What hue are Iga’s eyes?

Iga wyrwał is a 32-year-old Polish actress and beauty model who hails from Kalisz, in the Greater Poland region of Poland. She was born on February 20, 1989, in the city of Kalisz, in the province of Greater Poland. Eva Iga A is a Polish model who goes by the moniker. Eva Iga A. Wyrwa has been featured in several magazines, including “Playboy,” “Nuts,” “Front,” and, most notably, “CKM.” Polish native Iga Wyrwal has achieved fame as an actress and model, most notably for appearing on the cover of Nuts Magazine.

Iga Wyrwal’s Biography:

Iga relocated from Poland to Rugby, which is located in the United Kingdom, in the year 2006. Later on, in 2008, she signed a contract to appear on the cover of the magazine Nuts, which was published in the United Kingdom. Additional appearances have been made in various men’s magazines, with the majority being Polish editions of Playboy, CKM, and Front, among others.

The career of iga wyrwal:

In addition, she has appeared in several photoshoots for several websites; most of them were for MET-Art, Onlytease, and Breathtakers, among others. Additionally, she made her debut in the national newspaper of the United Kingdom, the Daily Star, where she was given the moniker, “Page 3 Girl.”

Facts about iga wyrwał:

She has also participated in numerous photoshoots for the fashion magazine “MET-ART” and has been featured on the front page of the national newspaper “The Daily Star” on several occasions as a “Page Three girl. She was born on the 20th of February, 1989, in the Polish town of Kalisz. Following are some facts about iga wyrwal.

Net Worth of iga wyrwał:

Her professional career as an actor, model, and philosopher has earned her a net worth of $500,000, which she has amassed through her earnings. She made a substantial amount of money through her appearances on television and in films. Her assets, including designer clothes and jewelry, are included in her fortune.

Son of iga wyrwał:

Iga wyrwał, a 30-year-old actress, is the mother of the lovely princes Olivier Dante and Olivier Dante. Following the birth of her first and only child, she has discovered the purpose of life. Wyrwal’s life’s ambition has always been to raise him and see that he achieves all of his goals and dreams.


Iga, a stunning Polish beauty, has an hourglass form and is a bombshell. She stands approximately 5 feet 5 inches (1.66 m) tall and weighs approximately 55 kilograms (121 Ibs). Her brown eyes stand out well against her hair, a magnificent shiny brown.

Cover Girl for Nuts:

Nut was a weekly British magazine published in the United Kingdom until it was canceled in April 2014. Wyrwal had been the cover girl for the magazine before the company’s demise and closure. As a result of her deal, she was named first in GQ magazine’s list of the 100 most attractive topless women in the world in 2008.

Competition entrant Taniec with gwiazdami

Taniec z gwiazdami (Dancing with the Stars) is the Polish term for the show. Iga was a contestant on the reality television show “Polsat,” a spin-off of the BBC’s “Dancing with the Stars” franchise. She made an appearance in episode 2 of season 10 as Lukasz Czarnecki’s dance partner and placed 11th overall.


Following her acting career, Eva Wyrwal made her television debut in 2008 as a guest star on “The Kevin Bishop Show” on Channel 4. She appeared in Various Characters, episode 2 of season 1 of the show. The next year, she landed the role of Roo Roo in the horror film Dread, which was released in 2009. She also starred as Regina in the fantasy comedy film Your Highness, released in 2008.

Nature Enthusiast:

With time off from her hectic schedule, Iga enjoys spending hours in the great outdoors with her family, taking in the sights and sounds of Mother Nature. She travels a considerable distance away from the hustle and bustle of city life to witness the wonders of nature.

Owner of a cat:

Wyrwal is a cat enthusiast who is the proud owner of a cute black-colored pussycat named “Sybil.” She enjoys taking lap naps and spending time with her pet during her spare time. One of the most beloved Wyrwal family members, Sybil, is featured in several photos and videos frequently shared on Eva’s social media accounts.

Taniec Z Gwiazdami TV show:

The next year, in 2009, Iga was allowed to appear on the television show Taniec Z Gwiazdami, which is the Polish version of the magazine Strictly Come Dancing, which was broadcast in season 10. Later on, in the year 2011, she was allowed to portray the character of Regina on stage. In addition, her name was placed in the first position on the magazine.

Your Highness Movie:

In particular, this is the character of the second wife of Dwarf King in the film Your Highness, in which she appears among other co-artists such as Danny McBride, Natalie Portman, and James Franco. Her other well-known films are Dread, which was released in 2009, and Gun of the Black Sun, released in 2011.

When will Wyrwa’s next birthday be celebrated?

When she relocated to the United Kingdom in 2006, she launched her modeling career, appearing primarily in topless, transparent, and suggestive poses magazines and other sensual media. In the United Kingdom, he has appeared in publications such as Nuts, Front, and Playboy, among others, the Daily Star newspaper’s all section, and the Met-Art website, among other places.


Iga Wyrwa was born on the 20th of February 1989, which was a Monday, making her the youngest of four children. She will be 33 years old in just 35 days from today. Iga Wyrwal’s statistics such as age, appearance, height, weight, bio, wiki, and net worth information that you see here. Nevertheless, because a few factors will influence the numbers, the figures presented above may not be completely correct.


What hue are Iga’s eyes?

Brown is the hue of Iga Wyrwa’s eyes.

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