Maonocaster- Features of maonocaster au am100.

Maonocaster, Twitch stream but aren’t sure what gear to buy, the maonocaster Portable Podcast Studio is perfect for you. Getting started with podcasting is a snap because of the user-friendly interface, which allows you to focus on creating valuable content and engaging with your listeners instead of getting bogged down in the technical details. Uses innovative engineering to allow the user to adjust the sound levels and add live vocals or sound effects with a comprehensive set of tools to avoid difficult blog and post-editing. It has four main objectives of audio mixing. Best maonocasters are listed below.

Maonocaster au am200:

An integrated system for audio processing, the Maonocaster AU-AM200 includes audio collection, processing, and control of the output. Android, iOS, Windows and macOS are all supported platforms for the app. There is no need for an additional driver because it is plug-and-play. If you want to spice up your podcast or a live stream with some additional sound effects, press a button on the device’s built-in DSP digital audio processor.


USB-C for Data Transmission

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is wireless.

A lithium-polymer battery powers it

1200mAh battery capacity

5V/1A is the charge current for a 5V battery.

Tik Tok/SNS Platform is a suitable app.


Smartphones, tablets and PCs are all supported

Easy-to-understand user interface

Sound effects of various kinds

Headphone monitoring in real-time, recording and listening at the same time

Provide the ability to use two different types of microphones simultaneously

Make your voice clear and pure with noise and ambient sound cancellation.

Maonocaster au am100:

A mixing desk may be useful if you want to improve your podcasting. Although there are a few podcast-specific apps, they are few and far between until now. To help your podcast grow, does Maonocaster All-in-One Podcast Production Studio have what it takes?


Naming conventions and logos

Uses USB-C for connectivity

Streaming video on a mobile phone, tablet, or computer is available.

Auxiliary inputs and outputs include 3.5mm audio/monitor

Two-channel record outputs

Features of maonocaster au am100:

AU-AM100 is a tiny mixing desk with integrated audio and a rechargeable battery.

In addition, the setup is straightforward and can be tailored to suit a variety of needs.

The Maonocaster mixer features noise reduction, customizable jingle buttons,

Ability to record and transmit live over many channels

You don’t need to do any post-editing on your podcast if you plan.

Additional Features:

Volume control for accompaniment:

Turning the control knob in a left direction lowers or raises the volume of any external music playing. During playback, the volume of the background music can be adjusted by controlling the voltage in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Control of the reverberation effect:

Increasing the reverb effect can be done by moving the control fader to the right or the left.

The volume of the monitor can be adjusted:

The volume can be increased by raising the control fader. Before wearing the headset, please lower the fader to the bottom and gradually increase the volume to avoid damaging your hearing.

Default sound effects will be used:

Here you’ll find eight different sound effect buttons to choose from, such as “opening”, “applause,” “gunshot,” “laughing,” “booing,” “awkward,” “cheering,” and “slapping.” To play the sound effect, press the correct button. Whenever a sound effect button is pressed, the indicator light on the button is constantly on; when the sound effect is activated, the indicator light flashes for the duration of the sound effect.

Sounds created from scratch:

Four custom sound effects buttons are included in this podcast player. To incorporate sound effects into live broadcasts, users can record audio clips and import them to the podcast console via a microphone, an external audio source, or a Bluetooth device.


Connect the product to a microphone, an external audio input device, or a Bluetooth device by turning it on. Set the “LOOPBACK” mode to “ON”. To record, hold down any custom key until the button light flashes. As you speak, your voice will be saved for future reference. When you’re done recording, let go of the button.

The audio is clear:

Hold down any recorded custom sound effect for two seconds to begin the cleansing process. There will be no flashes when the button light is activated. When the recording is finished, the button light will go out.

Sound effects can be triggered by pressing the play button:

Sound effects can be triggered by giving any recorded custom button a short press. If it is empty and there is no recording, it will sound an alarm. Changing the microphone’s settings to provide deep bass, smooth midrange, and crisp treble is what this is all about.

Volume Control Knob for Recording:

This knob allows the user to fine-tune the sound output for the live broadcast.

Advanced engineering:

Thanks to advanced engineering, the user may adjust the sound levels and add live vocals and sound effects with a full collection of tools, saving time in post-production and trimming. For example, it has multiple audio mixers with simple connections to recorders, cellphones, or other devices that may be used as a maonocaster pro.

Maonocaster app:

The Maonocaster is small enough to take anywhere, yet it still requires a fair amount of room to operate. Worktop, dining table, coffee table, whatever you want to call it, is the place for it. You’ll need to make room for your mixer, microphones, and recording device on the surface. A USB connection to a PC or laptop or a line out to a phone or tablet with a sound recorder app running are the two possibilities for recording. Make sure your recording system has enough room.


If you want to start a podcast, a radio show, or a Twitch stream but aren’t sure what equipment to buy, this MAONOCASTER portable podcast studio is perfect for you. As a result, you can dive headfirst into podcasting within minutes, allowing you to concentrate on delivering valuable content and engaging with your fans rather than being distracted by the technical aspects of the business.


Is Maono a Chinese company?

This corporation is situated in Guangdong, China, known as Maono Technology Co. Ltd. Audio equipment such as microphones, headphones, speakers, and other electro-acoustic products.

V8 soundcard – what is it?

This live sound card features 12 types of electronic sounds and effects and modes that allow it to be used both in a studio and on the road.

It asks, “How can I charge my Maonocaster Lite?”

The USB-C cable can be used to charge the podcast console by connecting it to a computer, power bank, or power converter.

What is the maonocaster price exactly?

Approximately 129.68$

Are Maono’s microphones good or bad?

It received a rating of 5 stars. It’s a fantastic microphone set!

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