How to Make a Hand Motion in the Real World?

Niantic created Pokemon Go, a hugely successful augmented reality (AR) mobile game, to meet the demands of gamers using smartphones. In a virtual world, the gamer can imitate his avatar to find, capture, train, and combat with imaginary monsters using the GPS on their device.

Bugs in pokemon go 12:

Gamers have reported various bugs and glitches since the game launched, with the most common one being “pokemon go error 12 Failed to determine position.” Because we’ve done all the work for you, you won’t have to worry about running into this problem ever again.

How Important Is Location in Pokémon Go?

The best thing about this game is that the location mechanics were considered when it was being developed. The game’s location analytics have ensured its sudden success. The game’s location foundation is comprised of three primary characteristics. These characteristics also highlight how critical the setting is to the game’s success. Understanding these characteristics can help users avoid problems like the one described above when the GPS joystick failed to recognize location 12 in 2019.

The attribute of the Physical World:

This feature’s best feature is that it’s at the heart of the player’s game-playing experience. In addition, this map has grown, and there are no shortcuts to success when utilizing it. The crowdsourcing of this map began with the evolution of Niantic’s previous game, Ingress, which the company developed. The same people who work on Google Earth’s core built this.

How to Make a Hand Motion in the Real World?

Due to Pokemon Go’s reliance on augmented reality, location services are essential. The game makes constant use of the location services on Android and iOS to deliver precise locations and unique game elements not seen in other apps. The usage of GPS satellites and their place becomes much more critical in these kinds of motions. GPS location becomes vital when the player is in the open air, primarily.

Make sure you have the recent version of iOS:

Older iOS versions on iPhones may have GPS issues, especially when using low power mode. Update your iOS device’s software as soon as possible to take advantage of the fixes in the current releases. Disable low power mode and have a backup battery handy if the issue persists.

Identifying a Geographic Location:

The game makers have created a system within a system to accommodate for geographic inconsistencies. As a result, the GPS’s accuracy has been increased to 4 meters, making it easier to pinpoint where each player is at all times.

Error 12 in Pokémon Go Part 2: How to Fix It:

It is possible to fix the pokemon go error 12 in several ways. This section of the paper will cover all of the methods available for doing the work quickly and accurately.

Method 1: Enabling Mock Locations:

This app pretends to be located somewhere else, as implied by the name, using the built-in iPhone feature. In addition, it will make sure that the game’s feature continues to operate flawlessly.

Step 1:  Open your device’s settings and look for the developer options. To enable the mock locations, go to the settings > About Phone > Software Info > Build number and tap it seven times.

Step 2: Download and install the free Fake GPS app from the Google Play Store.

Step 3: As soon as you’ve completed step 3, you should be able to play Pokémon Go normally again. It should also fix the Pokémon Go failed to detect location 12 false GPS issue.

Method 2: Activation Based on Geographic Location:

Here’s a quick and easy fix for the Pokémon failed to detect location 12 issue. It’ll have you back in Pokémon battle in no time. The following are the stages to complete the process:

Step 1: To begin, go to your phone’s settings and tap on General > Settings

Step 2: For the second step, tap on Passwords and Security.

Step 3: Finish the procedure by tapping to activate the location, eliminating the failure to detect the issue for Pokémon Go’s location 12.

Step 4: Reboot your smartphone.

Restarting the device:

If you think this is strange, you should know that it has been working for quite some time to solve the failed location pokemon go error 12 issues. Some servers may not have their locations synchronized with their devices. To ensure that both places are in sync and the problem is easily fixed, restarting the device is recommended.” The entire process can complete by holding down the power button for a long time and then selecting the reboot option from the pop-up menu that appears.

Clear the game’s Cache and Data:

While Caches hold scripts of files for opening a specific app on your device, Data is utilized to reload prior app information when the app is launched. Caches are scripts of files. The software won’t work if the data stored in Cache is damaged in any way. To fix this problem, clear the app’s Cache and Data.

Remove Maps Updates from your computer.

Error 12 will appear if you have Maps activated in the background when spoofing Pokemon Go since Maps is used to imitate the game in real-time. Uninstalling Maps Updates from the settings menu is the quickest and most straightforward solution to this problem.

Use Google Play Services from the previous version.

Google Play Services improves the user experience by automatically syncing better quality, lower power location-based services on Android devices. Uninstall Google Play Services if Error 12 appears since the latest version makes it tough to impersonate in pokemon go error 12. Instead, use an older version.


A user-friendly interface and the ability to overcome the challenges presented by standard spoofing tools are advantages. Additionally, it is continually upgraded to ensure that users receive the most excellent possible experience with it. This application is the only one on the internet that can fix Pokémon Go’s error failed to locate pokemon go error 12 so effortlessly.

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