Is the Langford Parka from Canada Goose worth the money?

Langford Parka by Canada Goose origins are in the production of garments inspired by one of the world’s coldest places, Antarctica.

First, the Expedition Parka was designed to protect the scientists stationed at McMurdo while conducting research. The Langford Parka is part of Canada Goose’s heritage collection because it is built on the company’s expertise in making some of the world’s warmest clothing.

Langford Parka:

In keeping with this philosophy, the Canada Goose Langford Parka features an Arctic-Tech polycotton twill outer shell designed for durability and staying dry, while a generous 625 Fill Power White Duck Down insulates the piece, along with knitted inner cuffs, microfibre-lined handwarmer pockets, and a hood with removable real fur trim that allows you to endure temperatures as stark as -15°C/-25°C: that’s the North Pole cold!

Recently, this company has put as much effort into environmental sustainability as keeping their customers warm. Canada Goose maintains its Made in Canada status by providing job opportunities for locals, who make up 6% of the cut and sew industry’s workforce in this country. Canada Goose Resource Centers were also set up in the Canadian Arctic to provide Inuit sewers with the materials to make clothing for their families.

To put it another way, by investing in a Canada Goose Langford Parka, you’ll be supporting the company’s social and environmental missions at the same time.

The Langford parka was made to withstand even the harshest winters in Canada. Considering how cold it can get there, this sounds extremely promising. It is made of Canada Goose’s proprietary material, Arctic-Tech, used for the outer shell.

This material claims to keep you warm down to -25 degrees Celsius. It’s made of DWR-coated polyester and cotton, with the actual content of 85/15. At the very least, this means that the jacket is water-resistant.

It’s also windproof, which helps it stay warmer for longer. Overall, it’s a tough jacket built to withstand the elements. It’s doubtful that you need this jacket if you live somewhere with mild winters and lows rarely falling below zero.

The Langford Parka is filled with duck down with a fill power of 625, which is, in fact, the most insulating material available. If you’re looking for a high-quality down alternative, keep in mind that fill power ranges from 300 to 900. This jacket has a fill power of 625, which is low for a high-priced item.

You may have also noticed the hood’s fur ruff, made of coyote fur. It’s worth noting that the ruff can be removed from the jacket if you don’t want to wear real fur. But even if you don’t agree with me, it’s something you should keep an eye out for when it comes to fashion.

Thanks to the included down-filled hood, you’ll stay extra toasty as a bonus! Overall, I’d say the combination of the various materials works well and does a fantastic job of keeping you warm.

Fitting and sizing

However, it’s a good fit, and there’s no need to go up a size if you don’t plan on wearing a lot of thick sweaters under the top layer.

As a bonus, it’s also an excellent winter parka. While the mid-thigh length ensures that your legs are as warm as your torso, it does not look out of place. Overly long men’s jackets can make you appear shorter, but the Langford parka isn’t one of those.

In addition, the parka has an interior drawcord at the waist that allows you to tailor the fit to your body shape. Additionally, cinching in the jacket will help you stay warm longer if the weather is particularly frigid.

As a whole, the various pockets.

After purchasing a parka with only two shallow hand pockets, I realized how much I rely on them. Even the mere mention of it made me shudder.

It has six pockets, two of which are internal and four external. With a zippered pocket for your wallet or phone, you’ll never have to worry about losing them again. Drop-in pockets are also available, which can hold your gloves or scarf.

You’ll find hand-warmer pockets on the upper portion of the jacket, which is fleece-lined. As long as your arms aren’t too high up in them, they’ll feel completely natural.

You’ll also find two additional Velcro-sealed pockets at the bottom of the page. If you’re looking for a way to carry all of your winter essentials, these bags are ideal. It is one area where the Langford parka excels.

Prevents the Draft from Coming in

A SNAP PLACKET IS A MUST-HAVE FOR ME because I don’t have the time to close every button. As a result, when I saw that this jacket had Velcro strips instead, I was sold on it. Canada Goose calls a “storm flap,” and five of them.

Of course, you’ll want to zip up your jacket first before you start snapping the Velcro strips, which have a heavy-duty water-resistant zipper that prevents cold or moisture from entering the garment.

Also, the cuffs have rib-knit trim, which I think is a nice touch. Because it’s a proper parka, the Langford has two sets of cuffs. There is no draught around your hand’s thanks to the internal ones, which cling to your wrists.

The only thing worse than having cold seep into your jacket at the cuffs, in my opinion, is this feature.

Keeping Langford’s Surfaces Spotless

The Langford parka has one drawback: it can only be dry cleaned. There is a good chance you’ll pay someone else to wash this jacket because of this.

It isn’t my cup of tea. I’d rather have outerwear that is simple to care for. It isn’t a deal-breaker for you as long as you don’t mind taking the parka to a dry cleaner every time you want it cleaned.

All-Around Comfort

Another aspect of this jacket that deserves mention is the chin guard. The fleece-lined portion of the jacket that zips up over your face ensures no draught around your neck. This feature particularly appeals to me because this is the part of the house where it gets the coldest.

Fortunately, you won’t worry about feeling cold around your face with fleece covering your neck and chin. As a result, Langford parkas are known as the “space heaters” of parkas.

Is the Langford Parka from Canada Goose worth the money?

The price of this parka is probably already known to you if you’re reading reviews of it. When it comes to price, this is a no-brainer. You can buy three Columbia parkas for what this one costs. You’ve set your sights on the Langford, which is fantastic if you can afford it.

This jacket will keep you warm and dry in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. The chin and neck are lined with fleece, and the cuffs are rib-knit to keep the cold out and the heat in.

Additional features include a heavy-duty zipper and a drawcord at the waist for adjusting the Langford to your personal preferences. This parka’s unique feature is that it can be put on and taken off in seconds, thanks to five Velcro strips that snap together.

The hood’s Coyote fur trim is the only drawback, at least for me. Even if you aren’t on board with using real fur, you can always remove the trim. As a whole, it’s an excellent parka for anyone who wants to be prepared for the cold weather.


The Langford parka by Canada Goose, one of the most popular brands north of the US, will be the subject of this review.

Everyone knows that Canada does winter better than anyone else. That’s why parkas and other winter jackets made in Canada tend to be some of the heaviest on the planet. Canada Goose’s Langford parka, one of the company’s best-selling items in the northern hemisphere, is the subject of this review.

Because it’s designed for men, this parka isn’t a good option for women. The hips are narrow, making them unsuitable for the average female body type. In the meantime, there are plenty of down parkas out there for you to choose from.

Let’s take a closer look at the Langford parka, and discuss its many features. You’ll know if this is the right jacket for you by the end of this comprehensive review!


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