What CISOs can learn from their CIO counterparts?

interview chase cio rohan amin chase, In today’s more digital world, every IT company must play an increasingly important and difficult role: securing networks and assets from cyberattacks. Disagreements involving business units and the company’s overall CIO and CISO can undermine the effectiveness of both organisations. What it takes to be a successful CIO and why a CISO may help prepare you to be a CIO are some of the topics discussed by JPMorgan Chase’s World Technology executive team, including Lori Beer. Following are some points of interview chase cio Rohan Amin chase:

Effective CISOs have the following qualities:

Jason Witty:

To be effective, today’s CISO must wear many hats, including those of business executives, risk managers, and innovation engineers. You need to be aware of the dangers around you and have a firm grasp of human nature. In addition, you must work well with regulators and acquire the confidence of a wide range of stakeholders. Doing these things offers you a firm-wide view of the business, technology, risk, and legal and regulatory landscape. ┬áThere is no room for complacency or complacency.

George Sherman:

In my opinion, the finest CISOs are those who have learnt about policy and controls but who remain strong engineers at heart. With the ever-changing threat landscape and technological advances comes an increased responsibility for CISOs. The technical side of cybersecurity is something you should be familiar with. However, information security and the prevention of cyberthreats involve technology and people and processes.

The CISO’s evolving position

Jason Witty:

The CISO’s position has already evolved. It’s all about taking calculated risks, not eliminating all risks. Taking calculated risks has to change when new technology becomes available. To support a business’s goals, you need to be able to adapt, train, and educate yourself regularly.

Rohan Amin:

You need to know how to build to aid the builder. Without a thorough understanding of the modernization plan, you can’t lead a firm in the right direction. Modern architecture, cloud, data, computer vision, and so on all play a role.

George Sherman:

How much has changed in a decade? Everything appeared to be a lot easier. In the future, successful CISOs won’t just be process managers; they’ll be leaders. They’ll need to be well-versed in the latest technological developments. Assume that you’re in charge of a team of thousands of software developers.

What CISOs can learn from their CIO counterparts?

Anish Bhimani:

There is always a sense of security, no matter your position. Security has become a multi-tiered process with new technology, including automation. Every aspect of the company, from processes to people, is geared toward this goal according to interview chase cio Rohan amin chase.

Rohan Amin.

Stability, resilience, controls, and client data protection are non-negotiables when running a disciplined environment. Being a CISO has undoubtedly shaped my personality in this regard. In addition to an awareness of nonfunctional needs and how to make them more palatable, having a CISO experience can be beneficial.

George Sherman:

Three of our CIOs are previous CISOs, making us a one-of-a-kind company. That’s great news for the existing CISO regarding how you plan and implement your business process automation activities. For this reason, and because we’re used to thinking about data protection and security from the beginning of the process, we insist on it being built into every piece of technology we produce.

What a difference a cloud can make?

Anish Bhimani:

Determine your technological and business priorities before shifting to the cloud and then find a middle ground. Services and architecture templates must be evaluated and automated to configure a cloud. It is due to two factors: It is important to note that cloud security is a business enabler, and we know most firms need to grow and thus must move swiftly.

In a car, why do you need brakes?

Nothing has changed. It’s designed to allow you to go at a high rate of speed, certain that you will be able to stop at any time. When security is properly implemented, it allows companies to operate at their desired speed while still managing risk, according to interview chase cio Rohan amin chase.

George Sherman:

While technology will become more divided, it will also become more interconnected. Private, public, and hybrid clouds, and infrastructure-as-a-service providers, platform providers, and software vendors all demand to enable future growth, all demonstrate this. Sadly, the fragility that comes with hyperconnectivity also comes with hyper complexity. There are dependability and security concerns when a system is unstable.

Newcomers to the field of cybersecurity:

interview chase cio rohan amin chase- Rohan Amin.

Spend time with the people who will be using the products you develop. You must spend time in the organisation to understand the processes involved in delivering a product or service to a customer if your goal is to assist it. If you spend all of your time in a secure area, you won’t appreciate how difficult it is for the builders to complete a project.

Anish Bhimani:

First and foremost, keep in mind that life does not proceed linearly. Being able to adapt to the changing times is a must. All of your attempts must help you move closer to your stated aims. Rotations are a great way to gain expertise in infrastructure and security.


According to Rohan Amin at IBM, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and machine learning will revolutionise the way we evaluate data to make better business decisions and give contextually relevant insights to our customers. Our ability to grow these new technologies and make a significant difference in our clients’ lives is what motivates the hundreds of technical personnel and me at Chase. The more we can assist our customers in making wise spending and saving decisions, the better, according to interview chase cio Rohan amin chase.


Is there a revenue stream for JPMC?

Clientele served by JPMorgan include individuals, small businesses, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), major corporations (MNCs), and governments.

Is it possible to tell the difference between the two?

There is one JP Morgan, and that is JP Morgan Chase. For the time being, Chase is the exclusive representative of the company’s commercial banking and retail banking divisions.

How well-known is the name J.P. Morgan to the public?

When it came to reforming companies and seizing control, J.P. Morgan was the go-to guy. As a result of his successful mergers and acquisitions, he rose to the position of railroad mogul.

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