Is ice breaker socks merino a good choice?

ice breaker socks, Hiking socks, despite their brief appearance, can be a complicated purchase. To find the perfect pair of socks, we put in 25 hours of research.

We hiked for over 75 hours in 18 pairs of socks, covering 160 miles and racking up 350,000 steps on the trails around Vancouver, British Columbia.

ice breaker socks:

These wool socks are hard to beat with their lifetime guarantee of comfort, durability, and cushioning.

The heel and toes of this synthetic sock are more cushioned than those of the other lightweight, non-wool socks we’ve tested. As a bonus, it is breathable:

In addition to being the softest we found, these were the only anatomically correct socks. You’ll be able to breathe better and have more room for your foot in the boot.

Reasons for your confidence in us:

For this guide, I spent 25 hours sifting through outdoor-gear websites like Outside, OutdoorGearLab, and REI to understand the hiking-sock market. There were dozens of reviews for dozens of pairs of socks that I looked over. When I went shopping for hiking socks, I spoke to various salespeople to learn about the best options for multiple types of hiking.

Former Wirecutter writers Liz Thomas and Jim McDannald, both avid hikers and backpackers, sat down with me to discuss their favourite hiking, backpacking, and outdoor gear.

Mike Armstrong, a 23-year veteran of the Outward Bound outdoor education program, was also a source of information for me.

Who is the target audience for this?

Choosing the proper clothing layers for outdoor activities is critical because they determine whether or not your body remains at a comfortable temperature for the duration of your trip. Anyone who plans to go hiking or backpacking should always wear hiking socks, whether made of synthetic or wool.

All-natural wool or synthetic fibres are ideal for hiking socks because they provide padding and arch support and a snug and comfortable fit around the leg and toe.

Socks for both men and women are included in this guide. Boots and shoes must be fitted differently for men and women because of subtle anatomical differences between the two. On the other hand, Socks don’t give a damn about these slight variations.

If you’re looking for a good hiking sock, it should be able to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes, regardless of gender.

Sock liners are not included in this guide.

According to our experts, most people should start hiking in a single pair of socks.

The best hiking socks for moderate-temperature hikes along groomed trails are light and midweight crew-length socks, so that’s what we looked at for this review. However, each of our selections is available in various height and weight variations.

Regardless of your personal preference for sock length, make sure your socks are at least as high as the tops of your shoes. Boots and shoes should have an extra layer of padding on top of them to prevent blisters from rubbing against your skin when you wear them.

The type of hiking you intend to do while wearing these socks should also be taken into consideration: As long as the trail is well-maintained, you can get away with wearing lower socks, but if you plan to venture off the beaten path, you’ll need higher socks to keep your legs safe. It is common for socks to come in a variety of weights. Your boots may fit better with the added fabric of midweight socks if you have a lot of extra space in them. In contrast, the most breathable option is a pair of light socks. However, we don’t recommend wearing a thicker sock because it takes more space in your boots.

When your feet don’t have enough room to move, sweat will build up, making you feel colder, not hotter. All of our experts were asked the same question: What is the ideal fit for a pair of socks?

The socks of an outfit are the underdogs. Even if you don’t think you need them, you should pack them anyway if you’re going somewhere cold. Here are the socks that our readers think are the best for cold weather travel.

Socks made of merino wool by Kirkland:

According to several reviewers, the merino wool socks from Kirkland are a popular choice. ” These cosy socks have a cushioned footbed and reinforced heels and toes, so they’ll last you the entire season.

Tough Merino Wool Socks by Darn Tough:

Darn Tough socks are tough. Merino wool and nylon, and spandex are used in their construction to ensure a snug fit. High-density terry loop padding prevents the sock from wearing out, even if you hike nonstop for hours on end.

Because of their lifetime warranty, one reader said they were excellent, while another said, “Darn Toughs are awesome.” A third said, “I’ll never even bother purchasing another brand of socks again.

Designed for Vermont’s harsh winters, they’re manufactured in the state. These sound like some of the warmest socks on the market. Amazon sells Darn Tough socks in both high-rise and no-show styles.

Merino Light Crew Socks by ice breaker socks

ice breaker socks also have a lifetime guarantee, just like Darn Tough socks. The fabric is made of merino wool, nylon, and lycra that resist odour. Socks like these are some of the warmest, but they’re also light and durable.

For added comfort, there are reinforced heel and Achilles supports. According to one commenter, “great socks for keeping you warm,”

ibex Merino Wool Socks for the Ankle:

With the USA-Made Ankle Light Sock, you won’t have to worry about blisters while you’re out and about in a new place! Thanks to the heel pull tab, the terry-knit cushion provides high impact resistance for active adventures.

“Needed these!” a customer writes in a socks review. These socks are a must-have for everything from hiking and workouts to cold feet in the morning.”


Cold feet can make for a miserable travel experience even in a beautiful location. Our readers voted on the warmest socks for winter travel. They’ve made their decision! Do you know of any good medium-weight, warm socks for the winter? The recent cold weather in Portland, Oregon, has taken a toll on my “warm” socks (including a Smartwool pair). I’ll be living in Denver for the next four months, where I expect it to be just as cold, if not colder. Thanks!


How long are ice breaker socks expected to hold up?

Because they are built more ‘cushiony/thicker,’ they should last an additional 20 per cent or so of washes, or another 8 or 9 washes or 51 washes, to prove that they are more challenging than the other socks.

Is ice breaker socks merino a good choice?

Our Opinion Is This. If you’re looking for an all-year-round companion for your outdoor activities, look no further than the ice breaker socks 200 Oasis base layer.



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