Why Pokies is the Best Form of Entertainment

Pokies is the Best Form of Entertainment: Pokies are a beloved pastime of Kiwis, whether it’s just to unwind or maybe have a chance to win. After a long drive or a day outdoors, it’s nice to kick back with a game. In fact, it’s estimated that around 80% of the population play on a regular basis. To the rest of the world (except Australia), pokies are better known as slots. Slot machines have been around since the late 19th century, mostly found in bars. Anyone familiar with a movie set in Vegas, or who has visited Macau will have seen rows of them. In recent years, however, most slot games have been played online. Why are they called pokies in New Zealand? It’s suggested that this was a shortened version of video poker, and it stuck! This makes perfect sense as shortening words and phrases is common practice.


Pokies is the Best Form of Entertainment- The rise of pokies online

Now people can access pokies in the palm of their hand. Anyone with a smartphone can play!

That’s because technology has progressed to the point that these apps run quickly on phones. Although pokies were quite a social thing in New Zealand before, now more people are playing online.

The great thing is that you can still play when sitting with your friends. You don’t need to get up and go to a machine to do so.

You have so much choice in sites to play pokies too. Practically every site has a sign-up offer, so you can play for free.

This is something that has made online pokies more popular. It’s not possible to play for free if you come across pokies in a bar or backroom.

You can find games based around certain themes such as:

  • Ancient Rome
  • Movies such as Terminator
  • Wizards, dragons and fantasy worlds

Having access to these easily has made more people interested.



Benefits of Playing Online

There are a number of other reasons that people who may not have played pokies before are now getting involved.


  1. Safer places to play

Some people don’t like to go to casinos or bars if they want to play a game. Not all bars or casinos are unsafe, but the areas that surround them can be.

Now, if a solo female wants to play pokies, she doesn’t have to worry about her safety. The same goes for anyone who may have felt uncomfortable before, now they can play at home.


  1. Variety of games

Bricks and mortar casinos may have a lot of pokies, but in terms of variety they can’t compete. Online, there are simply thousands of pokies available.

You are bound to find one that suits your style, whether you prefer:

  • The classic three reel
  • Lots of complicated paylines
  • Colourful themes and symbols

Many sites offer variations of games, so if you find one you like, you can try other versions. Sites also have continuous offers and bonuses for players to enjoy.


  1. Complexity and quality of games


Game developers are in constant competition to create better games. There are thousands of games to choose from, and the developers want to keep players interested. The advent of new technology and the number of people playing means investment is possible. This has led to impressive graphics, better music and more in-game rewards. For those expecting the simple three-armed bandit of old onscreen, they will be surprised at what’s on offer.


  1. Many more chances to win

The RTP for online pokies is quite easy to find. Most have it listed in the game description. However, in land-based establishments, game developers let the casino owner choose the payout percentage, based on a list. This means they can vary widely. Generally speaking, the lower the stake, the lower the RTP. On land, penny pokies are around 88% – 90% RTP, online that can rise to 92% – 94%. As online casinos don’t have the outlay of bricks and mortar establishments, they can pay out more. That’s why you can find RTP ratios of up to 98%, which means more payouts.


  1. Payment options

If you’ve played pokies in a land-based establishment you likely paid by cash or credit card. Online, there are even more options.


On many of these sites, safety is paramount, so your money and payment details are protected.

Some of the options available now include:


  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Ukash
  • Skrill
  • Money order
  • Cryptocurrency


Of course you can still make a bank deposit or pay by credit or debit card if you wish.


  1. Bonuses

One feature of online pokies where land-based casinos simply can’t compete is bonuses. No one ever walked into a casino and was presented with $100 dollars to play for free with!


However, that is exactly what happens with online casinos. There are offers such as:

  • Up to 100% matched deposit
  • Up to $200 free
  • Free spins for new sign-ups and regulars
  • Rewards for playing regularly
  • Personalized offers for your favorite games


Players are spoilt for choice. There are easy ways to play for at least an hour without spending any money.


In summary


Playing pokies online is a fun way to pass the time, especially on their Macs. With more and more people getting access through their phones, this pastime will continue to grow.


The more people that play, the more online casinos can put into developing better games and bonuses. Thus it truly is a win-win for everyone!

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