What is the purpose of a pipe vise, exactly?

Pipe vise: To clamp your projects in place, you could put this tool on your workbench (but you don’t have to). A pipe or tube vise holds the material in place so that you can cut or saw freely while the jaws of the vise keep it from moving.

Pipe Jaws by Yost Tools:

With its beastly features, Yost’s ADI-6 bench vise with pipe jaws justifies its hefty price tag. If you utilize it properly, you’ll probably never need to buy another one in your lifetime. It is stronger than other vises since it is constructed with high-strength ADI with 130 000 PSI. This vise’s 17 000 pounds of clamping force (together with perfectly matched serrated jaws) ensures that it will not budge no matter how hard you work on your project.


  • A sturdy bench vise that is built to last a long time.


  • Products’ appearance could be improved because some paint peels off.
  • It shouldn’t be an issue because of the heavy-duty vise’s capabilities.

Pipe Jaw by forwarding CR60A 6.5″:

For the money, Forward’s CR60A 6.5-inch bench vise is a monster for heavy-duty applications at home or in the workshop. If you need something that can hold on for a long time, this is the tool for you. The main body and slides are ductile iron, whereas the main screw and holding bolts are steel. Thanks to the swivel feature, working at an ergonomic angle is made much easier.


  • This heavy-duty vise has jaws and is both versatile and cheap.
  • Crafted from 60, 00 psi ductile iron, it’s built to last.
  • The pipe jaws on this vise ensure a secure hold on rounded workpieces.


  • It’s not grey as depicted on Amazon, but rather blue.
  • That’s all that matters if it does what a tough vise should do.
  • Harder materials can leave a depression in an anvil’s ductile surface.

Wilton 63302 Shop Bench Vise:

There’s a reason Wilton is a household name for vises. One example is the 63302 6-inch shop bench vise with pipe jaws. Despite its size, this vise is built to last. It is an excellent clamping tool for heavy-duty DIY jobs at home or in a shop. It takes a lot of abuse, but it’s still going strong. The flawless opening and tightening of this vise’s jaws is a testament to its engineering prowess. So, you don’t have to worry about the 360-degree rotation being fake.


  • Vise for high-duty work sturdy even under strain, made of robust and durable materials.
  • The 30,000 psi grey cast iron used in the body’s construction ensures long-term use.
  • Built-in pipe jaws make it possible to deal with a wide range of round workpieces.


  • It was possible to get a cut on the edge of the u-channel screw cover.
  • Even so, these corners might be rounded off using a file.

Bench Vise by Yost Tools 445 4.5:

Yost’s 4.5-inch pipe and bench vise are good for light to medium-duty jobs since they are adaptable and have good gripping power. Gripping power is provided by serrated diamond steel and grooved pipe jaws. The grooved jaws keep it firmly in position. In addition, the product’s 360-degree base swivel is a fantastic feature. The two locks on the sides of this adjustment can secure it in the desired position.


  • Clamping tool with a wide range of applications.
  • Clamping pressure is increased because of 30,000 psi cast iron and steel.
  • Torque output is impressively high, coming in at an impressively strong 3,150 pounds.
  • Jaws for 1/8″ x 2″ diameter pipe cast in place.


  • The template used to draw holes on the bench does not match
  • Make the holes in the vise where you want them to be, then mark them with a pencil.

Bench Vise by Performance Tool MV10 5:

Performance Tool’s pipe and bench vise is another heavy-duty bench vise you might want to consider while making your purchase. It has several useful features that allow for a wide range of applications. To begin with, the base and head swivels allow for two levels of adjustment, allowing you to put your work at the angle you need to work on with ease. It has a solid grip because of the serrated jaws.


  • A heavy-duty multi-jaw vise for holding pipes and flat workpieces at an affordable price.
  • It is made of heavy-duty cast iron for clamping heavy-duty applications.
  • Its diamond-serrated jaws provide a firm hold.
  • Opens to a length of 4 12 inches when the jaw is closed.


  • Casting can be improved.
  • A grinder was needed to smooth off some jagged edges.

8-inch Yost Vises 880-DI:

The 880-DI also has plenty of workspaces since it comes with two flat surfaces that may both be utilized as anvils. The 880-DI’s jaws are designed to work with materials of varying strengths, which you’ll appreciate. When working with strong materials, one side of the tool has a serrated surface to improve grip, while the other side has a smooth surface for delicate work.


  • Double-acting jaws
  • Enhanced grip thanks to a textured surface.
  • More workspace thanks to the use of two anvils.
  • Jaws open to a maximum of 8 inches in length
  • 65,000-PSI steel construction


  • With a firm grip
  • Heavy


Bench vises are multipurpose, low-cost tools that help you get the job done faster and more efficiently by ensuring that every task you handle is completed. It can be not easy to find a high-quality bench vise, but we’ve got some good news for you: we’ve done the legwork for you. All above about Pipe vise.


What is the purpose of a pipe vise, exactly?

A pipe vise is designed to hold the pipe while it is being threaded, chopped, or reamed.

The pipe bench vise is what?

A pipe vise is a device that holds a pipe firmly in place. An adjustable pipe vise, equipped with two half-circle jaws, secures a pipe while it is being worked on.

What makes a great vise?

Cast iron is the most typical material for bench vises. These bench vises are among the strongest tools you’ll ever use.

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