Everything that you need to know about Metal lee.

To keep in touch with their childhood pals, Metal’s parents kept in touch with the children of those friends. In honor of the Seventh Hokage’s inauguration, he sat alongside his father, Tenten, and Might Guy to see the proceedings.Metal is an honorable and courteous young man who likes to speak without contractions in his sentences. As a result of his admiration for his father, Rock Lee, and his father’s sensei, Might Guy, he appears to have inherited this character trait. Shinobi sons are known for their fiery temperaments and dedication, as demonstrated by their participation in their father’s grueling training regimen.


Metal Lee looks like his father, down to his bowl-cut black hair, dark brown eyes, and bushy eyebrows. Sharper eyes, on the other hand, distinguish him from the rest. A green costume with orange leg warmers, an orange scarf, and bandages on his hands further accentuates his resemblance to the character. In his new role as an apprentice genin, he began to carry his forehead protector on his belt.


As long as His doubts don’t overcome metal, he lives up to the reputation he’s earned as a master of taijutsu even inside his clan. He can keep up with his father’s daily, intensive training regimens, showing that he has remarkable stamina and endurance. As a result, Metal can quickly smash rocks with his fist and throw powerful kicks.

A notable amount of strength:

He also has a notable amount of strength. Shinki could only win because of a minor technicality, yet he could hold his own against him. Reflexes and agility are also among his strengths. Anxiety-driven fighting style reminiscent of the Drunken Fist is used by Metal in the anime, which put pressure on his taijutsu master father in a serious match.

Ability to open first of Eight Gates:

In the right frame of mind, he can open the first of the Eight Gates. Metal is also an expert in the art of shurikenjutsu, being able to hit his targets even when hidden in plain sight. With Metal Lee, ninjutsu isn’t as difficult as his father. Consequently, he can use his skills in Cooperation Ninjutsu and Finjutsu efficiently, limiting the movement of an opponent while simultaneously increasing the power of the technique.

Parents of Metal Lee:

Metal is an honorable and courteous young man who likes to speak without contractions in his sentences. As a result of his admiration for his father, Rock Lee, and his father’s sensei, Might Guy, he appears to have inherited this character trait.

Metal lee and tenten:

To put it another way, Metal Lee’s eyes look like a cross between Rock Lee and Tenten. What do I mean? In Rock Lee’s case, his eyes are circular, but Metal Lee’s aren’t. His eyes are more defined, resembling Tentens in shape. Because of this, Metal Lee’s traits would only make sense if they were somewhere in the middle of the other two. A character design halfway between Sasuke and Sakura would be in keeping with other cartoon characters for children.

Metal lee son:

Masashi Kishimoto created metal lee sonRock Lee, a Naruto anime and manga series character. Masashi first envisioned Lee as a metaphor for human vulnerability. A ninja from the Konohagakure village, Lee is a member of Team Guy, which includes him, NejiHyuga, Tenten, and the team’s leader, Might Guy. Lee, unable to utilize most ninja techniques, focuses primarily on taijutsu, a subset of ninja methods that are closely related to those of traditional martial arts.

Rock Lee:

Rock Lee and Metal’s parental tie is extremely strong, regardless of Metal’s mother’s identity or whether Rock Lee is Metal’s biological father. Rock Lee is a firm believer that everyone can become a powerful ninja, regardless of whether or not they were born with particular powers. In the hands of Metal Lee, that hope can become a reality. He is becoming a better ninja because of Rock Lee’s guidance and Metal’s dedication.

The Academy Admissions Arc:

BorutoUzumaki, in the anime, rammed a train into the Hokage Rock on the day of the Academy entry ceremony, thus canceling it. While IwabeeYuino’s top pupil Boruto was suspended for two weeks, the two promptly got into a fight when he eventually returned to class. A brawl broke out between two students fighting over what it means to be a shinobi. Metal sat with the rest of his students in a training arena to witness a battle. In the end,

Byakuya Gang Arc:

While other genin teams worked to stop the Byakuya Gang’s robbery spree, Team 25 was given the task of stopping the self-proclaimed noble thieves. In contrast to other shinobi, genin were not allowed to engage the Byakuya Gang independently. Team 5 afterward worked on a bridge repair. During this time, the Byakuya Gang’s appearance was made known to them.

Against the Momoshiki Arc:

First, Metal and his team completed the Chunin Exams, advancing to round two of the competition. In the second section of the exam, Metal’s luck runs out when he and his crew face off against Shinki. During the confrontation between Metal and Shinki, Shinki used his Iron Sand to steal Metal’s team’s flag, resulting in them being eliminated from the exam.

Disappearance Arc of Mitsuki:

The village was put on lockdown in the anime after Mitsuki’s alleged treachery to Konohakagure and subsequent abandonment. When Boruto later asked Metal and his squad if they had seen Mitsuki, they said no. Yuriko was in a panic when Metal and his team came across him during the lockdown. When Yuriko stated that someone had attacked one of the recuperation guards, Udonknew he was lying since Yurito would have dispatched someone else to report the incident.

Arc of Time Slip:

Metal and the other genin teamed up with the others to test out new surveillance technology. When Metal and several other Konoha-nin saw UrashikiTsutsui in the field test, they went after him. The alien performed a genjutsu on them to allow him to enter the village undetected.


For years, Boruto fans have been baffled by Metal Lee’s birth circumstances. This generation’s characters all have a well-defined genealogy. It’s much easier to figure out where a character gets their unique personality or set of abilities when we know their parents’ names. Through genetic engineering and cloning, even Mitsuki, a mysterious character, was finally discovered to be the offspring of Orochimaru.


What about Tenten and Lee?

Until proven otherwise, my best opinion is that Rock Lee and TenTen are together, based on this and other hints in the ’31 points’ answer, as well as hints that Hanabi is not the mother from the new Boruto series.

To whom is Naruto related?

Manga and anime character ItachiUchiha is based on Masashi Kishimoto’sNaruto character.

Who was Shino’s wife to be?

The Lovebirds. To describe the romantic relationship between Shino Aburame and Hana Inuzuka, the moniker ShinoHana has been coined.

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