The appearance of the nakime demon slayer.

Nakime demon slayer, or the Biwa demon, is Muzan Kibutsuji’s base of operations in the Kimetsu no Yaiba series, where he lives in the Dimensional Infinity Fortress.  The only noticeable modifications to her body are her sickly pale grey skin and slightly pointed blue nails, which suggest that she is a Demon. Let us learn more about nakime demon slayer:

The appearance of the nakime demon slayer:

Kimono with white lining, brown and tan stripes on the obi, and a long ribbon knotted around her neck are all she wears. Her primary weapon is a wooden biwa, which she usually carries. Her bright red lips, which contrast starkly with her pale skin and dark hair, are the first thing people notice about her. She moves her bangs to the side and spreads them like tree roots across the wall behind her to achieve a middle part. Now we can see that she has one substantial central eye.


A solitary biwa player, Nakime appeared to summon the Lower Moons for a meeting, although she didn’t say anything at the time. Neither does she envy when Muzan Kibutsuji begins to slaughter all of the Lower Moons; in fact, she shows no reaction when Lower Moon One Enmu receives blood from the masked warrior. Only when required does she talk. She cuts him off while he is inviting her to a conversation since she is so direct and honest when she speaks.

Abilities and Talents:

Manipulation of the Fortress:

Strumming her biwa, Nakime was able to manipulate and control a seemingly endless multidimensional fortress. She invited anyone she wanted into the fort and built any number of entrances and exits she pleased. To manage the fortress’s position in the defence, she distributed her hair like a tree root on a nearby wall inside.

Detachment of the eye:

She later demonstrated the new power to create and detach numerous eyes from her body after becoming Upper Moon Four and obtaining additional blood from Muzan Kibutsuji. She was able to keep tabs on other people from the safety of the castle because of this ability. She could track down almost all of the Demon Slayer Corps members.

Kimetsu-no-Yaiba, or Demon Slayer in English:

She uses the Infinity Fortress as a summoning point for the Lower Moons. Muzan quickly purges the remaining Lower Moons after determining that they are weak and useless. While Muzan murders everyone, she remains mute. In the future, she calls the Upper Moons for a conference. Kokushibou is nowhere to be seen when they ask her where he is hiding.


Nakime misses Yushiro’s presence because she is preoccupied with keeping the two at a distance from each other. Yushiro sneaks up on Nakime and manipulates her vision with his skills. It misleads Muzan into believing Mitsuri and Obanai are in the care of Nakime. Upon witnessing Obanai and Mitsuri in his room, Muzan knows that was not the case. His anger is piqued when Yushiro tells him what happened to Nakime.

Nakime demon slayer death:

Yushiro controls her and utilises his mental abilities to manipulate the environment so that the Demon Slayers can do their work. While fighting Nakime and the [pillars], Muzan Kibutsuji realises that he cannot take back control and resolves to kill Nakime by destroying her head to avoid more disadvantages.

Hantengu demon slayer:

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Swordsmith Village Arc has Hantengu and Gyokko as the principal adversaries.  With his tiny stature and veins and wrinkles all over his face and body, Hantengu gives the impression of a feeble older man. Hantengu is almost always seen crouching. A prominent bulge on the top of his head, complemented by two curled horns, is his most recognisable feature.

Nakime demon slayer rank:

Demon Nakime has risen to rank four following Hantengu’s death. Muzan Kibutsuji employs her to call the demons to the Infinity Castle, where she resides. Only when required does Nakime open her mouth? She prefers to keep the talk short and to the point.

Gyokko demon slayer:

Swordsmith Village Arc opponents Gyokko and Hantengu make up most of the villains. He is a demon from the Twelve Kizuki, and he holds the rank of Upper-Rank Five in the organisation. He used to go by the name Managi when he was a human. An armless djinn-like grotesque creature with a pale white upper body and no arms is the physiology of Gyokko. Its appearance is similar to an armless statue emerging out of a porcelain vase.

Kaigaku demon slayer:

In Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Infinity Castle arc, Kaigaku is a minor antagonist in the demon slayer. After Daki and Gyutaro’s deaths, he was promoted to the status of Upper-Rank Six, a demon belonging to the Twelve Kizuki. Ex-Demon Slayer Kaigaku was a senior disciple of the former Thunder Hashira Jigoro Kuwajima, who was Zenitsu Agatsuma’s senior disciple. When Kaigaku encountered and lost to Kokushibo in the Hashira Training Arc, he surrendered to him to save himself and became a member of the Twelve Kizuki.

Yushiro demon slayer:

This is Kimetsu no Yaiba.  When he was near death, Tamayo transformed Yushiro into a monster. With pale skin and lavender-purple eyes, Yushiro seems like a young boy of average height and frame. All white iromuji-haori paired with dark blue Seigo-Sendeihira styled hakama pants constitute Yushiro’s attire. To help fight Muzan Kibutsuji, Yushiro and Tamayo join the Demon Slayer Corps in the Infinity Castle Arc and Sunrise Countdown Arc.

Nakime human:

Her aim was none other than Muzan Kibutsuji when she had a scheduled performance at another stage on that fateful day. Muzan saved Nakime’s life and offered to turn her into a demon because he was impressed with her ability to search. He accepted, and Nakime rose through the ranks to become one of Muzan’s most trusted aides.


Nakime demon slayer’s human history is a mystery, but when she initially appears inside the Dimensional Infinity Fortress, she plays her biwa to call in the Lower Moons. When Upper Moon Six Daki and Gyutaro die, she is again seen strumming her biwa to call a meeting of the Upper Moons. We may discern aspects of her character as a cold and direct woman, simply replying to questions and keeping her responses brief. She replaces the deceased Upper Moon Four in the next scene.


Who was responsible for Gyokko’s death?

When the child’s parents became enraged, they used a fishing fork to stab Gyokko. Gyokko was allowed to die there for a half-day, but Muzan Kibutsuji was walking by, so he changed him into a demon.

Is Nakime a moon in the higher reaches of the solar system?

Kimetsu no Yaiba manga and anime character Nakime is a minor antagonist. After the death of Hantengu, she was promoted to the position of Upper Moon Four of the Twelve Demon Moons and served under Muzan Kibutsuji.

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