How to join goth clique in bitlife?

How to join goth clique in bitlife? When playing BitLife, you have the freedom to be and become whatever you wish. Like in real life, you can fit into various groups at school based on your personality and the people you hang out with. The Goths are a subculture for persons who enjoy wearing dark clothing and heavy makeup. Here’s how to become a member of BitLife’s Goths Clique. One criterion seems to be causing some confusion for some people. You must join a specific high school clique as part of the challenge. Let us learn how to join goth clique in bitlife?

What is goth clique in bitlife?

Bitlife is a text-based game that allows players to experience a virtual existence within the game’s virtual world. The lives of the characters are profoundly affected by the players’ decisions. It’s important to understand the role of cliques in the game’s learning process. In Bitlife, users can create their cliques to meet other people who share their interests. To join the Goth Clique, prospective members must clearly understand the group’s requirements.

Currently cliques members:

There are now 18 cliques available for new users to join. Before joining a clique, participants must meet their own set of requirements. To enter, you only need to complete a few basic prerequisites. The Popular Kids clique, for example, requires players to be well-known. Members of the Brainy Kids clique must have a high Intelligence score. Others may have a more hazy definition of what qualifies as a member. We’ll talk about how to join goth clique in bitlife?

Learn how to join goth clique in bitlife?

Before you join, understand that you might begin to decrease your appearance even as a baby. After enrolling in the school, you will have the choice to join the Goth Cliques. To learn how to join goth clique in bitlife, there are two steps you must take:

1: Get a Low Profile:

To lower your character’s appearance, you need to find the simulator. Dressing incorrectly and focusing on an unhealthy diet might lead to a lack of self-confidence. However, you may not be able to take advantage of many of these possibilities. Here are a few alternative strategies for lowering one’s appearance:

Don’t have bad plastic surgery.

Assault, bully or fight someone.

Diseases can diminish one’s appearance.

The way you dress and what you eat matters a lot.

2: Reduce your level of contentment:

Reducing happiness would be the next phase. You can join the ‘Mean Girls’ group if you have a bad appearance. If you give it a shot and fail, your level of happiness will plummet. The following are additional actions to consider:

What it’s like to lose someone you care about or maybe become an enemy with them

In addition, a poor diet will play a role.

In-house issues, such as a divorce or a breakup of the parents

Being diagnosed with a terminal illness

Using a condom or getting infected with an STD

Depression, anxiety, and other mental health difficulties can be overcome.

Bullied or your possessions taken from you.

If you lose your employment,

3: Low Happiness and Low Looks:

To join the Cliques, one must first have Low Happiness and Low Looks. On the School Menu, you’ll find it. All that is required to join the Goth Cliques is a simple click. You can now enter the Goth Cliques. Check to see if both contentment and attractiveness are in the warning zone. To join the Goth Clique, you must be a member. Also, don’t forget that getting rejected by Mean Girls is an important part of the process. How to join goth clique in bitlife?

What’s the best way to complete the Twilight Saga?

As a female born in Phoenix, you must complete the Twilight challenge. To become a member of the Goth Clique, you must meet the criteria outlined above. Next, get married to the first guy you like and get married before you turn 20 if possible. Make sure you name your baby girl Renesmee after that. To finish the twilight challenge, you must do so in this manner.

Bitlife extracurricular activities list:

With the BitLife school experience, a person’s BitLife career is not complete until they have passed through their teenage years. After completing elementary and high school, you’ll have to decide whether or not to go to college, which could have long-term ramifications for your BitLife. BitLife School has its challenges and tribulations, much like the real world. Bullying, misbehaviour in the classroom, and crushes on classmates are all part of high school life. ¬†Following is the bitlife extracurricular activities list:

Elementary education

In high school

A post-secondary education

A career in law

Veterinary school is a

As a student in medical school, you’ll

A business university

A career in nursing

The dental assisting program

Skater clique:

Unlike clubs, which need weekly hours of time commitment, cliques are made up of people who have a common interest but don’t meet regularly. Though characters can be rejected from joining cliques, they must be popular enough to enter one to be accepted. Some people expect a lot, while others settle for less. Cliques can be requested or requested of characters. Happiness is reduced by 30 per cent if you are rejected from a club.

Is there a BitLife social networking system?

How to join goth clique in bitlife? By using only one social media account that you can keep up with during BitLife, the in-game social media system was more or less cut-and-dried: create a single social media account that you can keep up with throughout the game and post whatever you wanted.

Bitlife popularity:

Since BitLife’s Fame Update in April 2019, players can now make themselves famous! In the initial update, the only options to become famous were to become a model, singer, music composer, writer, or game developer. Brand-new activities listed below, on the other hand, were part of the initial upgrade. As in the real world, BitLife’s extracurricular activities work like they do in the actual world. Sports, music groups, and a slew of other options await those who wish to pursue their interests while honing their skills.


Bitlife’s Gothic clique and Twilight challenges can be completed with just one step. Let yourself be pampered by the closest approximation you can get to the Dark Twilight novel and film series. When it comes to this, it’s rather straightforward, and you can always start over. To be a part of this revolutionary group, you must devote your entire life to skating. To be accepted into the chameleon clique, you must show an extraordinary ability to blend in with various social groups.


In BitLife, how do I become a billionaire?

Acting in commercials and selling products are two ways to acquire a household name before becoming a multi-billionaire, but there are many other ways.

In BitLife, what is the meaning of karma?

BitLife has an element of karma for bitlife gamers. A player’s longevity and ability to cope with difficult conditions are improved thanks to Karma.

In what ways does BitLife School differ from other schools?

Every character’s early years must include time spent in the BitLife education system. When you’re four or six years old, you’re automatically enrolled.

In BitLife, can you get married to a celebrity?

It’s possible to communicate with well-known people in BitLife via the many social media channels. You won’t be able to date or marry any of the celebrities.

Is Bitlife Available in Your Area?

In addition to Android and iOS, the game is also accessible on other platforms, such as PC. It’s also possible to play on your PC using Android emulators such as Bluestacks.

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