What do you know about Pitbull standing up ears?

Pitbull standing up ears, what may be causing this? Because of these factors, dogs use various communication methods to communicate their point to humans. Regarding adorable behaviors, pit bulls are no different from any other dog. You may have caught your pit bull making silly faces, snuggling, rolling about on the floor on a blanket, or even rolling around in the dirt.

The ears of pit bulls tend to be long and floppy.

Do the ears on your pit bull rise up when they become excited? It’s how they’re letting their feelings out into the world. Most pit bulls immediately perk up their ears when they hear their name, smell something good, learn something new, or become very excited. Below, we’ll go further into this issue.

My pit bull’s ears perk up.

There are several causes for the prominent ears of a pit bull. Here is a list of them. Reasons that may be traced back to a person’s genes. A wolf’s ears are the most obvious comparison when looking at a Pitbull. There are numerous similarities between this breed and others, like St. Bernards and Basset Hounds. However, the ears are distinctive. Your pit bull’s ears may stick up in their natural position even when he’s at peace. It makes them seem special and unique.

Pitbull standing up ears it is a show of enthusiasm.

When your pit bull is enthusiastic, his ears will stand on end. It may be when you finally get to say his name or catch up with him after a long day. They do a few more things when pumped up, like shaking their tails and making tiny little smiles with their lips. When they look up at you expecting food or a stroll, they have a gleaming light in their eyes. Their ears are not oriented in any way. They are now pointing vertically above.

Pitbull standing up ears shows his authority.

A pit bull’s ears may rise when he’s feeling dominant over another canine or animal. He will strut his strength by bending forward and showing him how it’s done. The same goes for his ears, which will be hard and pricked upward. It is a strategy to make him look enormous and domineering over other creatures. Other canines surrounding him are the target of his attempts to intimidate them.

It’s a sign that you’re listening intently.

Your pit bull could elevate his ears to listen to something. It also occurs in alert mode, but numerous additional signs accompany it. When he is relaxed and still perking their ears up to a sound, he could be attentive rather than vigilant. He could perk up and pay close attention when someone disturbs his slumber. Their hearing is far better than average. All it takes is a single pair of footfalls to set them off. They have a heightened aural perception and can pick up noises that the human ear is incapable of.

Structure of pinna

The pinna is a cartilaginous portion of a dog’s ear surrounded by fur. Every canine possesses this organ, which funnels incoming sound waves to the eardrum. The pinna of a pit bull is small and stiff, in contrast to the long and pliable pinna of a Cocker Spaniel. Ears protrude due to the presence of this cartilage tissue. The puppy begins to develop full strength when it is around eight to ten weeks old. It may take much longer than that in rare cases. Ears will stand up if the pinna is sufficiently robust. The pinna helps to retain the Pitbull’s droopy ears in place.

Modifying the ear by cutting it off

When it comes to dogs, having their ears cropped is a perk since it helps keep them free of infections. To prevent dog attacks, the police department’s hunting pit bulls had their ears clipped. Though it’s against the law, many people still get this done to their pups. Pitbull standing up with floppy ears are not more likely to have ear infections.

An occasional feature of Pitbulls is an asymmetrical ear position. Malnutrition, ear issues, or an imbalance in cartilage strength are just some potential causes.


It’s possible to find a Pitbull standing up ears or with ears that have been clipped. Some Pitbulls’ ears are constantly perking up and sitting down. All of these features are passed down from generation to generation.

Clipping the ears with scissors is a surgical procedure used by certain breeders. After cleaning and bandaging the ears, the animals were left to heal. The possibility exists that this trait will be passed on to future generations of pups. Medical research has no documented advantages for chopped ears.


Should a Pitbull’s ears be erect?

Adult Pitbulls often have prominent, floppy ears that curve upward.

How many different dog breeds do you need to produce a pit bull?

Both ratting and dogfighting needed a dog to be more nimble and quick on its feet.