Keep Your Pup Warm

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Keep your pup warm during the winter months. Puppies are tiny and delicate when they’re born. They don’t have teeth, and their eyes and ears are closed. Sophie Tailwag says,

“Keep your pup warm with love’s embrace.”

Keep Your Pup Warm

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When winter comes, it can be really cold outside. It might snow a lot, or it might just rain and be chilly. No matter what, it’s important to keep your dog cosy and healthy. Some dogs handle the cold better than others, but all dogs can get cold when it’s freezing outside.

Here’s what you can do to make sure your furry friend stays warm, comfy, and safe. Maintaining your dog’s comfort and safety during the winter months requires that you take the following steps.

Will My Dog Get Cold?

Yes, dogs can feel cold, just like people do. Smaller dogs and those with short fur feel the cold more than bigger dogs or those with thick fur.

Older dogs feel the cold more than younger ones. Even if a dog has a thick fur coat, parts like their ears, nose, tail, and paws can still get chilly because they’re not as covered. So, it’s important to keep your pup warm, especially in cold weather.

What Temperature Is Too Cold For A Dog?

Keep Your Pup Warm

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The temperature should be below 32 degrees Fahrenheit for your dog to feel uncomfortable. Dogs that are more sensitive to cold may begin to feel uncomfortable when the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Never leave your dog outside for extended periods when the temperature reaches this level.

Keep Your Pup Warm

During the colder winter months, keeping your dog’s comfort and safety in mind will be at the forefront of your thoughts thanks to these five guidelines. Here is the list of top things to keep your dog warm in winter and how to keep dog warm in winter inside.

1: Get Your Dog A Jacket Or Sweater

Keep Your Pup Warm

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Keep your pup warm during cold weather by getting them a jacket or sweater. Some dog breeds like huskies and malamutes have thick fur and can handle the cold better than others with less hair. But for breeds like greyhounds, miniature pinschers, Chihuahuas, and whippets, it’s a good idea to dress them in a doggie jacket or sweater when you go outside together.

To make sure the jacket or sweater fits well, measure your dog’s neck, shoulders, and chest. Look for designs that fit snugly but aren’t too tight, and avoid anything with zippers or decorations that could be dangerous.

Remember, not all dogs like wearing clothes, and that’s okay. If your pup doesn’t want to wear a sweater or jacket, just limit their time outside in the cold. Keeping your pup warm and comfortable is what matters most.

2: Make Sleeping Comfortable

Keep Your Pup Warm

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Make sure your pup has a warm and comfy spot to sleep, especially when it’s cold. A soft bed with a thick blanket should keep them cosy. But if your dog sleeps where it’s drafty or chilly, think about getting a self-warming pet mat or one with a heating pad you can warm in the microwave.

Always think about safety — your dog should be able to move freely in their bed. If you’re unsure about heated pet beds, ask your vet for advice. It’s important to keep your pup warm and comfy during the winter.

3: Give Sufficient Shelter

Keep Your Pup Warm


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When it’s really cold outside, keep an eye on your dog while they’re outdoors. If they stay out too long in a chilly yard, their ears, tail, and paws could get frostbite.

Make sure your dog’s outdoor shelter or kennel is dry and doesn’t have any drafts. It’s best if it’s raised about 4 inches off the ground and has a slanted roof. Putting down straws can help keep it even warmer. This way, your pup can stay cosy and safe when they’re outside in cold weather.

4: Stay Safe From Hypothermia

Keep Your Pup Warm

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It’s crucial to protect your dog from hypothermia during extremely cold weather. When dogs are left outside in the cold for too long, their body temperature can drop dangerously low.

Mild hypothermia can make dogs feel weak and shivery. As it gets worse, they may become unresponsive, and their breathing and heart rate can slow down. If you see any of these signs, take your dog to a warm place right away.

They may need IV fluids, so take them to the vet immediately. Keep your dog warm on the vet trip by putting a hot water bottle in a towel and placing it next to them. Dogs need warmth for health and safety.

5: Protect And Inspect Your Dog’s Paws

Make sure to take extra care of your dog’s paws during cold weather. Their bare paws can get frostbitten, and there might be dangerous things hidden in the snow that could hurt them.Keep Your Pup Warm

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‘When your dog comes back inside from the cold, check their feet for any cuts or scrapes, and clean off any snow or frost. If your dog has long hair between their toes, trim it to keep their paws tidy. You can also consider putting booties on your dog’s feet to protect them.

If you notice the cold weather is making your dog’s paw pads dry and crack, talk to your vet about using a moisturizer made for dogs. Don’t use human moisturizers, as they might not be safe for your furry friend’s paws. Keeping your dog’s paws healthy is important for their comfort and well-being.

How To Keep Dog Warm In Winter Outside?

Several factors, including behavioural concerns, shedding, or your dog’s preference (working dogs prefer the outside since they can stay with their pack), can pressure you to let your dog spend time outside, even though keeping dogs warm indoors during the colder season is the most prudent choice.

How To Keep Dog Warm In Outside Kennel?

Keep Your Pup Warm

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To keep a dog warm in an outside kennel, provide adequate insulation such as straw or blankets for bedding. Use a well-insulated dog house with a raised floor to prevent heat loss from the ground.

Consider adding a heating pad or heated bed designed for outdoor use, but ensure it’s safe and doesn’t pose a fire hazard. Provide shelter from wind and rain with a kennel cover or tarp. Monitor the temperature regularly and adjust accordingly. Additionally, consider dressing your dog in a doggy sweater or jacket for extra warmth during colder weather.

Keeping Your Dog Warm Camping

Make sure your canine friend is warm and comfortable before anything else when you go camping in cooler weather. A warm, insulated sleeping bag or pad made for pets is a great investment.

It is crucial to know how to keep your dog warm when camping in cold weather, even if dogs have their coat. We also use some of these strategies to keep our families toasty on cold winter evenings.

Bring your dog a blanket: Adding an extra layer is an easy way to keep your dog warmer. There is a great choice for camping if your dog has a favourite blanket that they use at home.

Cuddles and snuggles keep dogs warm: There’s nothing better than sleeping with your dog next to you, and being warm and cosy in the tent with your dog will give you extra body heat. For extra warmth, camp in a tent that is the right size for how many people are going to be there. This way, less cold air will settle in with you.

Plenty of Water and Healthy Treats: This is a wonderful alternative for keeping dogs warm when camping since it allows them to fill their stomachs with food that is high in protein and rich in nutrients. Your canine companion receives the necessary energy to keep their body temperatures stable and warm throughout the chilly evenings thanks to the protein and nutrients.

How To Keep Dog Warm At Night Inside?

To make sure your dog stays warm at night indoors, you can use these simple tips. Most dogs enjoy having a soft, cosy bed to sleep in. You can add extra blankets or bedding to keep them even warmer. Some dogs like to snuggle under blankets, so having one available can help them feel cosy. Remember to Keep your pup warm by providing a comfy bed and extra blankets!

What Temperature Is Too Hot For Newborn Puppies?

For newborn puppies, it’s crucial to maintain a suitable environment. During their first four days, keep the temperature around 85-90°F (29.5-32°C). Then, you can gradually lower it to about 80°F (26.7°C) by the seventh to tenth day and eventually to around 72°F (22.2°C) by the fourth week.

Monitoring the temperature ensures the puppies stay comfortable and healthy as they grow. Remember, it’s important to adjust the temperature to provide the best care for your little pups. Keep your pup warm by maintaining the right temperature.

How To Keep Puppies Warm In Whelping Box?

To keep puppies warm in a whelping box, it’s crucial to maintain the right temperature, around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Puppies can’t regulate their body heat until they’re about 2 ½ weeks old, so this warmth is essential for their well-being.

Additionally, ensure the whelping area is clean, quiet, and comfortable to reduce stress. By providing a cosy and peaceful environment, you’re helping the puppies thrive in their early days. Remember, keeping your pup warm and comfortable is vital for their health and happiness.

How To Keep Newborn Puppies Warm?

“Wrap your furry friend in the warmth of your love; their happiness blooms brightest when they’re snug and cosy by your side.” – Roger Caras

To keep newborn puppies warm, it’s essential to support their natural warmth and provide a cosy environment. Since mother dogs play a crucial role, ensure she’s healthy and able to generate warmth for her pups. You can help by creating a snug “nest” or whelping box for them.

This area should be draft-free and quiet, allowing the puppies to cuddle close to their mom for warmth. By providing a safe and warm space, you’re helping to ensure the comfort and well-being of the newborn puppies. Remember, keeping your pup warm is key for their early days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Puppies Like To Stay Warm?

A dog’s sense of security is enhanced when it is warm. At least when they’re young, you’ll often see them confined to a container when they’re at home by themselves. Because they get warm in enclosed spaces, that’s what they need to reassert their sense of safety. Warmth is where dogs belong.

How Do I Make My Puppy Feel Warm?

Ensure your puppy has a cosy bed with blankets, regulate room temperature, dress them in a comfortable sweater if it’s cold, and provide warm, nutritious meals. Offer plenty of cuddles and affection to reassure them, creating a loving, snug environment.

Do Puppies Get Cold Easily?

Dog puppies, unlike adult dogs, cannot control their body temperature and are hence more sensitive to temperature extremes.


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