How Long Do Persona 5 Strikers Take To Win?

Persona 5 strikers trophy guide meets a Musou Game in this hybrid experience. Thousands of foes will attack you at once, and you will be able to slow down time by casting spells on them with your persona. It’s essentially a prequel to Persona 5, but with a different storyline. Instead of being a turn-based RPG, the game goes in a different route. Persona elements like All-Out Attacks and Batton Pass were also included in this fast-paced combat system. Six months after Persona 5, the protagonist takes a road trip across Japan, stopping in Tokyo to visit friends. Even if they haven’t played the original, Scramble will give you a solid notion of the plot. Let us discuss persona 5 strikers trophy guide.

Persona 5 trophy guide:

Using the Velvet Room is a great way to buy, fuse, and upgrade Personas. Upgrades can be purchased with Persona Points earned from activities in the Velvet Room and the Jails. A Persona’s Strength, Magic, Endurance, Agility, or Luck must be boosted with Persona Points to receive this trophy. Select the Persona Enhancement option in the Velvet Room. Then, choose a Persona from your collection and use Persona Points to enhance one of its abilities. Consider persona 5 strikers trophy guide while purchasing this item.

How Long Do Persona 5 Strikers Take To Win?

You can play Persona 5 Strikers as an action RPG if you’d prefer, but it’s a direct follow-up to the original Persona 5. Due to a partnership between P-Studio and Omega Force, the creators of the Dynasty Warriors series, Strikers offers a breath of fresh air. There are a few more tweaks to the gameplay, but Strikers remains a Persona game in spirit. Persona 5 lovers will enjoy Strikers.

Does Persona 5 Strikers’ completion times vary?

Although the game is linear, you can return to earlier Jails and take on optional stuff such as requests mini-bosses and more if you so desire. Persona 5 Strikers Obviously, difficulty affects how long it takes you to complete the game since you’ll breeze through Jails on simpler difficulty levels. Using persona 5 strikers trophy guide to negotiating any of the trickier areas will also cut your playtime.

When Is Platinuming Persona 5 Strikers Possible?

A few trophies can only be unlocked once you’ve completed the game, so you’ll need to start a New Game Plus save to obtain the rest of the trophies. However, you are under no obligation to play through the game a second time. We’ve put together this comprehensive trophy guide to assist you in your pursuit of the coveted platinum.

Persona 5 strikers walkthrough:

In this comprehensive walkthrough and strategy guide for Persona 5 Strikers, we’ll take you through every level, collectible, and boss battle you’ll face in the game. Listed here is a comprehensive index of all the wiki’s walkthrough pages for your convenience.

The Initiation

The Underground Waterway

Escape Gather Alice Hiiragi Rumors.

Assail and defeat the Lock Keeper in Shibuya Jail

Nightmare Dragon Ango

The Next Destination

In Persona 5 Strikers, can you return to previously visited locations?

Persona 5 Strikers is a new take on Persona, focused more on furious fighting than the deeper RPG experience gamers have come to expect from this series. However, the game’s locations still have much to see and do, so there’s no shortage of things to do and explore. Conversations with NPCs and your fellow Phantom Thieves can be had in each region and things like recipes according to persona 5 strikers trophy guide.

Persona 5 royal trophy guide power pix:

People wonder if you’ll ever be able to return to the locations you’ve left behind as you move across the city. Persona 5 Strikers doesn’t offer numerous endings like the previous game, so this isn’t as devastating as you think. Storytelling is less diverse than Persona 5’s narrative variety, with a single storyline and a single outcome. If you miss something at any of the game’s locales, you may always grind the Jails for more Personas, Persona Points, and items.

Persona 5 Strikers has how many parts?







The Abyss’s Jail

Knowledge Tree:

Phantom Thieves travel throughout Japan in their campervan in Persona 5 Strikers, smashing jails as they go. While the game doesn’t have chapters, the many locales you explore and Jails: In Persona 5 Strikers, you can earn Trophies and Achievements by beating the game. It is possible to win one of the 47 trophies found in the collection: 37 bronze, six silver, three gold and one platinum.

Persona 5 strikers trophy list:

The real Phantom Thieves

Lust’s Cage Is Now Closed.

Conquered the cage of vanity

Torched Gluttony’s Prison

Condemnation of the Cage of Despair

It’s Over: The Cage of Wrath Has Fallen

Seeker of Power

Unshakeable Teamwork

Get to know your adversary better

Persona 5 strikers what are friends for:

About 80 requests can be fulfilled in Persona 5 Strikers. Yet some come from your band of Phantom Thieves. These buddy requests are time-sensitive and must be completed as soon as possible on the due date. When another party member sends you one, you’ll receive an SMS asking to meet with them. Trophy/achievement will be given to you if you complete all of this unique persona 5 strikers requests.


According to persona 5 strikers trophy guide, always accept any requests from your menu’s Requests section to enable these features. Once you’ve completed one, please return it to your request menu and submit it. You’ve accepted a mission when you see a black checkmark next. Red indicates that the assignment is completed and ready to be submitted. The next time a fellow Phantom.


How long does Persona 5 last?

Most players will have completed Confidants and Mementos runs by the end of Persona 5’s main plot. With extra content, the hours might reach 115.

If so, what are they called in Persona 5?

Each request has been grouped by the date it was accessed. While most duties can be accomplished at any time, some must be completed on their gathered day.

How many prisons are there in Persona 5 Strikers?

P5 Strikers has a total of eight prisons to explore. List of all jails, including their infiltration times, names, personas, and the things that may be obtained in each jail.

What is the reward for completing Persona 5 Strikers on the hardest difficulty setting?

A New Game+ run on the severe difficulty is required; however, you can skip this step and restart your game on an easier difficulty using your master save instead.

For how long do you have to wait to get platinum persona strikers?

A New Game Plus save is required for several trophies that can only be obtained after completing the game. However, most of the trophies may be obtained in a single playtime.

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