Windows gamers that this works with any OS starting with Vista.

No man’s sky hotas: A few essential elements make no man’s sky hotas one of the best video games ever made. It’s a no, no matter how fantastic it sounds. It’s possible to explore vast worlds, drive around in cars, and build massive bases, as well as spacecraft. In the game, There are numerous spaceships in the game, which allow you to travel between planets and even between solar systems if you so desire. DualShock controller controls remain the same.

Windows gamers that this works with any OS starting with Vista:

When it comes to operating systems, this piece of equipment has a wide range of options. If you’re running a version of Windows that is at least as old as Vista, it will function. If you have numerous PCs and need a joystick that you can use on all of them, this is an excellent option for you to choose from. An ergonomic grip is the best option for those of you who prefer to be in complete control.

16 action buttons instead of stretching:

For those who prefer complete control over their actions, the action buttons are arranged in the most convenient way imaginable. As a result of so many alternatives to choose from, you’ll be able to get the most out of your setup. It is good news for those of you who want to take your flying to the next level.

Load any game’s specific mapping pattern with the press of a button.

I was blown away by the mapping tool because it was so easy to use. It’s a must-have if you want to change up your layouts for different games and cars. As a child, I enjoyed playing with my various computer configurations and making them precisely how I wanted them. Take a deeper look at yourself if that seems like your situation.

What’s up with the new Beyond feature?

Beyond, the next update to No Man’s Sky adds a slew of new features, including the ability to play the game in virtual reality. As with HOTAS, the Move controllers are used in much the same way as a joystick or throttle, so even while you won’t have the solid foundation of a HOTAS controller, you’ll get much closer to that experience compared to a gamepad. It, we believe, will be the most excellent way to play no man’s sky Hotas in the future.

Instructions on how to get my T.flight HOTAS:

When I couldn’t find any instructions on how to get my T.flight HOTAS X to work with No Man’s Sky, I decided to write a guide on the off chance that someone else would find it helpful. Maybe a little overstated, but trust me, this is a piece of equipment you’ll enjoy using. After a few weeks of playing with it, I hadn’t returned my trial version yet.

Mapping of the HOTAS:

The mapping of the HOTAS to Xbox controller controls and the mapping of the Xbox controller controls to the game are two separate processes. Since returning to the game for Beyond, my HOTAS no longer appears to be operating using an x360ce emulator despite working with the previous update. Using the steam controller settings rather than an emulator, I was able to get it to run almost as well on Beyond as it did on NEXT.


If NMS is operating, shut it down. If you previously used an x360ce emulator to operate the HOTAS, remove it from the settings. Make sure that the HOTAS is the only controller plugged into the computer. Go to Steam > Settings > Controller > General Control Settings in Steam. HOTAS should be listed in the Detected Controllers section (although it may have been identified as an Xbox Controller). Only one controller should connect at a time.

Xbox commands were assigned to which buttons:

It’s time to save the settings. It’s up to you if you want to share the config. The window should be closed. Right-click on no man’s sky hotas in your Steam Library and select Edit Steam Controller Configuration. Only if No Man’s Sky is not operating will this menu item appear.

Use the No Man’s Sky official configuration:

Select the FLIGHT CONTROLS tab in the controller configuration window. Using the Xbox controller’s buttons, you may now control the game’s actions. You can use this to your advantage, for example, by mapping a button on your HOTAS to Right Shoulder and then Right Shoulder to Pulse Engine.

In-Game action for Right Stick:

Change In-Game action for Right Stick from Look to Generic Direction Pad to use the HOTAS throttle for propulsion. Then select Thrust for the UP action and Brake for the DOWN action. Virtual reality can make the flight system feel more realistic and immersive for certain people, even if it isn’t technically HOTAS. Thank you for your time; I’d appreciate it if you could give this guide a high rating or leave a comment.

NMS is capable of both forward and backward movement:

NMS uses Xbox triggers to control forward and reverse propulsion, but HOTAS uses an Axis controller. And there doesn’t appear to be a method to split the Axis to map the forward half-axis to the forward trigger and the backward half-axis to the backward trigger. If you make changes to your computer’s settings based on the information in this tutorial, you assume all responsibility for any issues that may arise.

In 2021, HOTAS Joysticks:

All of my gaming pals, I’m calling you. What I have to offer is for those who are like me and enjoy a severe flight simulator. I’m happy to pass along this product information because I’m a big fan of a well-detailed simulator. My review of 13 Hotas joysticks isn’t limited to simply 5 of the top models. It’s ideal for individuals who want to know all there is to know about one of the year’s must-haves.


A HOTAS is ideal for those areas of the game, but there is too much going on for it to be your only mode of controlling the game. The no man’s sky hotas system can use in a space battle, but it’s not a feasible option for exploration or creating bases on the ground or in the buggies. I fell in love with the hand rest as soon as I took it out of the packaging. no man’s sky hotas, no man’s sky hotas.

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