How to go fishing in bitlife?

How to go fishing in bitlife? For this week’s Bitlife challenge, the fishing excursion objective requires that you go fishing with your father. As a result, it may appear difficult at first, but it’s not impossible. As a result, you’ll want to select the option called “Spend time with your father” from the relationship menu. Go to the relationship tab and select your father to use this feature. Then scroll down to the page’s bottom to find the activity choice. Then all you have to do is press the button and spend time with your dad. Here we will discuss how to go fishing in bitlife:

What is BitLife?

Play as an unborn baby in BitLife, a video game that lets you experience life as an adult. BitLife is unique among video games in that it emphasises both survival and creativity. Many people dream of becoming models in today’s social media and technology era. How to go fishing in bitlife? There are no guarantees in the fashion model industry, but BitLife provides a unique possibility to break into that industry for those interested. With the help of the above line, you can learn How to go fishing in bitlife?

Brief Overview of BitLife:

It is possible to play as a human, an animal, or a plant in BitLife, a text-based life simulation game. CandyWriter LLC, the company behind the app’s creation, offered it to the public in 2018. BitLife is available for free on Android and iOS devices and in your web browser. Your journey in the game begins with the construction of your avatar’s body type and face; once you’ve decided, move on to High School or College to begin making friends and meeting new people.

How to complete BitLife’s Father’s Day Challenge?

To get the most out of your time with your father, you’ll need to use the option to spend time with him many times. You will have to use the option frequently to get the tab that states you and your father went fishing to appear. After several failed attempts, you will finally succeed in completing the task. You may go fishing with your father, have the best relationship possible, and even buy a truck with this Father’s Day challenge guide from BitLife.

To complete BitLife’s Father’s Day Challenge, follow these steps.

1: With your father, go fishing and have fun.

2: Buy a truck for your father.

3: Become a father to three or more kids.

4: Buy an automobile for each of your children.

Maintain a friendly relationship with your kids:

Being a dad is all about achieving the ideal fantasy of being a parent. To begin, it’s a simple matter of spending time with your father. It would help if you began by monitoring your father under the Activities and Relationships sections. When creating your new character, be careful to select a male so that you can be born as a man. You’re now ready to participate in BitLife’s Father’s Day Challenge.

You and your father should go fishing:

Take your dad out for a fishing trip to get your feet wet. The Relationships menu at the top of the page lists them. Select “Spend time with him” from the drop-down menu after tapping on his name. Unfortunately, because going fishing is triggered randomly, you’ll probably have to repeat the process more than once. Upon completion, it’s time to move forward.

The best thing you can do for your father is to buy him a truck:

You’ll want to save up at least $20,000 in cash for this step. So get your hands on some cash, and then head over to the Assets page to shop. Find a truck for sale at the dealership by clicking on the choice. Please select it from the Assets tab after purchasing it. The new vehicle will go to your dad, and you can designate him as the receiver under the Gift menu.

For the sake of your family, have at least three children.

You’ll need to find a spouse and start a family. If you’re having issues, IVF may be an option. Get married and have three kids with someone. If you still want more, have a couple of one-night stands. Remember to pick “Keep” whenever you can. Remember to save money while raising these kids. Buy them a car for their 16th birthday. The BitLife Father’s Day Challenge is now over. And learn How to go fishing in bitlife?

Make sure you and your children are inseparable:

As your children mature, use the Relationships tab to track how well you’re getting along with each of them. You’ll find an option to keep all of your connections at the very bottom. If you choose, you can also spend time with your children on your own. To complete the challenge, you must keep the meter green.


Taking out a loan from the bank and not paying it back is a fast way. The house is only going to be yours for a short time. In the end, you’ll need to get your house repossessed. The bank will foreclose on your character’s home if they fail to repay the loan. Only once must this happen. Apply for a mortgage on a $50,000 home and lose all of your money. To get this done swiftly, you should learn How to go fishing in bitlife?


When it comes to gambling, how do you use BitLife?

Go to the Activities tab and select Casino from the drop-down menu when you’re ready to start gambling. If you’d like to gamble, there is the alternative of going to a casino.

In BitLife, how do I become a billionaire?

A Billionaire in BitLife will require us to be well-known actors, make commercials and social media marketing for things, and then buy many mansions that we will appreciate as we become older.

In BitLife, at what age may you go fishing with your father?

When you turn three, you can start doing things with your father, and then select Spend Time until it says you took your father fishing or your father took you fishing.

In BitLife, how do you catch fish?

It is the most difficult duty, and a lot of it is a matter of luck. Your father may allow you to go fishing with him if you keep spending more time with him.

What’s the best way to take my dad fishing BitLife?

Go to the relationship tab and select your father to use this feature. Then scroll down to the page’s bottom to find the activity choice. Then just hit the button and spend time with your father.

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