How to Select the Right Running Shoes?

On cloud nova outsole looks like the tread of a bulldozer and an uncooked lasagna noodles. It is the Swiss athletics company’s most popular style of the outsole. The shoes feature a patented technology called CloudTec, which is intended for a smooth landing and an explosive takeoff. It makes them look and feel like tools rather than sneakers you’d wear daily. To get the most out of your running experience, whether you’re preparing for a marathon or climbing down a problematic route, these shoes were made by hardcore runners for hardcore runners. The following are best on cloudnova mens and also on cloudnova shoes.

Cloud Dipper:

With a new military-inspired ballistic weave canvas upper and a hand-applied 360° rubber mudguard, the Cloud Dip is ideal for all-day excursions. It introduces some further aesthetic adjustments to the much-loved On Cloud model. Even while the On Cloud running shoes weigh an outstanding 230g, the On Cloud Dip weighs 254g making it significantly heavier than the On Cloud running shoes; the On Cloud Dip offers more weather protection and a little more cushioned ride.

On the Cloud:

If you’re looking for an everyday running shoe, the On Cloud Beam is a fantastic choice. As a lifestyle shoe that can be worn all day while seeing a city and as a running shoe for an unplanned post-work run, the On Cloud Beam is ideal. If you’re attempting to decide between numerous models of On Clouds, these lightweight, breathable training sneakers are an excellent option.

Cloud boom:

Designed for racing, the On Cloudboom is a speed machine. Carbon fiber has been incorporated into On’s iconic Speedboard to increase its speed and power. Look at the On Cloudflash if you’re searching for a short-distance racing shoe that’s even faster. The single-layer mesh upper on this sneaker helps to keep it light and airy. Everything you need to race at blazing speeds is on your mind.

On the Cloudridge:

It is On’s newest hiking boot, the Cloudridge, which weighs just 14.5oz and is designed for everyday use and fast and light hiking. As with other On shoes, the Cloudridge is available in both men’s and women’s sizes in various colors. This boot is anything but a traditional work boot with a trail running shoe-like sensation and an on-foot fit that wraps around your feet like socks. The inside and tongue of the Cloudridge boot feature a breathable mesh structure to keep your feet cool and comfortable while hiking in the summer heat.

On the Cloud X 2.0 platform:

The flexible and agile Cloud X 2.0 was the goal of the overall Cloud X 2.0 design. Designers began with Helion foam to do this. Cushioning on landing and responsiveness on takeoff are provided by a lightweight foam. When you’re sprinting, jumping, or changing direction, a raised sidewall helps keep your foot in place and provides security. Breathability is enhanced by the lightweight but durable engineered mesh upper.


When you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into, the On Cloudaway is the perfect solution. Because of this, these are On’s most outstanding travel shoes. Because of Cloudaway’s adaptability, you won’t have to stress about forgetting your shoes. Because they’re so tiny and light, you won’t have to worry about them taking up valuable packing space or adding extra weight to your trip.


Runners seeking a trail shoe with excellent cushioning and protection would like the On Cloudventure. The increased shallow gully at the bottom of the shoe makes it considerably more controlled on challenging terrain thanks to the new On Cloudventure’s outsole, which mixes numerous grip patterns to keep you in control as conditions around you change.

On Cloudventure 3.0:

Take to the skies when you venture off-road. The On Cloudventure 3.0’s responsive ride and ability to grip the trail on all terrain and in various weather conditions consistently ranks it as one of the top trail running shoes on the market. While on the course, you can feel the ground beneath your feet thanks to On’s Cloudtec cushioning. On has added a layer of their Helion foam to the Cloudventure to make it more comfortable for long runs and days spent on the trail.

On Cloud 5:

The On Cloud 5 is a lightweight, cushioned, and comfy sneaker that you can wear every day. On’s CloudTec technology gives the original On cloud nova shoes their distinctive look and feel. The Zero-Gravity foam used by the firm is molded into Cloud components; the name was given to the individual pods that comprise the midsole. The Cloud 5 has been re-engineered with more cushioning in the midsole, a more streamlined look, and an improved CloudTec setup for a better on-foot sensation.

On Cloud 5 waterproofs:

A waterproof covering covers the On On cloud nova 5 Waterproof, ensuring that your feet stay dry no matter the weather. One uses a waterproof, breathable membrane constructed out of 100% recyclable materials. You get waterproof and breathable footwear, making it ideal for running. A molded heel and Zero-Gravity foam cushion each stride, while the rest of the shoe is the same as the standard Cloud.

How to Select the Right Running Shoes?

If you learn about your specific running style, you may avoid squandering money on the wrong pair of running shoes. You need running shoes with good heel and midsole support and toe room if you want a comfortable run. Here are some pointers on gait analysis and terrain to help you pick the right running shoe for you.

To Begin, Decide On the Proper Style of Shoe:

Will you be jogging on the road, on a paved track, or on a trail in the woods? All of these surfaces necessitate different footwear. Another significant contrast is between shoes designed for racing and those intended for training. Even though you can wear comfortable running shoes on various surfaces, figuring out where you plan to spend the majority of your run might help you get the best fit.

Find Out If You’re a Supinator or Supinator:

We use ” pronation ” to describe how your foot rolls while you walk and run; we use “pronation.” Pronation is the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing any sports shoe. There is a particular form of pronation for every shoe on the market. Visit us in-store, and we’ll perform a gait analysis for you as part of your shoe fitting to learn more about your type.

Pay Attention to Your Feet’s Side Pressure:

It is equally vital to consider the shoe’s breadth. Many people’s feet are larger or narrower than the standard shoe sizes, so finding shoes that fit correctly can be challenging.


The irony is that this is precisely the period in sneaker culture when they are ideal. As with all of our goods, the On cloud nova is built with Swiss engineering in mind, making it easy to use and highly comfortable. The designer of our new ultra-limited-edition Cloudnova shoe discusses the inspiration for the design. The on cloud nova are available as cloudnova juniperorange,cloudnova black white, and on cloudnova pearl flame.


What is the sizing like for On cloud nova shoes?

When you stand with your weight evenly distributed on both feet and your shoes are correctly fitted, you should have a thumbnail’s width between your longest toes and the end of the shoes.

Do On clouds expand in size?

You should expect your On cloud nova shoes to get a little looser as the leather stretches to fit your foot. The leather on your shoes will break in and conform to your feet as you wear them.