What is the moon’s easter egg?

Moon easter egg, a multiplayer map for Call of Duty: Black Ops 1, was released in 2011. It’s tougher to complete the Moon vs “Ascension” zombie map, and it takes a few more steps to get the trophy/achievement honour. It has been remastered in the moon easter egg black ops 3 Zombies Chronicles downloadable DLC. Completed the Moon Easter Egg on Solo will not unlock the Moon Egg. It would help if you conversed with other players to have a successful online gaming experience. You can complete the Easter egg with two players; however, one of them must be Richtofen from the story. You’ll also need the mystery box’s Wave Gun, Gersch Device, and QED weapons, randomly generated.

What is the moon’s easter egg?

Initial plans for Cryogenic Slumber Party, moon easter egg’s first half, were for a moon easter egg controller. The latest episode of The Big Bang Theory was designed solely for multiplayer enjoyment. Zombies Chronicles’ Moon EE may be completed independently, which is nice to know. A component of the Big Bang Current theories creative team, Richtofen, was required to finish the Calling of the Dead and Shangri-La EEs in Black Ops 1 even before Focusing Stone and Solid gold Rod appeared.

The Moon Easter Eggs in a Nutshell:

A general description of how things work is given below to save you time.

1: The Moon’s power needs to be activated.

2: The Moon’s surface can be used to play a colour-matching computer game.

3: It is possible to find a Hacker Device at the research facilities.

4: The four green rectangular boxes and the four wall buttons can be hacked with the Hacker Device.

5: Use a hacker to delete the excavator from the spawn chamber control panel after it damages Tunnel 6.

6: You can arrive at the room with the giant pyramid by following the enormous round ball through the tunnels.

7: Computer colour games are back

8: Face-punch Samantha with a QED

9: Use a Gersch Device to deflect the ball from the four computers it will be behind.

Easter egg Hunt with a Twist of Fate:

Before beginning a match, you must obtain the “Liquid Immolation” bubblegum to obtain the QED and the Wave Gun Quantum Entanglement Device. Since each player gets 1600 points for finishing a zombie round quickly, the “Round Robbin” bubblegum is useful

Using the On/Off Button

To begin the Black Ops 3 Zombie level, you must first turn on the power to the Moon. If you have enough points, you can enter either tunnel 6 or 11. There is only one way to reach the gigantic pyramid, and it doesn’t matter which tunnel you use to get there. From top to bottom, red, green, blue, and yellow can be seen from left to right. When you look at the computer screens, you’ll see a colour.

What you’re looking at is a Hacking Device?

Look for a hacking gadget in a laboratory room directly below the stairs where the moon easter egg spreadsheet is. Tuck it away in a nook on one of the tables. You must hack into four rectangles of green-lit boxes and press the four buttons on the wall. It is essential to protect hackers from zombies while they are hacking.

How to Make a Moon Easter egg?

To advance, you must first wait for the excavator to damage tunnel 6. It may take some time to materialize. Round Robbin gobble gum can be used now because the current zombie round has ended. Keep battling zombies until you hear or see the excavator damaging tunnel 6. To enter the Moon, utilise the hacker on the control panel in Tunnel 6.

1: If you go to Tunnel 6, you should find a round disc:

The enormous ball may be found in Tunnel 6 of the game—knife through the passageways to find it. On top of a satellite dish, you’ll finally arrive at the Moon facility. You can shoot the ball off of the word using the Wave Gun. The Wave Gun can only be used in Assemble mode. However, Tunnel 11 will be the next destination for the ball. Knife the ball as needed if the ball gets stuck.

Assault the moon easter egg ball stuck on the pyramid:

Zombies will emerge from the dead; it’s a certainty. You must kill 25 zombies to fill the jar in the pyramid room with souls. After that, turn the light back on with a nearby switch. Samantha will emerge from the pyramid when you activate a 90-second death machine power-up.

Return to your roots:

To reach the shelves on the side of the telepath, throw a grenade there. Several panels will fall to the floor. Make use of a Gersch tool to remove the panels. The telepath will be used to teleport them. Put a QED device on the boards and head back to the Moon. They will plug into the computer.

S-Shaped Hose: A Quick and Easy Guide

To use this item, the player must first locate the S-Shaped Hose. You’ll get the answers in the laboratories. Check the walls and corners of every room. Take a look at each level. There is a chance that the hose will appear outside near the Moon’s constructing materials.

Kill a hundred zombies in the Pyramid Room:

Four soul boxes will encircle the pyramid’s construction location. Each box contains 25 zombie souls, which equates to 100 fatalities. Any zombies that are near the parcels should be taken care of.  Richtofen is obligated to place a golden rod into a panel before the pyramid as soon as the zombies have been defeated.


Despite its intriguing atmosphere and dynamic design, some players find Moon tedious and uninteresting due to the disjointed nature of its decompression pathways. Moon was one of the most divisive Treyarch zombie maps ever built. Go no further if you’re looking for one of the best Easter eggs in Call of Duty Black Ops history. You’ll need to dial a phone number to proceed. No matter how bad Infinite Warfare is, it doesn’t get much love from Call of Duty fans.


Can you think of any two-player easter eggs?

Moon Tranzit’s Call of the Dead begins here. It’s possible to accomplish more than the moon’s worth of work with just two people.

What’s Next for G-Strike?

Call of Duty Black Ops II Origins also features a significant Easter egg that shocked the zombie community and altered the direction of the mode forever. Sole gamers have their work cut out for them.

What are unique and in-depth Easter eggs?

There was also a slew of unique and in-depth Easter eggs hidden throughout. The Shaolin Shuffle has to be one of the most challenging moves in history.