Rattan chandelier-Bamboo and Rattan chandelier.

Rattan chandelier, The lighting in your home has the power to instantly improve the look and feel of your space and provide life to the interiors. It’s possible to make your home a welcoming sanctuary for you and the environment at the same time by utilizing eco-friendly materials like bamboo, Rattan chandelier, and other natural fibres. These days, handmade decorative lighting products made of bamboo and rattan are all the rage since they have such an elaborate appearance and design that complements a wide range of décor styles and are so laid-back because of their fast growth, environmental friendliness, and ability to regenerate swiftly.

Bamboo and Rattan chandelier:

In addition to being used for furniture, handicrafts, paper, baskets, and food, bamboo is also used to make bamboo light fixtures, such as bamboo table lamps, bamboo floor lamps, and several other light fixtures, such as pendant lighting. Many people confuse the Rattan chandelier with bamboo since it is a fast-growing, robust timber vine commonly used in the building of outdoor cane furniture, baskets, mats, and rattan lighting fixtures like rattan pendant lamps.

Steps to hang your rattan pendant light from the ceiling:

These simple steps will show you how to hang your rattan pendant light from the ceiling:

Shut down power:

Switch off the electricity in the room where you plan to hang the pendant light by turning off the circuit breaker in the electrical panel installed in your home.

Uninstall the previous fixture:

Remove the light bulb from the ceiling using a ladder if applicable. Remove the fixture’s collar from the ceiling cover using a screwdriver and separate the wires that connect the fixture to the wiring on the ceiling, then remove the ceiling cover electrical box. Once this is done, remove the old fixture’s mounting bracket from the wall.

Prepare your new pendant lamp:

See if your pendant light is already put together if it is. If not, follow the manufacturer’s step-by-step instructions and assemble it piece by piece. The mounting bracket, fixture collar, hanging cable or chain, globe, and wiring should be assembled first.

Connect the new fixture:

When installing a new fixture, attach the mounting bracket to an electrical box and make sure that the wires coming from the electrical box are visible. Then, connect the red, black, and white wires from the ceiling to the wires on the light fixture. Please use the three different coloured connectors to hide the ends of the three wires that join them. Fix the collar of the pendant to the top of the ceiling cover after carefully inserting the cables.

Adjust the pendant’s height:

Make sure that the height of your new bamboo pendant lamp is exactly appropriate so that you get the optimum lighting experience without sacrificing the ability to move around your room. Pull the cords at the mounting bracket if the pendant is hanging too low, and remember to hide it inside.

Attach the light bulb & turn back power:

Hang your pendant and make sure it is properly attached to the socket with the correct bulb. Turn on the circuit breaker to restore electricity.

Rattan chandelier designs and styles:

Lighting pendants manufactured from bamboo or Rattan chandelier are a fantastic investment that significantly enhances their appeal. If you’re looking for something a little different, you may get rattan pendant shades that come in various shapes and sizes at Modish Store. With our handmade pendant lamps and modern pendant lamp designs inspired by styles from throughout the world, you can easily add some glitz to the look of your house without having to spend much money.

Bamboo Rattan chandelier Lights come in different sizes:

Because they come in various sizes, rattan and bamboo pendants are a wonderful option because they provide you with many customization options. When it comes to lighting your dining or living area, you can go with a cluster of smaller rattan pendants or a single large one to create an eye-catching focal point.

Bamboo Rattan Chandeliers lights:

The place where these lights will be installed and the lighting effect you want to achieve should be considered when choosing bamboo or rattan lights. For example, using a Rattan chandelier, you can create a well-lit space with ambient lighting. A rattan or bamboo chandelier that can be hung above your kitchen island or work table provides more focused lighting.

Bamboo Rattan chandelier and Lighting different heights:

Because of their versatility, pendant lights have long been a popular lighting choice. Hang them over your kitchen island, hallway, dining room table, or even your reading corner for a unique look. Because they float in midair, they don’t take up any floor area and instead give off a sleek, contemporary vibe without being overly hefty. Consider the Rattan Aviary Pendant Handmade Lamp from Artisan Living, which has a stunning chandelier-style design that will instantly transform your room.


Rattan chandelier lights are a simple but eye-catching method to incorporate the design elements into your home’s decor. Overhead lighting adds instant personality to a room, and it does it in a way that doesn’t compete with the rest of your decor for attention or detract from it at all. Rattan chandeliers in dining rooms or bedrooms can be replaced by lamps that resemble upside-down baskets, and they look fantastic when teamed with a kitchen island.


How long is your warranty?

Based on the demands of our customers, we can give a guarantee of 2 to 5 years.

Before placing an order, may I tour your facility?

The Goshen Township, Zhongshan city, Guangdong province in China is where our factory is located. Honking airport and baryon airport are the closest airports to Guangzhou.

What about transportation?

For long-distance air/sea transportation, each item is packaged in a sturdy foam core and a sturdy cardboard box.

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