Wooden Capsule Mirror with Shelves review 2022.

Mirror with shelf, Glass quality, mirror thickness, and silvering are important considerations when shopping for a high-quality mirror. We have nothing but praise for the recent proliferation of decorative wall mirrors with shelves and drawers. Whether you live in a studio apartment or need a place to store your makeup, toiletries, or other small items, extra storage is always a pleasant addition. In any room, they look fantastic. Even though many people identify them with bathrooms and vanity setups, they make excellent living room decorations and the ideal doorway necessity. Following are the best mirror with shelf.

Wooden Capsule Mirror with shelf:

Consider this Wood-Framed Capsule Mirror if you are a fan of Scandinavian design. The Astra Capsule mirror is simple and elegant. As a result of its oval shape and light wooden finish, this mirror instantly elevates the look of any room.

Oval Wall Mirror:

Oval Wall Mirror adds beauty and storage to your decor without costing a lot of money. Display your most prized possessions in style with this elegant mirror. It could also serve as a decorative accent in your foyer for items like lipstick and scarves. Both ways, this mirror offers a modern, stylish look to any space. Mirrors with shelves and hooks are so versatile that you may use them in any room where you require additional storage space.

Modern Industrial Mirror:

This Modern Industrial Mirror with Hooks is a stylish and functional addition to any doorway or mudroom. The industrial metal frame of this mirror has been softened with rounded corners to give it a more refined appearance, making it an excellent alternative to a classic hall tree. In addition to five hooks for coats, scarves, hats, and bags, a small built-in shelf below the inset mirror is great for storing your keys.

Mirror with Coat Rack and Shelves:

LVSOMT Coat Rack and Full-Length Mirror when it comes to compact spaces, the LVSOMT free-standing mirror is a must-have. This mirror was built to last with a 1.5″ thick solid wood frame and an 18″ broad base. In addition, this item is equipped with wheels, so you can easily move it around the house if necessary. White is also an option.

Tobiko Storage Mirror:

Designed to maximize tiny spaces, the Cubiko Storage Mirror was created. Three shelves are concealed beneath the mirror’s profile. The bathroom or the foyer is ideal places to put this mirror. Keep your toiletries, keys, and wallet out of sight in your bathroom or another accessible area.

Modern Hexagon Wall Shelf

Modern Hexagonal shaped Shelf with Mirror is a stunning piece of art. The shelves make it easy to show and store items, and the mirror makes it a very useful piece of furniture to have around the house. It’s ideal for jewellers, cosmetics, and other decorative elements. It’s a piece of decorative shelving that also serves a practical purpose. You may use it in various settings, from modern to eclectic, and it will look great in any one of them.

Mirror with Shelf for Hallway or Vanity:

Adding a touch of elegance to any room is easy with this stunning Modern Hexagonal shaped Shelf with Mirror. The shelves make it easy to show and store items, and the mirror makes it a very useful piece of furniture to have around the house. It’s ideal for jewellery, cosmetics, and other decorative elements. It’s a piece of decorative shelving that also serves a practical purpose. You may use it in various settings, from modern to eclectic, and it will look great in any one of them.

Mirror with Shelf for Hallway or Vanity:

Barn Door, Vanity Mirror with a Shelf and Iron Hardware by Danya B. elegantly conjoin form and function. Natural pine wood has created a stunning frame for this rustic vanity mirror and shelf.  A tiny shelf is all you need to keep your cosmetics and toiletries in order.

Nordic Bamboo Mirror with Shelf:

The Nordic Bamboo Mirror with Shelf and Hooks is the ideal bathroom accessory when getting ready in the morning. Organize your bathroom or hair and cosmetic needs with this bamboo shelf mirror with hooks.

Modern Farmhouse Rustic Mirror with Shelves:

Your foyer decor will be complete with the Kate and Laurel Jackson Metal-Frame Mirror with a Shelf from Overstock. With this lovely mirror and shelf design, you can use it to set up a location for last looks, presentation, and organization. An entryway with this elegant design is perfect for storing your keys and other essentials before leaving the house. The tough design is stylish and classy, making it suitable for various settings.

Octagonal Entryway Mirror with Shelving:

A piece of art in and of itself, the Kate and Laurel Owing Metal Farmhouse Mirror has a unique shape and rustic beauty. The wooden shelf is both practical and stylish. For farmhouse or industrial design, this is a great choice. Or, if you’d prefer to incorporate some natural elements into your decor, this option is perfect for you.

Hidden Shelves in a Round Wooden:

Mirror with Hidden Shelves in a Round Wooden Cosmetic Mirror. A high-definition mirror and a sturdy wood frame distinguish this round sliding bathroom mirror. Hidden shelves beneath the mirror can be used to keep bathroom supplies and beauty goods.

The Rustic Entryway Mirror with Hooks and Shelf:

Overstock’s Distressed Metal Accent Mirror with Shelves and Hooks will breathe new life into your foyer’s decor. While the tarnished black metal frame offers an understated layer of protection for this rectangle mirror, it also adds a touch of warmth and features four robust hooks for storing coats and purses.

Mirror with Shelves: a Gold Wall Mirror

If you’re looking to add a touch of class and sophistication to your house, look no further than the Gold Pharmacy Mirror by FirsTime & Co. You can never go wrong with gold accessories because they’re so feminine and classy-looking. Gold-framed mirrors will never go out of style, regardless matter what the fashion police say.

Jewellery Storage and LED Lights Mirror:

A multi-functional object like this Overstock Mirror/Jewelry Cabinet is gold when you have a growing jewellery collection and limited room. There are five built-in LED lights, an interior mirror, a lock and key to secure everything, a travel pouch, hooks, and shelves to keep everything organized in this mirror.

Cabidor’s Deluxe Mirrored Storage Cabinet:

Cabidor’s Deluxe Mirrored Storage Cabinet is a great addition to any modest bathroom or mirror with a shelf for the bedroom. This one’s for you if you appreciate secret compartments. To keep this mirrored cabinet out of the way but still accessible, it is mounted on one side of the door where the hinges are visible. This unit has movable shelves so that you may tailor it to your storage requirements. It’s a great method to both declutter and expand your living space.

A Barn Door Mirror:

The Gammons Barn-Door Inspired Wall Mirror adds light, dimension, and utility to your wall decor. This shabby-chic mirror adds a decorative element to your home while also being useful. Above, it has a black metal frame with an open shelf for mail, keys, wallets, or fake plants. Because of its slim design, it’s ideal for locations with a limited amount of wall space. This mirror’s elegant, eye-catching design makes it ideal for any room.

Hooks and an Organizer for the Entryway:

It has a lot of storage space thanks to the hooks and organizers on the mirror itself. There are metal hooks and label holders to help you organize your belongings, and they are constructed entirely of solid wood. Use it as a catch-all on your way in, and when you leave, you’ll know precisely where everything is. Other colours and wood treatments are also available.

Metal Mirror with Shelf by McCauley:

Round Mirror with Square Metal Frame and Wooden Shelf in Rustic Modern Style The combination of a mirror and a shelf is a great addition to any home’s decor. The round mirror is adorned with a stunning raw iron metal frame that adds depth and brightness to the room’s overall aesthetic. Adding the third mirror to a modern farmhouse décor scheme completes the look.

Grey Middleton planks and hooked mirror:

Farmhouse meets rustic in the FirsTime & Co. Gray Middleton Planks Mirror With Hooks. Wood and a rustic finish make this 26-inch-tall mirror great for any room. Incorporating a rustic multicolour shiplap pattern, a shelf, and two hooks for hats, coats, and towels, this mirror will look great in any house room.

The Homfa Mirror with shelf:

There is no need to look any further for the ideal bathroom mirror. This bathroom mirror is composed of non-toxic material and has a white finish that is excellent for a mirror. Because the mirror has a small ledge beneath it, your toothbrush won’t be resting up against it. Assembling this mirror should be a snap, thanks to the included mounting hardware.

Round Mirror with shelf:

Your foyer, bedroom, bathroom, or even the living area can benefit from this eye-catching mirror. Because of this, it has a wide range of applications. Unlike other options, this one doesn’t scream “bathroom mirror.” Despite being iron, it is given a cool bronze finish, highlighting the mirror’s crystal clear glass. It comes with two brackets on the rear but without the necessary hardware to hang it.

Rectangle Metal Wall Mirror by Creative Co-Op:

Hair products and succulents can rest safely on the shelf of this metal mirror, which features a shelf with a small safety rail. Even though it is little, the mirror is large enough to view yourself as you get dressed. Hanging this mirror in your home is a breeze, thanks to the mirror’s triangle hooks. It’s available in silver or a distressed black colour.


Space is always brighter and more inviting when it has mirrors. Check the mirror’s glass quality to ensure it is free of flaws and does not distort a reflection. They add a sense of space to a room by illuminating it. Some mirror with shelf, though, is more helpful than others. To make the most of our limited storage space, we’re always looking for new ways to organize our cosmetics. Take a peek at some of your favourite mirrors with shelf styling ideas above if you’re ready to give it a try.


Whether a mirror is of good quality, how do you tell if it is?

A level surface is required for the glass.

How high should a mirror be hung?

Ideally, your mirror should be drawn at eye level 60-65 inches off the floor. Place the mirror in the desired location on the wall, ensuring that it is centred on the wall or beneath a piece of furniture.

How high above the shelf should the mirror be?

The mirror’s height is determined by the furniture’s height when there is a room above it. Use 4 to 6 inches of clearance from the furniture’s top edge when hanging this mirror.

Is it possible to put a shelf over a mirror?

The shelf should be positioned so that you may pass by it without touching your head.

Are there any shelves that can be placed under a mirror?

The shelf is usually situated 2 to 6 inches below the bottom edge of the mirror so that anything put on the shelf do not obstruct your view of the mirror itself.

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