Some ways to improve your internet connection.

internet connection, for your internet to work in the best possible way, you need to make sure of certain things to ensure that your internet is giving you the output that you expect. It depends entirely on internet providing companies such as Xfinity, to give you an internet connection. There are Xfinity bundle deals that you may look up as per your needs and decide which internet speed you require. After that, how you strategically place your router will determine how good your internet will be.

Not only does the placement of the router matter, but there are a few other steps you could also take that could make sure that your internet is working in the best possible way. Here are a few ways you can make sure that your internet connection is stable and optimized.

internet connection- the placement of your router

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you pick the perfect place for your internet router. Since the internet signals operate in the form of waves, you need to make sure your router is away from objects that might cause a hindrance in the waves. One of such objects includes anything that is made out of metal because metal is known to cause disruptions in waves.

You need to make sure there are as less obstructions between you and your router as possible. You should also make sure that your router is away from other appliances that also emit waves, such appliances include refrigerators and microwaves. These appliances, with their waves, can disrupt the internet signals. You could also ideally place your internet router in the middle of your house so that the signals can travel in all possible directions and the waves are uniformly distributed.

Make sure that your router is up-to-date

Just like any other device, your router also needs updating every once in a while. This does not mean you go to your internet provider and ask for a new router, you just need to make sure that the software that it runs on is updated. This software is commonly referred to as the “firmware” of the router.

You can even update the firmware of your router at home as the process is fairly simple. All you need to do is that you need to connect to your router and then open up any browser on your computer. In the address bar, type in the IP address of your router (it should be mentioned somewhere on the router or its box) and enter that IP address into the address bar.

That would redirect you to the router’s settings, you would first have to log in using your admin username and the password. Look for the option where it mentions “update firmware” and click on it. That would automatically start updating the firmware of the router and be sure not to disconnect the router in the process.

Turn off devices that use too much bandwidth

Sometimes, unknowingly we leave some of our appliances on that to keep using up the internet. This could be your TV, your computer, or even your smartphone if you have been using it for streaming purposes. While streaming, we tend to go while leaving our devices on and that leads to your devices using up the bandwidth. As this happens, the speed of the internet generally becomes slower for other people. So while you are not streaming, make sure that you turn the Wi-Fi of your devices off, that would also help you save the battery of the devices and would save up on the bandwidth.

Be sure to come up with a strong password

This is one of the most important things you have to do once you get yourself an internet connection and a router. You need to come up with a password that is not generic and cannot be easily guessed. If you resort to an easy password or no password at all, this would allow the people around your house to connect with your router and use your internet as well. This would consume bandwidth and your internet will generally be slow for you. So you need to strategically come up with a password that only you and your family would know to protect your bandwidth from being leeched by people near your house.

Consider investing in a range extender or a booster

There are companies such as TP-Link that make devices dedicated to enhancing your internet. One of these devices is a range extender that works wirelessly to increase the area coverage of your internet, you connect the extender to the main router wirelessly and the extender itself starts acting like a router. This helps to provide internet signals to areas that are far away from the main router. If your router is placed in a building that is too large, then you must have a WiFi repeater as well. Repeaters also can amplify the existing signals of the main router, making sure that the internet is spread in the building in the best possible way.

Consider investing in a stronger router

There might be a high chance that the router you are provided with by default is not as good as it is supposed to be. That is where you should consider the possibility that you should change your router and exchange it with a much stronger one. A better router would also have a better antenna, which would make sure that the router’s signals are as amplified as possible. Every router also can cater to devices that can receive internet through it, a better router would have much more capacity to cater to devices, therefore this is a possibility that you should keep in mind that you might have to consider buying a better router.