center, and then adjust the adapter settings from there.

2: To connect to a local network, select Local Area Connection

3: When sharing a computer’s internet connection, select Authorize

4: Check if the problem persists after selecting your LAN connection from the drop-down option and clicking OK.

3: Use System File Checker:

Because of this, your computer’s OS determines how well the origin client works. Specific system files may be corrupted or missing, resulting in origin error code 14-1. This problem can resolve by running the System File Checker on Windows. Visit Microsoft’s Support Page for more details on the procedures to be followed.

5:  Switch your DNS server settings:

Fixing Origin error 14-1 requires configuring DNS on a Windows computer. Go to your active Network Adapter and change the adapter settings (your active Internet connection). Go to Internet Protocol version 4 and select Properties by right-clicking on it and selecting Properties. Under Use these DNS numbers and the following DNS server addresses:

Step 1: Preferred DNS server and 8 is the Alternate DNS server in this example.

ipconfig /flushdns -> click Enter

Step 2: Try installing Origin again after restarting your computer.

Step 3: Fixing Origin issue 14-1 on a Mac requires configuring DNS.

Step 4: Go to System Preferences > Network by clicking on the Apple symbol.

Step 5: Activate your current connection and pick “Advanced” and then “DNS.”

Step 6: Make a note of your current configurations.

Step 7: Once you’ve done that, enter the following: Under DNS servers, you’ll see in the top row and in the bottom row.

Step 8: Reinstall Origin by clicking OK -> Apply and seeing if it works this time.

6:  Delete all attempts to download:

According to some players, clearing the Recycle Bin and uninstalling, and retrying the download fixed the issue. After you’ve done this, let us know if downloading and installing Origin a second time worked.

7:  Disable the proxy server:

Other gamers have reported success by turning off their proxy server.

Go to Internet Options on your browser -> Connections

To change your LAN settings, go to the Network tab.

Click OK after unchecking the Proxy Server checkbox.

8:  Remove the source of the problem:

This issue may resolve by uninstalling the Origin client.

To remove Origin from your Windows computer, follow these steps:

Install a program by going to Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a program option.

Choose Origin from the list, and then click Uninstall. When prompted, confirm your choice.

Restart your computer after you’ve downloaded and installed Origin once more.

9: On Macs, here’s how to remove Origin:

Find the Origin client launcher in your Applications folder. Delete it by dragging it to the Trash bin, then deleting it from your Trash bin. Were any of these suggestions successful in resolving your problem? Tell us in the comments what you think.

10: Reinstall the video card’s drivers:

Error numbers 16-1 will appear when using Origin if your installed graphics card driver is not updated. If your graphic card driver has not been updated in Device Manager, you need to do so.

Step 1:  To begin, press Win + X simultaneously and select Device Manager from the pop-up menu.

Step 2: In the Device Manager window, click on the Display adapters tab.

Step 3 by selecting Update Driver from the context menu when you right-click on the name of your graphic card device.

Step 4: In the new pop-out box, select automatically to check for the latest driver software.

Step 5: Be patient as your computer downloads and installs the pending update.

Step 6: Restart your PC after the new driver has been installed.

Step 7: Restart Origin to determine if error code 16-1 has been resolved.

Step 8: If the error code 16-1 from Origin still appears, proceed.


If you’re having problems with origin error code 14-1 on your PC, there are several solutions you can try. If you see either of these error codes when running the program, it’s probably because of an incorrect installation. We recommend trying each of the strategies in this tutorial one at a time without skipping any steps. Origin error code 14-1, Origin error code 14-1, Origin error code 14-1.

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