What is Moment Drink shark tank?

Moment drink shark tank has introduced a slew of products and services to viewers throughout its run. As a result, some have faded into obscurity, while others have achieved great success. On the other hand, Moment Drink is a product that falls somewhere in the middle. In 2020, this product was featured on Moment drink shark tank as a new way for people to meditate.

Instead of getting $200,000 for 10 per cent of their company, its founders had to leave the Shark Tank without an offer. A year has passed since the product appeared on the show, and many viewers are curious to know what happened to the beverage of mindfulness.Find out in the following paragraphs.

What Exactly Is Moment Drink?

Faheem Kajee and Aisha Chottani, husband and wife founders of Moment Drink, launched the company in 2020. They decided to find a unique way to help people deal with their stress. One of their ideas was a sugar-free and natural drink called Moment Drink. ‘Meditation on the go’ was how they marketed their product.

“Moment Drink was created as a healthier alternative to coffee that would aid in concentration.

 COVID-19 has put Faheem and Aisha’s business plans on hold, which has been a setback. However, the additional anxiety that many people experienced during lockdown sparked an increased interest in Moment Drink among the general public. Naturally, Faheem and Aisha were confident in their product’s ability to impress the Sharks and lead to a successful business transaction.

It’s Not Clear Why Moment Drink Didn’t Get A Deal.

In the food and beverage industry, getting deals is notoriously difficult, as anyone who has watched an episode of Moment drink shark tank can attest. Because of this, Faheem and Aisha’s chances were already bleak when they entered the tank.

On top of that, products that claim to be based on scientific research tend to be overlooked by the Sharks. Either of these factors did not cause moment Drink’s demise. Faheem and Aisha’s subscription-based model for the beverage was the thing that turned off the Sharks. It didn’t make sense to the Sharks, so they all decided to

Following its appearance on Moment drink shark tank: What Happened?

Of course, getting a deal on Moment drink shark tank is the ultimate goal for the companies that appear, but even just being on the show can boost businesses in the long run. While Moment Drink has been shut down, it can be purchased on Amazon or the Moment Drink website.

However, it’s not clear how well the company is doing. We know that Moment Drink only has a little over 9,000 Instagram followers. Moment Drink appears to be in the process of establishing itself, based on the small number of followers it currently has. Faheem Kajee isn’t mentioned anywhere on the company’s website, which is interesting.

 In the Tank, it was clear that he and Aisha had worked together to develop the business concept and to bring the product to market. Aisha is now listed as the sole founder on the website, but we could not locate any evidence that Faheem had left the company. Aside from Moment Drink, his LinkedIn profile states that he is also an X By co-founder in April 2021.

The Model of Subscription

Moment Drink appears to have decided to move forward with a subscription-based model despite the advice of all of the Sharks. For a slightly higher price, customers can still buy the drink once. Even if the company’s business model isn’t working, it’s a good sign that they’re still around. On the other hand, Moment Drink isn’t nearly as popular as some of the other Moment drink shark tank products.

Update on Moment Drink | 12th Season

Moment drink shark tank will feature Moment Meditation Drink on November 30, 2020. Even though the sharks liked the product, the founders Aisha Chottani and Faheem Kajee had to exit the tank without a deal.

The founders of Moment Drink, Aisha Chottani and Faheem Kajee, introduced the drink to the sharks on Moment drink shark tank Season 12, Episode 6. As an “on-the-go” mediation in a bottle, Moment Drink aims to deliver the same benefits as a regular meditation session.”

It costs 0.90 cents to make each bottle, which retails for $1.69 plus shipping.

When Aisha and Faheem revealed that they were considering a subscription model for Moment because they had a $20 customer acquisition cost, things took a turn for the worse. However, Kevin O’Leary warned the other sharks that this model has never worked for a beverage company, and they all agreed. One of the sharks didn’t offer to buy the Drink back at this point, so she left the tank.

Moment Drink has yet to release an official statement following its appearance on Moment drink shark tank. Aisha and Faheem are still trying to make the subscription service work, and there are options for bi-weekly and monthly refill plans on the Moment website. ‘ When they see if it works for them, or if Kevin O’Leary was right, it’ll be interesting. Ers.


Instead of getting $200,000 for 10 per cent of their company, its founders had to leave the Tank without an offer. A year has passed since the product appeared on the show, and many viewers are curious to know what happened to the beverage of mindfulness. Find out in the following paragraphs.


Was there a deal made on Shark Tank for this drink?

‘In 2020, this product appeared on Shark Tank and promised its customers a new way to experience meditation.

How long have you been in business, Moment?

New York-based Moment Drink is still in business and can be purchased directly from their website, where they will donate 1% of all profits to a mental health charity from the sale of their product.